10-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Has A MONSTER Swing!

Caden West has been playing golf since he was just a 1-YEAR-OLD and already has 4 USKG Tour Championships under his belt at age 10!

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    38 Replies to “10-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Has A MONSTER Swing!”

    1. Whistle says:

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    2. VP Test says:

      This is awesome! Keep it going!! I can also recomend you to use Golf Kinetics, it's very usefull if you want to improve your game!

    3. Played with him at Tangle Ridge he shot 87-86 in a Faldo Hurricane Series Sectional

    4. Pats says:

      Exactly don’t crush the ball straight shot all u want.

    5. Ø.D.E says:

      He reminds me of a young Phil mickleson

    6. Tony Khan says:

      This kid once hit 480 yards down with a slight draw he hit a half lob wedge into the last hole in Augusta National!!!

    7. I’m a lot better then this kid and I’m 12 so if he’s a prodigy then idk

    8. MichaelJ2020 says:

      He’s actually got a pretty good swing, technically, especially for his age and strength. You see other kids who have sloppy looking swings but somehow make great contact… this kid has a great swing and makes great contact, so as long as he stays focused, he should be able to make an easy living as a golf pro, if not take over the sport.

    9. Zane Prod says:

      Golfing is awesome I can’t golf during the baseball season or it will mess up my swing. So in the off-season I just golf and I love it

    10. Mayfam6 says:

      Love this. Great job keep pushing yourself to do great things. I have a 7 year old golfer. Check him out. Kids like this push him to want to get better. Love it.

    11. A word of advice, follow your PGA dream, don't join LIV.

    12. ASN GOLF says:

      Check out my kid! 2 years old, and loving the game already ❤️

    13. I was driving over 200 at 10 lmao where's my interview

    14. drpmeerkat says:

      That’s some skill

    15. Hockey King says:

      I can drive 280 and I’m 11

    16. syms says:

      Father has an addiction…

    17. Chris Knill says:

      Good Parents, Good Coaches, Good Kid. He’s gonna go far.

    18. Lewis says:

      6 hours a week is not that much in th grand scheme of things

    19. PythonX9 says:

      I know him he’s in my PE class

    20. EyeQue says:

      Wish him the best. Just curious as to why he’s jumping out of his swing on the downswing? I remember I used to do that so my coach gave me clubs that were 6 degrees upright to compensate for that behaviour I had somehow came to possess. That was terrible of her to do. I changed coaches and eventually played with clubs that sat level with the ground and I stopped jumping out of the swing. Then I started shooting under par quite regularly. I created the right habit, not compensated for the wrong one. Hopefully he’s not having the same issue. Sometimes your skills can be tarnished by a couch. Just because they’re a coach, doesn’t mean they’re doing the right thing.

    21. Otc Flair says:

      Gods giving talent period flat out💯

    22. Taurus says:

      This channel makes me not believe I can make it

    23. James Laster says:

      Let's go buddy can't wait to see u play golf with me

    24. Brady says:

      I can promise you he didn’t start when he was walking

    25. Levi Weber says:

      Whats crazy is he is swinging on the wrong side of the ball

    26. I know this kid is not hitting over 200 at 10

    27. Roger Glass says:

      I'm also southpaw, 67 years old, and jealous. When I was his age, there were no left-handed kids' clubs.

      Good luck to him.

    28. Ian Ringier says:

      Say Rory McIlroy is my helper other people say mine's a 10 year old

    29. That child says:

      I reckon this kid is better than little tiger

    30. Aaron Jones says:


    31. Locogrimlen says:

      No way he was hitting 200+ yards at 4 years old lmao

    32. David Clark says:

      the kid is a beast at golfing

    33. ryan mueller says:

      dude how!!!!! has this kid not won a uskids world champion!!!!!!!!!

    34. As you go through golfing month by month your going to want to focus on different things, like adding spin, etc, learning draws, etc etc. YUP Just don't focus on one thing.

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