In this video I explain 10 discouraging things I experienced as a beginner in disc golf. I am almost at my 3 month mark and trust me it has been a roller coaster ride but worth it.

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  1. Chasing new plastic is discouraging. Get a putter that feels great in your hand and a straight-flying midrange. Learn from the midrange how to shape shots. Take the memory of a great shot as motivation when it happens.

  2. Pete Collins says:

    Great to hear your thoughts! I love that you talked about the natural athlete and how comparison will steal your joy out on the course. Subbed!

  3. Great to watch this today. I will continue to watch you. It has taken me 9 years to be where others got in much less. I'm 64.

  4. Yeah I live in AZ too and my thinking I'm crazy when I asked them if they want to do field work in the summer.

  5. Adam Clark says:

    Cool topic man. Glad you thought to voice all these ideas. Keep playin

  6. mega icculus says:

    There are loads of people out there who need to improve their mental game. Some people explode when they don't execute every shot perfectly. When your expectation is perfection it is hard not to let yourself down. Take mistakes with grace and use that next lie as new challenge – perhaps the shot was soo bad it is a brand new view of a hole you have played several times before.

  7. Yup! I love all of this advice.

  8. I don’t play enough, but I want to play more. I don’t have the time. Played with my brothers today. One was even, one was +6 and I was +21. I hadn’t played in weeks, and it’s hurt because I’m addicted. I played through again and was +12. Realistically should have been +10 at least. The only people I’ve met on the courses are people that are very positive. I was playing alone and got to talking to the guy behind me playing solo too. He was good, but he taught me so much. The best was “dude, why are you throwing that?” Because I saw 12 speed and thought I could make it go farther. That’s not how speed works though. My second round through the course is always so much better though.

  9. Brandon N says:

    Gstar beast sounds like it would be awesome

  10. Nunya Binezz says:

    Just subscribed! Been playing about 8 months now!

  11. Brandon N says:

    Good vid to share with new folks, a lot of ppl think they’re going to go out and throw an 13 speed disc into the basket.

  12. ApolloJ says:

    Been playing a few years appreciate the tip at 4:00. I play every solo round as a one throw scoring round. I can be too hard on myself at times. Moving forward I’m going to stop playing scoring rounds every time and throw multiple shots, work on my game and just have fun with those kinds of rounds and stop worrying about a meaningless score when I’m out there. Good look, you’ve unlocked something for me here.

  13. Justin Dials says:

    I’m about 2 months in so far!! Loved your video thank you for the advice and the courage!!

  14. truce11 says:

    The quality of this video… And meaningful stuff for amateur/recreational guy like me – subbed! (ngl, it's so nice to see a non-white disc golf content creator lol)

  15. @SCbuckeye says:

    Love your attitude! Keep up the grind!

  16. KING PROPH3T says:

    Hey I just want to say thank you for popping up on my feed! I think I needed to hear this cause I just got back into disc golf been playing again for about 3 months I play around 2-3 times a week! I get super nervous going to courses n playing cause I’m in process of getting my form down so I feel I get judged but I feel what u have provided with this video thank u 🙏 new subscriber here lol

  17. great video! I started in April and I am feeling you. I also started a channel to share the journey, a lot to learn. Patience. Consistency… Thanks for sharing this!

  18. T Puryear says:

    I really like this guy. A good honest take. Some people front too much. (subscriber 171)

  19. Great video, Chris. You made some good insights of what it’s like to be new to this sport. You are the only person I know who has been criticized for practicing too much, lol. But hey, that’s part of why you have made a year worth of progress in 3 months. You play 4 times as much as everyone else. Take care and I look forward to our next round together.

  20. After about 1.5-2 years of playing, I started competing with and beating the local Advanced and "Open" guys in my scene. I definitely felt some hate and jealousy, so I felt that one point that you made. Now I've been playing close to 3 years and have learned to just focus on my own game and do my best to keep improving. I loved the video – you said some things that needed to be said. Keep it up, look forward to more content and following your journey.

  21. nice job on the video

  22. You made some good points. For me, my backhand is my weakness.

  23. Cathy U. says:

    Sweet! Just found your channel and subscribed. 62 years old female and just started 4 years ago. Slowly but surely, by improving my form and with practice, I've been able to increase my distance, improve my approach and lower my scores over time. This video is spot-on! Good advice for beginners of all ages.

  24. Great video, great topic, im here for the journey 👍😎🥏

  25. It's not an addiction, it's a love of throwing plastic 😂

  26. Are there wooded courses in AZ?

  27. Steve says:

    I'm 2 months in my man! loved the video.

  28. Clugger says:

    The used disc rack at most disc stores is my saving grace. you can almost always find gems that are in good shape for a good price. and a old backpack holds disc just fine! the fun is in the playing.

  29. Eugene Burke says:

    Dude! Who is hassling you about practicing/playing?!? It's such a healthy and positive sport. Glad you stuck to your guns. Great video.

  30. I started playing right around the fall of 2000 and I bought a used really beat up DX Cobra from a friend (he probably got it used as well considering how beat up it was). It was a great beginner disc and some days I played 4 rounds back when I was unemployed. I ended up getting 5-6 other discs pretty soon and stuck with those a few years before I drifted away from the game due to working too much (and not having control of when my work hours would be thus having them crash my other plans repeatedly). I came back to the game in 2015 and found a lot more resources available to help players develop both technically, physically and mentally as well as hearing names I've never heard before. Keep in mind the last time I paid attention to top level competitions Ken Climo was the man to beat and when I came back everyone was talking about McBeth so I had to ask myself: "Who is this McBeth? Is it a Scottish guy or were his ancestors just really into Shakespeare?". I do have a few general tips I'd like to share though: 1) listen to your body and figure out the difference between exhaustion and injury, 2) warm up, sounds cliché and I sometimes skip it myself but the discgolf strong warmup is something like 5 minutes and freely available. 3) stretch glutes, calves and TFL as well as any other muscles you feel need it (the trailerhitch on my car works great for triggerpoint therapy on the calves). I also have some specific tips for putting: Everyone should learn the pushputt even if they want to spinputt eventually because its so simple, especially the way Dave Feldberg explains it as a "shovelputt" where you basically just start low and bring your arm up directly in line with the pole and "shake hands" with the basket, aimpoint will change slightly with more distance but 15-20' and closer its pretty much middle of the pole or just below. At 25' I shift the aim a few inches to the right and up yet still aimed "at" the chains so if I overpower the putt it's getting a lot of chains. The key philosophy of putting while not practicing like a pro is this: keep it simple: 1) Weight "inside" the stance which means even though I go back on my left foot and then push off the left leg as I putt my weight never goes fully "on top" of any supporting point, always 2" or more "inside" so slight variations in groundfirmness won't cause balance issues (twigs breaking, soft ground compressing etc…). 2) long puttingstroke extending straight (or brought up in a vertical arc like Ricky does) from your center mass OR offset slightly towards the back hip for longer putts with stronger backleg push => this minimizes involuntary twisting of the body while putting letting you start and finish in the same direction (wether that is squared up or slightly sideways is a matter of preference), I like to hinge the hips so my torso leans forward about 30 degrees to give the downswing of my arm a bigger angle to work with. 3) "mirroring" the extension: As my right arm extends I stretch out after it with my shoulder as much as practical, in order to still stay "inside" my stance I also extend both my left leg and my left arm backwards making it easy to maintain balance. 4) practice alternate putting stances. Sometimes we find ourselfs pinched behind a tree and have to straddle, the putt is basically the same except you need fetch further back with the arm and loft it higher since you no longer have a "back leg" to push with. Some rare courses even have greens so steeply sloped that you might need a "staggered straddle" to keep your balance. ——– Personal example of this philosophy in action: At our easter kickoff this year I was making almost everything inside the circle through 8 rounds of discgolf during 2½ days after a 6 month off-season with no putting during the winter (I did practice putting a lot 2-3 years ago though). Edit: #1 most discouraging thing: During my first competition over 20 years ago I parked a long downhill hole in windy conditions during round 2 then I missed a 4' putt because I was completely out of energy and couldn't focus.

  31. jfisch2 says:

    You won’t find a big MA4 field….. MA3 is a great place for you to start. Keep grinding brotha!

  32. I like to focus on turning discouraging and bad thoughts into motivation! Keep shredding man! 🤙

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