20 minutes with Scottie Scheffler's driver fitter…

What is it like to get a club fitting from a Tour fitter?

We met up with the World Number One, Scottie Scheffler’s fitter to find out!

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30 Replies to “20 minutes with Scottie Scheffler's driver fitter…”

  1. Great video, I have seen Adrian before with Sophie Walker when they were on a zoom call. It was so good Hannah that you gave great feedback. I have heard of CG following before on another channel and interesting to see if crop up on your fitting. Good it works as well on the course!

  2. Rich B says:

    Great insight into the finer details that a pro fitter would go into

  3. Ralph says:

    If there would have been any more proof that all this fitting hype is BS this vid would be it.

  4. Easier to follow this fitter, than Trottie's rambling monologues.

  5. Pete says:

    Excellent Hannah, great to see how things can be achieved with different settings.

  6. Darren Bell says:

    really interesting video Hannah. clearly a top class fitter is more about what you're telling him than the numbers on the trackman. it would be really interesting to see his approach to somebody more like me (19 handicap) who doesn't always have the level feedback you have. maybe i do know more than i realise and somebody with his level of attention and understanding would get it out of me.

  7. X I says:

    This dude's about a million times better than Trottie.

  8. My miss is off the toe as well… does this mean I have a chance to hit it as well as you do? 😂
    It's incredible how much technology is involved now with equipment, balls included. I started at the time when what they made was what you played. I wish the technology was available in my younger days. 😢😆

  9. _ lngshot says:

    Hannah, so what is the setting in your Titleist driver? I'd be curious of how sets up vs this one.

  10. so interesting and very technical, the information was great.

  11. This guy….. listens, sees, knows! brilliant!

  12. Brian Starr says:

    What a very interesting video into the world of driver fitting. You are a great player Hannah, and this showed us all that you impressed the fitter. Keep it up. Fantastic video. Thank you.

  13. Eddie Maylor says:

    Amazing to watch someone who is an expert at what they do. I understood everything he was saying but I don't understand how he got to the conclusion…

  14. Mark Dunn says:

    The fitter's knowledge is amazing, hopefully Taylor Made will use this as a Benchmark for there fitters.

  15. So pleased, after Trottiegate, TM have redeemed themselves with a great fitter for you Hannah.

  16. SiJRa says:

    Loving the content Hannah… great job.. and boy you hit a good ball

  17. Mo Notts52 says:

    If only all fitters were as good. Apart from near the end of the 20 min he didn’t appear to pay too much attention on stats, unlike what normally happens at a “standard” fitting. What an educational video.

  18. Hannah’s face when he is saying she is sensitive to face and weight movement. Same exact face I made to fitter too. I just shrugged and was like…well,it works so…alright.

  19. Gary Davis says:

    This kind of video that reminds us of the importance of a club fitting.

  20. I’d love to see one of these pro fitters, but they’d have to have the patience of Job to deal with my swing…..

  21. I’d love to see one of these pro fitters, but they’d have to have the patience of Job to deal with my swing…..

  22. Simon Wilson says:

    You are funny Hannah I hit my TSI 2 bit high and spinney but not sure what change to make on driver

  23. That was so interesting and incredible to see the results. The mind blowing thing is that 8 degree + 2 is not the same as a 10 degree head. No wonder I struggle 😂😂

  24. Paul McGee says:

    It’s the, I don’t know what to do fitting!

  25. Allen Parker says:

    Great video with great information. Thank you!

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