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    26 Replies to “$1.3 Million Lawsuit – Officer Fired”

    1. I do wish that our world could be rid of bad people and evil. Period.
      Shameful. Just shameful.

    2. BDP. says:

      Good she got fired, she is a lying cop and we have to hold cops to a higher standard and pay more to get a higher standard of American that believes in the Constitution and what it stands for.

    3. She is a danger to the general public. How are cops like this so OUT OF TOUCH with people??? She should be disallowed from even gaurding a sack of potatoes or even owning a water pistol. What a joke. 😐

    4. She should have been fired within two weeks

    5. Just me says:

      Arrest for obstruction the f*** are you talking about you don't even know your job obstruction
      #cops #cop #police #lawenforcement #witlach #officerwitlatch

    6. All these cops should NOT be in our streets with sidearms. POT cop Ft(bad)P

    7. Dorian E. says:

      A YEAR???

      She should owe a Years Salary back!

    8. I’m sure she got a job just one town over

    9. BUZ1952 Z says:

      For obstruction, give officer tampoon some metamucil.

    10. If they were fired more often they will stop being such of sociopaths in the police force…BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL AMEN 🕉♾🕉

    11. Gerald Moon says:

      Ma'am you're going to be arrested for obstruction you swung your pecker at me, hahaha

    12. Exitof99 says:

      Is it me, or do female cops get disproportionally fired for similar situations?

    13. She knew this video was recorded but probably thought it would never see the light of day, what was her motive for pulling this stupid action? This man deserved every penny but it should’ve come out of her pocket, I hope she lost her commission to never be in law enforcement ever again!

    14. KNOW THYSELF says:

      The ol "man swinging golf club at the cops" trick! 🥴😪

    15. CLOUD NINE says:

      Another lieing manipulating cop. What a surprise… I’m convinced about 99% the stops that are made from pigs are in one way or another manipulated and violating in some way or another. Can’t wait till the day people are gonna hide the face they were EVER a cop…

    16. Dam that's all these officer's do is lie, lie, lie.

    17. Swung the golf club at her, and she's about 20 feet away from him. Or, maybe she lies about the whole thing. Hope that poor man sues that lying little "see you next Tuesday" and the city she works for. Cops are liars, even in the presence of a camera!

    18. John O says:

      Thank God this officer was fired. She obviously suffers mental illness in the form of hallucinations.

    19. Dennis Hill says:

      Just another lying thug out there harassing innocent people.

    20. Free Uyghur! says:

      Over reacting over analyzing

    21. Still Raven says:

      Lie enforcement officer.

    22. Victoria says:

      Hope that wannabe "HERO" to the powers that be fulfilled her sick fetish.

    23. A year after the incident. Jesus

    24. Randy Law says:

      A year later? Oh so she can save money and find a new place to work!

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