14 Ridiculous Ways People WASTE MONEY In Disney World

Disney World is pricey sufficient as is with out all the additional bills or missed out financial savings. So allow us to assist you to shield your trip funds TODAY — right here on DFB Information.


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    35 Replies to “14 Ridiculous Ways People WASTE MONEY In Disney World”

    1. Why do people buy ponchos to stay dry but then go on water rides hoping to get wet?

    2. Meeshwell says:

      I had to stop watching… this was a really long video that was basically just an advertisement for their website / blog / newsletter. So much filler talk and selling. It seems like recently DFB videos spend a lot more time advertising themselves (which pushes me toward other channels that do not do this).

    3. Mr. Hooty says:

      Yeah we brought our own ponchos from Amazon. We used them once during our week stay at Disneyworld in August. The other time it rained we just hung out in a store for a few minutes.

    4. I will tell you we had a three day, four night trip to Disney World and we went to Beach Club and we rope dropped to closed a park everyday. We planned on spending barely any time there. I felt awful about it up until the trip because even though Beach Club is my favorite resort, I felt like it was going to be a waste of money. I will tell you we didn’t feel that way once we actually got there. We took a nap halfway through two of our three days during thunderstorms because we were so close to our hotel. We were able to avoid using transportation for two of the three parks because we could walk to them instead. It was one of the easiest trips I have ever had. Sometimes those other “perks” really do add up, even if you aren’t using the room much.

      Granted it is also just my husband and I with no children, so that saved us money, too, so I understand this may not sound great to big families. But it is something to consider. I am a person who is almost always willing to pay for convenience.

      Plus Beaches and Cream every night 🍦

    5. Garrett W says:

      Praying y'all are staying safe through Hurrican Ian!

    6. Make sure to bring a plastic stroller rain cover like they have here in the UK. I can't imagine pushing a baby around in a soaking wet stroller.

    7. Josh Ausburn says:

      For me it’s going during Hurricane Ian… sitting in resort right now

    8. My sister found a great solution for her kids wanting the balloons & other souvenirs that she didn't want to deal with and weren't in their budget.

      She bought some small mylar balloons online that came with a stick (so it's kind of like a wand — you've probably seen similar balloons in flower arrangements & gift shops). Then she put Disney stickers on the balloons & the kids were just as happy with them.
      She was able to pack them in her bag, and when they were in the park, it was easy to blow up (with just their breath — no helium needed) & attach to the stick for her kids to enjoy. Bonus: it's not going to float away & it stays out of everyone's face. If they get tired of it — just deflate & stow back in your bag. Plus, you can personalize them with your family's favorite characters, colors, etc. These balloons are also more on the kids' level for them to see & enjoy, instead of way above their heads.

      She bought (& home-made or semi-homemade) other inexpensive toys, shirts, and goodies before their trip & either gave it to them at the hotel or during the day — one gift at a time, spaced throughout their trip.

    9. Zak says:

      Mate you are correct! I’m a travel agent and got an agent rate on my hotel which was awesome, however, I had to call the reservation team, I only waited 3 hours haha I ran up the phone bill at work because I’m from New Zealand, oops Who knew it was going to cost $300 for my call haha but the team were SO helpful! I cannot wait! First trip since Covid in NZ!

    10. LOL! My wife insists that we buy the memory maker every visit…. And they're online, or whatever…. Either way, once we get home, those pictures are rarely, if ever, seen again.

    11. Anyone who has access to the Shades Of Green Resort, be sure and visit the gift shop, right next to where you buy park tickets. You can get Disney ponchos, shirts, hoodies, etc, for a fraction of the cost in park…… Or, as AJ said, you can purchase inexpensive (And even Disney character ponchos) at Walmart, Target, or Publix….

    12. When we went in February it was cold the first 2 days we were there. I think it rained overnight when we were there, and my brother brought ponchos prior to our trip but we didn't use them except when my nieces ate an ice cream it was used
      So they don't drop it in their lap!

    13. RhythmGrizz says:

      Could not agree more about park hopping being a waste. It is. Waste of time, waste of money. I speak from experience. Do 1 park per day, folks.

    14. Tom. says:

      The most ridiculous way to waste money in Disney World is to go to Disney World 😂

    15. largol33t1 says:

      My suggestion if you fear a shopping addiction will hurt: buy one or two trading pins at any gift shop. This can help get the "I gotta have something!" feeling off your chest. If that doesn't help, I think you should consider counseling to see if you have a shopping addiction. Next time you're in the parks, you can trade them with a cast member or another guest if you're bored and want something new. Every time I'm in Disney or Universal and I feel the uncontrollable urge to buy something, I go to a store and buy a cheap trading pin. PS: Universal has them too, they also have a decent selection of Harry Potter themed pins.

    16. Rika R says:

      Yep, ponchos… I brought 3 with me from the dollar store but ended up buying one on our first day 2 weeks ago (Sep14), I did use it several times… definitely use a travel agent, it doesn't cost anything; bought memory maker but didn't use it as much as I had in a previous trip but wouldn't say it was a waste of money, still got some great pics

    17. I have ponchos and umbrellas that I carry normally for Anime Cons. I am a foodie and love Indian and I am very curious because I am seeing it.

      I collect pins and I usually carry them in a ziplock bag in my luggage.

    18. Debbie Lermy says:

      I never hear about special diets. Like gluten free and sugar free food and deserts. Anyway to find that info?

    19. wonder wheel says:

      So one take away I got is that Disney balloons would make a great prank on friends and family in their rooms. An expensive prank, but still. . . 😜

    20. Corey Mccoy says:

      My biggest waste of money was buying the 50th anniversary cake, we moved it around from resort to resort and barely ate a third of it 😅 Just stick with the treats in the parks!

    21. Elliot W says:

      Speaking of expensive Disney, I’d really love to see a video just on the pre-set menus in the Disneys, like the Omakase at Takumi-Tei, and whether they’re worth the price.

    22. @7:39 hidden mickey in the clouds, how did the imagineers pull that off?!?!

    23. Rob Lewis says:

      I have just gone to the Disney Park reservations and you cannot book a reservation with out a ticket. So this is the oppostie to what you said in the video. So how can you check t is available if you dont have tickets yet… We are travelling from Australia so as you can imagine the error factor in booking stuff has to be dealt with. Love to hear your ideas

    24. Holly B says:

      I haven’t been to Disney World since 2019 but I’m hating the park pass thing. If it’s pouring down rain on the day I have a pass, I won’t want to go to the park that day. 😡

    25. Ken P. says:

      Only 14? Could easily be twice that number

    26. Be selective when buying your poncho. I have a DWD poncho that I bought years ago when they were half the price they are now. My traveling companions bought theirs from the Dollar Tree. Mine turned out to be longer and much sturdier than theirs, protecting me much better in the rain. If you are buying before your trip, I'd check out Amazon, REI. or a big box store rather than a dollar store in order to get a better product.

    27. Bobby Boo says:

      Great video. Thanks from Israel

    28. Tasmeena M says:

      “Otherwise you would have gone somewhere else… like Disneyland.” 😂😂😂 I find it so endearing and probably not totally a joke that AJ would plan a very expensive trip based on a single meal. I love that. And also, same.

    29. Do you ever do videos on Club 33?

    30. Tracie Combs says:

      Adding the park hopper to a 5 day pass is almost the same price as a single day! (I think it worked out to $20 a day extra per ticket) We like being able to go back to a park if a favorite ride is down the day we are there or hopping to a less crowded park mid day- I guess we are spoiled by more options!

    31. CT says:

      Memory maker is $100 for military members and we found it to be worth it to not really worry about having to pick and choose what to buy and the images popping up on the app as you go was really fun.

    32. Paul Daley says:

      Hahaha. I have never been upset waiting on the line at Disney. I have been on hold many times to make changes etc to get new discounts or to book. The fact that I am getting to book a trip to my happy place makes me feel do good that waiting does not bother me, plus I get the Disney music while waiting.

    33. In my opinion, because Florida is always so hot, I welcomed the rain and didn't need no poncho 😂 it also helps that I'm from Florida so I'm used to it. I will forever be salty about Genie+ being a waste of money considering what it replaced… free fastpass. But that might be just me 🤷‍♀️

    34. esciteach says:

      #1: Buy Ponchos AT $1 Stores !!! Genie Plus/and extra attraction cost WORKS ! if there are only 2 or 3 three of you, and you want to SAVE HOURS waiting on lines, splurge for one or two days. I WALKED on FROZEN (from entrance to boat) by-passing at least 75 guests (lines were full.) Worth every penny of $15. I do not drink alcohol so cost of one drink or two fancy coffees. Up to you. 100% to me.

    35. C H says:

      Buying a banshee for my boys after riding FOP. Not only are they expensive they are tough to dust.

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