2015 VW Golf R TFL4K Review: One Powerful AWD Hot Hatch to Rule Them All?

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Volkswagen Golf R is the quickest and strongest Golf ever to come to America. And with the MK7 model of the AWD Gold R, America get the great things together with a DSG transmission, launch management and virtually 300 HP. On this TFLcar evaluation Roman get’s behind the wheel of the recent hatch to rule all of them.

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    44 Replies to “2015 VW Golf R TFL4K Review: One Powerful AWD Hot Hatch to Rule Them All?”

    1. Amadin Mumu says:

      I will like you to review that Mercedes Benz there

    2. Milind Dixit says:

      I'm sure both the US and Europe versions have the same power outputs? I don't think the US has 4 HP less? The UK version is 300PS (296HP).

    3. Kyle S says:

      Aaaagh! My EARS!! Fun, informative review, but get someone who knows how to balance audio levels! (And maybe lay off the kinda sexist wife and mother-in-law comments.)

    4. Very nice. The engine note seems to sound deeper in Euro spec models I've seen in videos. Weird.

    5. Harry Wild says:

      Did not look at the rear trunk/ cargo space when the raised the rear door! Ugh!

    6. Sid Pandya says:

      So now is it this, or the WRX STi?

    7. JustLucky says:

      Никто в здравом уме VW не купит

    8. Matty says:

      This car is just WOW! I hope to get one some day!

    9. Hi TFL Car. Nice review of the Golf R. R seems to stand for Refined, since so many journalists use this term to describe the Golf R. I'm a longtime VW fan, having owned six over the years, including a modified GTI VR6 which I still own. But I really wish VW would finally, finally make a car where the R stands for Race. Or better yet, Raucous? The Golf R is marketed as the enthusiast's choice but isn't yet sold with a manual transmission? And the Golf R still has less power than my Evo 10 manual transmission from five years ago!? I'm sorry but that's lame for an R car. Heck, my wife's Ford Focus ST has more R in it than the VW, and the ST has a manual transmission (and our kids really like that car too). I recently purchased a 2015 Subaru STI and it's a rally-bred blast! And in the real world, with bumpy roads and potholes, I bomb over them at speed in the STI, while my buddies have to slow down in their Tarmac-focused VWs. Sorry VW, other car companies keep earning my money with better cars for us enthusiasts.

    10. Toni Sato says:

      Golf, 40 years on the road, 40 years of evolution. A name known all around the world. Congrats VW! 
      Ps.: The Ford Focus is one of the greatest Golf's opponent. Please keep improving make an better and better and powerfull Focus to smoke  the Golf, so we will have an better and better and more powerfull Golf. Golf, like Apple, is not just another machine is the result of total dedication to make not the best product but an better and better product. So costumers will have a greater and greater driving experience. Golf is not just a nice car but an lifestyle. Golf like Harley Davidson may not be the best in their categories but for sure are the most famous too.

    11. xxkunus3xx says:

      Were can i get one of those Volkwagen sweater the other man he was talking to had??

    12. David says:

      I'd rather have a 6 speed manual than a DSG any day….DSG's are for non drivers….

    13. Now go get the APR Stage 1 ECU tune and get 354HP and 390TQ and then go test drive it again..

    14. Something about this guy just annoys me….

    15. JULEPPS says:

      I neeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!

    16. Turn off that damn fake soundaktor thing. The outside sound is great though.

    17. S S says:

      cant wait to lease one but im sure it would run high 400s to lease it. i have jetta and it drives better than any Japanese or american cars when you compare to price by price and im sure this one would have very nice feel to it 

    18. Looks good just a little pricey for a VW. Also some people might be worried about reliability issues and fluid leaks.

    19. this guys has 4k! Idk why he invested in such equipment

    20. Comparing it to a WRX would be a better comparison than to an STI.  The WRX is more mature & livable as a daily driver vs the STI. They're also close in performance, the golf R has more power but the WRX has better handling, both are great daily drivers.

      While the golf R is a fun lil hatch, the only reason to get it over the WRX is if you needed a wagon, otherwise the WRX offers the same livability and fun for 10k less.

    21. DZEMAG says:

      Kids will fit and will accept an STi.
      You make the wife understand why you drive the STi.
      The mother-in-law comment of your car is worthless and she could just take a bus if she complains. See if she prefers that instead of what car you own.

      Going from an STi to a Golf R should be no ones decision but your own.

    22. A Y K says:

      I love the VW rep's track jacket. Can I buy one?

    23. beingjoshmc says:

      The VW guy that Roman interviews really comes across as an idiot. That, or Roman was asking him really inappropriate questions that were obviously well out of his range of knowledge. If the guy is just a product/marketing guy, you don't need to be asking him questions about the inner workings of the machinery. If he's an engineer, that's another story. I don't know either way, so I'm not passing judgment. 

    24. The Golf R feels very good on track!
      And the Sound in the car is very nice

    25. Shulcyo says:

      I really don`t understand this utterly stupid laugh upon acceleration … 

    26. Lycanthrope says:

      The rear lights SUCKS, they're different from the European and Middle Eastern version although the Middle Eastern one is the weakest its only has 280 HP, shame.

    27. chadgrov says:

      Why would you review this car in the automatic version? LAME. thanks for wasting my time

    28. I'm a fan of the Ford RS's over the years, but own the current Mk 7 R…with absolutely no regrets. The new RS appeals as a boy racer car unfortunately, it tries a bit too hard IMO (good ol Ken Block and his hat backwards – nuff said). Also, an important point to note is the new R has both multi-point AND direct injection to prevent carbon build up in the engine. That kind of tech screams longevity and confidence…add to that the European tuners providing software taking the car to 380hp with 0-100kmph times registering at 4 seconds flat. Trust me, you peeps in the US are gonna love the Mk 7 R!

    29. VW reliability concerns me…the STI would most likely be more reliable.

    30. RKGSD says:

      What area of California is this?

    31. AJ GalVez says:

      Is this available in Canada?

    32. Ben Dover says:

      Focus RS is AWD and expected to have 330-350+ hp. It will definitely be stepping on the toes of the Golf R (as much as I hate to say it)

    33. Handles like a racecar? Four-cylinder turbo is never going to have much of an engine note? This isn't a good video.

    34. waruilewi says:

      Choppy editing and some factual inaccuracies relegate this vid to being one of the less impressive reviews on the Mk 7 R. I expected a little better from TFL quite honestly.

    35. Muffinman says:

      Come on VW!!! Where's the LED tail lights?

    36. 2:04..Carving corners like these it becomes (ha ha ha)just a hoot!He said while driving at 30mph…

    37. Is that a Suunto core on your wrist? @The Fast Lane Car

    38. V Bad says:

      needs a blow off valve

    39. I love it, but need more room.  Jetta wagon with this engine and drivetrain would be perfect for me.  Thanks for the video.

    40. Looks nice and great. Not trying to hard to look good like the Focus.

    41. Ryan B says:

      Never buy an automatic transmission Volkswagen, you'll thank me later.

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