20221122 Sae 10yo Golf Practice Driving Range PW 9I 8I 7I

That is the golf vlog of Sae and Sana from Florida who aspire to turn into skilled golfers!
Voici le vlog de Sae et Sana de Floride qui aspirent à devenir golfeuses professionnelles!
Este es el vlog de golf de Sae y Sana, de Florida, que aspiran a convertirse en golfistas profesionales!
미국 플로리다 주에 사는 Sae와 Sana가 여자 프로 골퍼를 목표로 하는 골프 블로그입니다!
这是一个关于Sae和Sana的高尔夫博客, 他们住在佛罗里达州, 渴望成为职业高尔夫球员!

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*This channel is managed by the mother and father and its content material is produced for a common viewers as a household vlog.


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