【Variety Gaming】 what the kirin doin

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This recreation is being streamed and monetized after confirming with Rocketcat Video games.
This recreation is being streamed and monetized after confirming with Epic Video games.

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【Tsukumo Sana】

【Ouro Kronii】

【Nanashi Mumei】

【Hakos Baelz】

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► Be sort and respectful to everybody right here! Don’t spam or troll.
► Should you see spam or trolling, don’t reply. Simply block, report, and ignore these feedback.
► Speak about the stream, however please don’t convey up unrelated subjects or have private conversations.
► Don’t convey up different streamers or streams except I point out them first.
► Equally, don’t discuss me or my stream in different streamers’ chat.
► Strive your greatest to not backseat. I prefer to get pleasure from video games at my very own tempo, and I believe a part of the enjoyable is watching me wrestle, so please chorus from providing recommendation except I particularly ask for assist!

So long as you comply with the guidelines above, you possibly can chat in any language.

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Stinger Transition: UWU Media (
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    37 Replies to “【Variety Gaming】 what the kirin doin”

    1. play the evillllllllllllllllll

    2. <3 luv u idk if you want to have a weird cool experience?



    5. >I'm waiting for your answer

    6. Maybe I'm behind you?

    7. Yo when It came to the weird stuff, It was something me and my friend came up with. No one was ever in danger and we were never going to do something.

    8. Niner says:

      Gura lives in Florida and probably went to her family's home back in Nantucket because of the hurricane. That's why she hasn't been streaming (and because she's really lazy).

    9. Tadso says:

      2:45:42 notes for personal use

    10. Out of everything that Fauna has ever said, "Heat-seeking Roomba" is definitely one of my favorite

    11. CC K says:

      kroni, bae and mumei got some ASMR hardware too?
      my ears will be blessed, my heart will be warm <3

    12. JarlQboyq says:

      That golden spear/shovel is taking up a companion spot 🤣

    13. clueless says:

      bro I had tried to beat this game so many times before and couldn't even beat it once but Fauna managed to beat the game in her first time, what a gamer

    14. Felderen says:

      Does anyone know the name of her bgm during the intermission and superchat reading? It isn't in the description as far as I can see. Thanks in advance!

    15. KD6-3.7 says:

      0:55 stream start 🙂

    16. The Death Road to Canada run was really fun and kinda lore accurate xD, congrats on beating it first try Fauna GAMING!!! Thank you for the fun and entertaining stream! 💚

    17. RiqCrow says:

      seeing how Sana joined the group, feeling the loss of her, the VOID, now that she is gone. I hope Sananana is well and happy whatever she does atm out there.

    18. i always forget to comment so here you go

    19. Gloocifer says:

      I'm back from vacation I'm so glad to catch your streams again! Today was a big day for me, so thank you for being a part of it!

    20. Mark Howard says:

      What a good game I wanna play it too.

    21. Carforinus says:

      thank you fauna for the stream, I definitely wanted to see more death road to Canada so I'll be catching up with that part of the vod for sure

    22. RexusprimeIX says:

      I got 2 suggestions for your future Variety streams. Number 1, and most important in my opinion, have some text on the screen that says which game you're currently playing so that you don't have to keep repeating yourself when someone new asks what game you're playing. Why text on the screen is because it's faster for you to change the name of the game than having to change the stream title. And 2, not that important, but would be nice if you wrote which games you played in the stream in the description after the stream is done. Honestly I can't really think of a valid reason to why this would be important, but maybe some Saplings don't have time to watch the whole stream, so they want to just see the game they wanna see, or whatever. But number 1 is really important in my opinion.

    23. GroovyFox says:

      It is absolutely insane that Fauna actually won her very first run on DRTC. I have seen many many MANY people play DRTC but it takes a lot of runs for anyone before they can get their first win. She was shockingly good at the game, actually making all very good decisions. I guess no one knows survival better then mother nature. That was some legit pro gaming!

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