2022-09-22 Reprogramming: James S (46 yo)

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    3 Replies to “2022-09-22 Reprogramming: James S (46 yo)”

    1. It was great to see James understand what he needed to implement at 29:28 for the rope drill!

    2. jens bergman says:

      Dr. kwon, this video was amazing! i believe the instruction on the motion of the non supporting leg. having the image of not having it turn inwards, instead having it extend with the shift and then moving out instead of out and over is the final puzzle piece for me. Having this piece of information i now understand whats been happening differently when i go from continuous swing to my "golf swing" and why my lowerbody keeps getting overturned in the backswing. Truly a gamechanger! Thank you!

    3. B S says:

      When he turns his back his voice always cuts out.

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