.00001% Golf Shot

Has this EVER happened before? #shorts #reels #golf #randumb #golfer #golfcourse #golftips #goodgood #sports #highlights #birdie #crazy #impossible #dumbgolf


12 Replies to “.00001% Golf Shot”

  1. Shawn Guinup says:

    Dislike for a boy in woman stretching pants

  2. Tony Fortune says:

    wtf is my guy wearing?

  3. Al_wax says:

    Bro walks around with a buttplug in 24/7

  4. SamIam says:

    Wtf are those pants πŸ₯΄

  5. If I see that idiot wearing those pants on the course I’m running him over in my cart

  6. Adam Adams says:


  7. GenesisG70 says:

    Who the fuck dresses like this on a golf course.. and what shit golf course let you out like this..??

  8. Casey Laird says:

    Yoooo I saw this first hand!!! I was the dude that came up to y’all

  9. πŸ˜‚ that was awesome haha

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