2019 DISC GOLF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS | FINALF9 | Wysocki, McBeth, Keith, Conrad

You are watching Disc Golf protection of the Males’s Closing Spherical R5 Lead Card on the 2019 PDGA Skilled Disc Golf World …


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    39 Replies to “2019 DISC GOLF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS | FINALF9 | Wysocki, McBeth, Keith, Conrad”

    1. JomezPro says:

      Welcome! If you've been recommended here and enjoy the video give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and check out how it all ends here: https://youtu.be/dklMT75BT1I 👍 Thanks for watching!

    2. I thought this was only a WiiSports thing.

    3. phobia says:

      Who tf are they waving at after they make a basket? lol

    4. Jake LaPlant says:

      never thought i’d hear jim halpert commentating disc golf

    5. MrHighway says:

      I can’t believe ppl are actually able to be so good at something so random.

    6. ruchittenme says:

      Professional Disc Golfer here, just want to thank all of the support for our sport, last year I was able to earn $7.13 while on tour and was able to buy a happy meal. I am glad I chose this profession

    7. Hindu Goat says:

      its a Frisbee

      dont try to make it classy or fancy its not a disc

    8. Mbah Chana says:

      Salut buat para pemain…. lemparan sangat akurat dan tepat sasaran,,,, sukses selalu abangku 👍🙏

    9. basp 2005 says:

      Joy of flight. That's a phrase I haven't heard. I like that.

    10. Lmao what’s worse watching this of the wnba?

    11. The thumbnail! Do you see that forearm? Who is that?

    12. The fuck I'm watching on a saturday night…

    13. Ephbaum says:

      Gee Willikers! Those frisbee golf dudes look really hard.

    14. Lapidario says:

      Eu tenho que dizer uma coisa: kkkkkkkkkk!!!

    15. Centifanti24 says:

      Seems pretty cool, but why the golf terminology? Chip, putt, drive, fairway, green?

    16. Pagoda could says:

      Interest sport good game

    17. Who's here from Jomez in 2022? 8^)

    18. 5:14 is that Tristan Tanner?

    19. Nomada Loco says:

      como tiene el brazo tiene la poronga

    20. My mom is getting me frisbee in 1 hour

    21. This lools like a parody of golf lmao

    22. That's Frolf, George Costanzas favourite sport.

    23. GeoAce69 says:

      $ix figure$!!!!! $hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥏

    24. what kind of stupid sport or game is this?

    25. Cindy Roamer says:

      Very impressive skills!
      Although I find it pretentious to call it "World championships" when there seem to be only US americans in the competition …

    26. Ibra Alraigi says:

      How did i end up here at 4:49 AM?

    27. TonkinKinuo says:

      … vous êtes sérieux…??… Rien à ajouter

    28. Lrcs says:

      I've watched golf for as long as I can think together with my father. Now YouTube has recommended me that and I gotta say that I enjoy the production so much. I love, that in such a calm sport as golf is too, the cuts are not endlessly long and I can almost not look away since the next player is already playing. Very well done and I'll for sure watch another one.

    29. M L says:

      Just when you thought Golf wasn't boring enough……………..

    30. Stephen Paul says:

      Thanks YT. I'm stoned and this works for me.

    31. Dimtiri says:

      much better then golf …

    32. ecastag says:

      This is previous to the suicide?

    33. ecastag says:

      The most incredible thing of this is that this thing has real public even they paid the ticket to watch this. There is people for everything

    34. Ken Thomas says:

      Great sport for guys who have no athletic ability whatsoever.

    35. DE10 says:

      Funny how they use so many actual golf terms that mean nothing to this 'sport'.

    36. "Two horses, two heads!" LOL!!! Classic, brother!!!!

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