1954 Macgregor 945W Persimmon Driver – The Vintage Golfer

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    12 Replies to “1954 Macgregor 945W Persimmon Driver – The Vintage Golfer”

    1. The reason you could not hit the 945 driver is because it was shafted x100 which you could not handle and was not designed for the club people who re-shaft clubs especially drivers usually ruin them. Charley Penna

    2. Rick Gray says:

      Thanks for showing me what my Grandfather used to play with ! Funny that with today's powerful clubs that I'm using, Grandfather would still be able to whip my but with these old baby's. Hope your still swinging in Heaven Pop's 😁…. Thanks

    3. Tom Nelson says:

      Nothing like the feel of persimmon against a balata Titleist. I still have my Super Eyeomatic that I played in college (late 70s).

    4. Mike L60 says:

      I had a Macgregor 3 wood back in the day that I hit very well but it eventually broke apart probably the modern golf balls at that time were what good for the club , thanks .

    5. in the 70's I bought a set of Spalding Top Flight persimmon woods, I got 1, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2 they were amazing and my dad had a set from around 1964/65 or so of Bobby Jones Spalding persimmon woods, one was a driver and had a aluminum sole plate but the 2 1/2 wood sole plate was brass both are still in amazing condition for clubs that have been played and never refurbished. thanks for this video

    6. I love how a 68 year old club can let you know by hitting it if you are a good, or better than average ball striker.

    7. dr stafford says:

      Keep them coming. Appreciate your enthusiasm for the older clubs.

    8. Rob S says:

      I can’t quite afford patreon but I watch every one and appreciate them greatly!

    9. take care says:

      "Sometimes they fizz off the face". Great analysis! 🙂

    10. l m says:

      "Repetitive redundancy"….what is that?

    11. Tony Lovato says:

      Thank you for showing us this 1954 MacGregor.
      I’ve run into the same situation, you purchase or restore a club and it’s just to beautiful to hit. So I place/hang them in my collection room, and I’ve finally run out of room now. It’s funny how we just want to keep them all. Especially after all the hours we spent on restoring them. But as we all know, we can’t keep them all.

    12. eggy68 says:

      We called those soda monstrosities “suicides.” Nice to have a MacGregor driver you can take in the pool 🙂

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