2022 PLAYER’S DRIVERS SHOOTOUT // Comparing the top 5 players drivers of the year

Today Ian and Mike dive into the best drivers of 2022. With a brand new format the guys rank the hottest player’s drivers using 5 criteria’s:
1) Accuracy
2) Distance
3) Ball Speed
4) Looks
5) Sound & Feel

The drivers in today’s test are:
1) TaylorMade Stealth+
2) Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS Drivers
3) Cobra LTDx LS
4) PING G425 LST
5) Titleist TSR3

Find out which Driver Ian and Mikey rank as their favourite of 2022!

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


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    47 Replies to “2022 PLAYER’S DRIVERS SHOOTOUT // Comparing the top 5 players drivers of the year”

    1. Cody Cook says:

      No way in hell the cobra looks better than the callaway! The cobra is hot but it is ugly and sounds like total shit! I love this channel and all the guys but they are definantly brand biased. They love titleist and taylormade but don't like callaway or cobra. Im not just talking about this video but all of them from start to finish. It is fine. Everyone has their brand favorites but they should not say that they are totally unbiased. Oh and before i get killed on here for being a hypocrite my bag is the definition of a mixed bag! I play the tsr3 driver, sim titanium 3 wood, sim2 rescue 3 hybrid, 4 – 6 callaway apex 19 forged and 7 – pw in callaway apex pro 19 irons, 52 degree ping forged gw wedge, 56 degree titleist vokey sw and a scotty squareback 2 putter. Ping hoofer craz-e light bag.

    2. Leo Delaney says:

      Great stuff love you channel…can you do this same test with a 10 handicap swing, discussing shafts, length and other considerations….thanks

    3. Kyle M says:

      It’s no wonder I got fitted by TXG in a Titleist TSR3 (but with Ventus Blue)

    4. Great test. But again, very subjective…

    5. I love the new titleist TSR3.

    6. Sorry but that's utter bollocks for dispersion cobra hits more fairways tyan most but is last..because your target line is pointing right over the bunkers and its left of that in ideal spots ..utter madness. Cobra being last for sound and feel also madness. That's subjective but the dispersion is just wrong

    7. Aaron Gates says:

      Yea Idc much for looks category And sound & feel category. That’s all subjective. I wanna see numbers. Not bias. All drivers look good these days. It’s 2022, not big berthas rolling around. TSR and cobra looks like the winners here with the numbers.

    8. RB T3 says:

      Currently play Stealth and like it alot as it has been long and accurate for me off the tee over the last 4-5 months. Hit the TSR 2 and 3 yesterday and was surprised at how well I hit the TSR 3! I am a 6 hcp and not an elite ball striker by any stretch of the imagination, tend to hit it all over the face! The TSR 3 was very forgiving of my mishits and had faster ball speed consistency and really good dispersion for me. We set it at A1 stock loft and lie in a 9 deg head and H1 +2 grams weight with Tensei Blue stiff shaft. I usually get 145mph ball speeds and was consistently closer to 150mph. It felt really solid and sounded and looked great. TSR 2 for me was not as fast similar in dispersion and sounded more hollow and less solid. I was expecting it to be the better driver for me off the rack and I would have been wrong. Definitely recommend testing before you buy, get fit!

    9. Why are you not using the newer FSX Play software?

    10. Justin Abe says:

      Yeah, let me go to the store real fast and buy 4 Drivers… I'll post my results when I'm done.

    11. Cobra was actually the second best driver for accuracy IMO, basing it “offline” is wrong. Base it off of where it’s hit on the course, then it’d be be Titleist, Cobra, Callaway, Ping, and of course last Taylormade. Taylormade (based on recent data and videos and stats) is not the #1 driver, especially not on the PGA tour. Tour pros even on good strikes were offline/not accurate.

    12. what an outstanding video. Thank You. THIS is how you test clubs.

    13. Cace Smith says:

      Overall I liked the test. The one thing I question is the total distance. If you hit a ball into the rough/bunker then you got punished in this category. If you were truly evaluating the longest driver in that cohort I would have preferred to see this in range setting on GC Quad so it's a more accurate representation of total distance.

    14. How do you get a carry of least 290 with ball speeds in the low 160's? High altitude and tailwind?

    15. NovaScene says:

      The music in the beginning is stupid loud compared to the talking voice

    16. timmy says:

      Can't wait to upgrade to TSR3!! Thanks lads !

    17. Hammer says:

      This is what I don’t understand. The Stealth had virtually the same launch numbers as the Callaway. Slightly higher ball speed, same exact launch angle and jjust slightly lower spin. So how was the Stealth shorter?

    18. It’s a absolute shame that PXG won’t play ball with you guys. I’ve recently been fitted into the Gen 5, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever hit.

    19. We picked a really bad hole for a driving contest

    20. have the tsr's in the shop, theyre amazing

    21. chachifeere says:

      ive gotten 165 from my radspeed at around 111-112

    22. D Smith12 says:

      When I got fitted this year I had the exact opposite opinions via looks and performance from Ian. Got fitted for the ping g400 when it first launched which is the only driver I’ve been fitted for until my current one. And so we started with the ping 425 lst 9° head. My average off centerline was 7 yards. Tried the callaway max ls next and it performed good but dispersion wasn’t there. Then we tried the stealth plus and it just looked like it was gonna go left to me like there is no other way I could hit it right and all my shots went left with it.
      At the end of the day go and get fitted for the best driver for YOUR game and budget don’t get a driver solely off what someone else says.

    23. If these are supposed to be low spin shouldn't spin be a catagory

    24. Daniel Knapp says:

      It appears the best performers are those that had the centerline set left of the bunkers for the most shots rather than at the bunkers for the majority. What was the logic for the inconsistent landing zone?

    25. Shawn Sharp says:

      Have they tested the STZ220? I was hitting it very well in my fitting

    26. Donald Dopp says:

      Are you trying to hit out of the toe?

    27. Norm Lang says:

      I watched one of the big UK Golf creators doing a recent 2022 Driver review, and the most helpful aspect of the review was the "off-center" stats. He intentionally hit a group of shots low in the heel and high in the toe, showing the face pattern and specifically showing performance changes for these strikes.
      As a high handicapper (17.4 index) who rarely finds the middle of the club face, THIS data was the most interesting. Perhaps some food for thought in future reviews.

    28. The centreline was moved after hitting it into the bunker on the right… cobra got the short end of the stick as u were playing the hole not at the target line?
      Redo on range to be fair

    29. A haughey says:

      Good review but praise should go to ping g425. Release date in Australia was October 2020 and it still performed as good as current drivers. Maybe see what pings next release brings in the G430 🤔

    30. Mark W says:

      Have you tested the XXIO Drivers ??

    31. molesticles says:

      Have you guys given the PXG Gen 5 a whirl yet? Solid

    32. Sam S says:

      Love the content as usual gents. I don't know how to put this nicely but this intro kills me. Feels like something from the mid 2000's and is a step backward from Matty's old intro's and I feel like it weakens your top of the industry content.

    33. Excellent review guys.

    34. Gabriel says:

      Hope you guys add in Tour Edge’s driver this year like last, was surprising to say the least as the runner up.

    35. The strike patterns changed dramatically between the heads. Could this be a result of different head weights? Also think that the different categories should be weighted depending on importance on the course. Accuracy is for me most important, then in order ball speed, carry, feel and looks. Thanks guys for doing a great job!

    36. Paul Mason says:

      Looks, and sound and feel, too subjective to rank clubs (personally I'd put the Taylormade last in looks and sound and feel)…
      So take away those categories and Cobra and Ping finish equal 2nd and 3rd behind Titleist. Booked in for a Titleist fitting

    37. Paul Mason says:

      Is the new Ping due out shortly?

    38. Mike B says:

      I'm not sure how any driver could sound worse than the Ping.

    39. David Mejia says:

      Guarantee if the stealth was the new club in this test, it would’ve been the winner. Definitely enjoy txg’s content, but I usually see a decent amount of bias towards the new tech/equipment when it comes to their tests. All in all, I wouldn’t buy a club based on these tests – test them yourselves. I know they say it all the time, but it really is better to test the equipment to make sure it’s a proper fit before spending a bunch of money on clubs.

    40. Rob Allen says:

      Looking very tanned there boys very nice, I thought it was supposed to be getting cold up there

    41. I bought the new Madden for the first time in 11 years and it's identical to the 2011 game, which was identical to the 2008 game. I think we're at that with golf clubs

    42. Love you boys, but scratching my head why to hit into a bunker and bring that unnecessary element into the numbers and data at one of critical criteria’s of the comparisons carry/roll why not just a straight test fairway so we don’t have that factor skewing results. is the test about can we miss the bunker or can we get the most fair numbers across the board, not trying to be rude about it, just can’t really see the pure results since some didn’t roll out as far. Love you guys!

    43. Why no Mizuno STZ 220? I heard is really really GOOD!!!!!!

    44. The "Distance offline via the centerline" was a mistake in this test, in my opinion. Punishing the Cobra driver for being left of the centerline most of the time when that's what the hole called for is tough to accept. I also would prefer to see it on the range, and not on the hole. Then we could truly judge off center etc. It also punishes drivers that are more fade bias then others. While I appreciate the raw test here, I don't think it really proved much of anything outside of Ian prefers the TSR3.

    45. M T says:

      My TSR 3 wood has been ordered as is inbound. The TSR driver is next. Top and bottom of my bag will be all Titleist with my Vokey wedges.

    46. BoilerTimmay says:

      It would be good to see some high swing speed test on these players drivers. The LTDX LS is amazing for those of us trying to get from 3000rpm down to 25/2600. Higher swing speeds (125+) and a left dash prov1x provides some amazingly hot results with the LS.

    47. Have the tsi 4. Hit the tsr3 today and it is way hotter. I know they say it isn't crazy hot but I was 3mph ball speed higher. But spin was still a little high so I'm stoked for my tsr4 to come soon!

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