in this video we talk about the new golf rules in 2019 and the rule most talked about in golf the ball landing in a divot

also in the video the is a link to my video about the 10 most important
rule changes

As of 2019, new golf rules apply worldwide. It is the most major revision of the rules for more than 30 years. This easy-to-understand video gives you a clear overview of the changes so that you can benefit from all the simplifications and new relief procedures.
guides you through all the changes. The rules expert’s explanations are based on the “New Rules of Golf for 2019” as published by the USGA and R&A in March ►MAKE SURE YOU BECOME A GOLF MATE FOR FREE

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I’m Liam Harrison, Bolton born and bred. I’m a lover of Golf, life and laughter.

Started Golf 12 years ago after packing in football when i was 28 due to a back injury.

I started the Youtube channel as a laugh and a Wim, to make me practice but that went out the window as i started vlogging, loving being on camera but more so the interaction with my #golfmates.

In 14 months i have seen the channel evolve and become the only real golf community on Youtube which i am extremly proud of.

I would like to thank all the #golfmates that have been with us and supported us and the channel from the start. Also not forgetting our new #golfmates that may have only just come across the channel.


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    43 Replies to “2019 NEW GOLF RULES DO YOU GET A DROP FROM A DIVOT ?”

    1. I would make it one third of the ball is below the playing surface, the problem with playing them, as all greenkeepers know the hole is now deeper and more likely to catch the next ball, and gets deeper again without any grass to be able to go back in, Ive seen players leave a crater. Re knee height this is abused as Mr B always does, he's more like shin height, I would make it standing upright with straight legs take out the variable.

    2. I think they are missing the point! If you hit a fairway, then that is a good shot and you should benefit from good shots. If in a divot on the fairway, move it! The conversation shouldn't be about divots, it should be whether you are on the fairway or not"

    3. TankEater says:

      If you have to take a drop, it's an easy assumption to say it's not going to be in the best spot. Gravity can plug your ball, make it bounce harshly off a rock or stump among many other things. The new drop rule, puts some class in the drop. 1 more scenario, a man 2.10 meters tall compared to a 1.70 tall guy has roughly .4 more distance to travel. Compared to each other's knees, it's a max difference of .1… You people across the pond have a hard time looking at the big picture.

    4. TankEater says:

      A divot has no grass, n old divot is growing new grass. Fairly easy concept to understand. If you have an acre of fairway around you and your ball is on fresh dirt, it's a divot.

    5. Randy Mosher says:

      If it is on dirt in the fairway, it's a divot

    6. Colnzee says:

      Divot rule is the worst rule in golf.
      You can hit a terrible shot onto a completely different hole and get some form of relief, for example, a rabbit scraping/staked tree (many others to choose from), improving your lie and still have a decent shot back onto the hole you're playing or even to the green.
      You can hit a perfect drive, middle of the fairway, into a divot, some of which can be virtually unplayable and get no relief, through no fault of your own meaning you are actually penalised for hitting a very good shot.
      A simple 'move it out of the divot' (no nearer the hole) would be fair and is it really going to make any difference whatsover to your next shot – 'No' is the answer you're looking for, yr simple getting the lie that you should get from hitting a good shot.
      Everyone knows what a divot is and, who the cheats are!

      You shouldn't be punished for a very good shot and it's such a simple fix.

    7. rfc 6486 says:

      Liam, I am in agreement with you about the Divot's. I have played with friends that will literally dig to china on some of their divots. And if your the unlucky golfer to land in their divot/hole your screwed. Sometimes there is just not enough sod remaining to fill the holes they dug.

    8. The drop is from knee height to save time basically and easier observation of landing point I guess

    9. A lot of public courses allow preferred lies in your own fairway. Divot problem somewhat solved. Other than that, divots are no problem really, take one more club and swing easy… unless your ball has rolled into or settles in the back of the divot. That sucks for sure. Then you really are penalized because you have to dig it out.

    10. Daniel Peach says:

      So many examples of dropping from the shoulder being used to let the ball continue to roll back into the penalty area until they get to place it. The knee drop helps stop this

    11. George Lee says:

      Maybe a ball in a divot should be treated like ground under repair, buy only move the ball six inches. Or just leave it as rub of the green. The problem with my first idea is, after moving the ball six inches, the next shot will make another divot.

    12. KJ says:

      What’s a cart path and what isn’t? Use your head…it’s not that hard. The group should mutually agree whether it is or isn’t a divot.

    13. I Lee as you say it's stupid,another one you get a drop from a animal scratching ????

    14. myfriend280 says:

      Simple. If the ball is in the fairway deference is given to the player declaring that his ball is in a divot. As far as old divots, if grass is growing it’s no longer a divot.
      As long as the ball lies in the fairway these questions are academic. You have a player that earned a good lie by hitting a good shot off the tee. If you don’t like that you’re the prick, not the player that would be taking relief.

    15. Trevor Evans says:

      My opinion. A nasty divot on the fairway is pretty obvious and effects less-experienced players more that accomplished players (who could hit off concrete). If the indentation in the ground is less obvious then it is no real advantage to more the ball anyway—so no big deal. Having hit a cracking drive only to land in a deep un-repaired divot is a massive penalty only due to the laziness of another. Loosen the rule to increase the fun. There’s plenty of other penalties to crush your spirits. Don’t care so much about the drop height. The change is good.

    16. Cliff Wener says:

      Repairing a divot? My club insists of using a mixture of seed and sand which is poured onto the new divot from a plastic jug. If the next player lands on my newly created (sanctioned) mini-sandbox on the fairway, why should they be penalized? I did the right thing.

    17. Youtuber says:

      Whip out the old foot wedge

    18. bob197200 says:

      use the preffered lie rule ,4 inch relief on fairways no nearer the hole.

    19. Andy Wilson says:

      In real golf, play it where it lays. In my world, roll it anywhere!!! That has made golf much more fun!!!!

    20. I don’t think you should be penalised for some lazy twat not repairing their divots. If it has been repaired then you should play it as it lies.

    21. Paul Smith says:

      Best intro music ever!

    22. Richard Webb says:

      Dropped from the knee the ball won't travel as much when it hits the ground that will stay in the drop zone

    23. I've been playing for over 20 years and i can tell the difference between a fresh divot and one that is healing. I think relief should be the answer anytime a golfer lands in a divot. See, easy.

    24. Divots should be played the same way we maneuver around “pot holes” in the road….Until they are repaired by the city( golf course), we must avoid hitting them. If we do, we pay for it.
      You play it where it ends up ….. Period !!!

    25. Oy!! I remember back when you used to have to drop it back over your shoulder behind you!

    26. rydmag says:

      No way. When you hit the ball on the green are you not rewarded with. Lift. Clean and mark it. I think yes you are !! Why is that. Well again Because you are rewarded for a good shot. That being said if your smoke a great drive in center of tight fairway and have mud ball or divot. Why wouldn’t you be rewarded with mark lift clean and place ????? Same on the tee box guys. We don’t drop it on the tee box and just play it out of a divot right ??????? You should be rewarded not penalized for a great drive. The rule is awful. All it would take is one single Masters. Like on 18 Rory and tiger are tied. They both hit center of fairway and one is in a divot. The Ball comes out horrible on approach shot and other wins and the world would review this rule. Mic drop

    27. KeithGadget says:

      I think the knee high drop was to reduce the instances of having to repeat the drop. It’s less likely to roll when dropped from a lower height.

    28. When you drop from the shoulder the ball can bounce back out and if your on a slope it can run away. Dropping from the knee stops this. I agree with it

    29. Hi liam if you drop from shoulder hieght on wet ground the ball will plug. Russ.

    30. Neil Bailes says:

      hi liam, For once can't see your problem re the new drop rule.  Not a prob, just get on with it.  Neil.

    31. No drop for a divot, for exactly the reason you outlined. – Don't like the new drop rule but not excited about it – BUT – Take the bloody flag out!!!!!

    32. Sloe Bone says:

      How about everybody just move their ball wherever they want to? Or better yet, just carry extra tees and tee everything up? Fairway, rough, bunkers, divots…. put it wherever you want. Because golf is supposed to be fair, that’s why it’s played outside on dirt. You should never have to deal with the indignity of a lie you didn’t deserve. Landing in a divot isn’t fair! It’s upsetting and it makes your next shot a bit more difficult than you were expecting. Golf should be easy!

      I knows the first rule of Golf is “play it as it lies” but the inventors of this game out there playing with sticks and rocks in the middle of the a goat pasture could have never imagined the horror of modern golfers having to hit their shot from a less than perfect surface! So let’s change the game so nobody has to ever deal with a bad break because golf, like life, should be fair!

      OR just shut up, play it back in your stance a bit, hit the ball an move on! It happens, deal with it.

    33. Iain P says:

      i have had to take a drop inside a bunker many times for various reasons , and have had the dropped ball completely plug in the sand from shoulder height … so i'm in favour of the new lower height drop .

    34. I have questions? Does R&A rules allow for player to have 2 putters in bag. My theory is this….. If you average put ball 30-36 times during round, the putter is then most used "club" in bag. So almost 50% of your shots you allowed 1 club, and 13 clubs for the other 50%. A bit absurd wouldn't you think?

    35. TOKE GUY says:

      Fair enough..take it out and hit it properly so everyone else play on same condition..so that is called fair play..if one play on grass and one in divot..c'mon that's not fair play

    36. John Hodgson says:

      If you never land on the fairway divots are never a problem .

    37. Eddie Senn says:

      White spray paint should be intergrated into the sand bottle so that after repairing your divot you then outline it as GUR. Further more the course should supply one beer for every divot attended to.

    38. Which rule is it that allows a free drop? I'm here at home with the R&A book poised, while the microwave cooks me dinner.

    39. Happiness is replacing other people's divots while you wait for your mate to find his ball. But only for three minutes now. 🙁

    40. Define 'divot' obvious. A divot is where my ball is, a non-divot is where the other guy's ball is – Simples. 🙂

    41. Sloe Bone says:

      I was surprised the new drop rule is mandatory. If you accidentally drop it from shoulder height and you don’t correct it, you’ll be penalized. Your playing partners are allowed to tell you to correct it, but why? Just wait until the next tee box and mention it then slap them with a penalty!

    42. Sloe Bone says:

      You’re right on the money with the divot rule. Although they could use some of their vague language, like if you’re 95% sure you didn’t cause the ball to move in the fairway, there’s no penalty, to make it work. Say if a golfer is 95% sure they’re in a divot, they get relief. Or just play it as it lies and move along.

      I say, just move it back a bit in your stance and play it like a punch shot. It’s really not that hard of a shot.

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