2023 Masters Cup – Round 1 Part 1 – Buhr, Tran, Redalen, Criss

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44 Replies to “2023 Masters Cup – Round 1 Part 1 – Buhr, Tran, Redalen, Criss”

  1. H2nkka says:

    There's something special about watching a coverage from DeLa.. A great atmosphere and vibes. The history 🙏💯

  2. Tons of respect for Gannon flying out to this tourney. And Dela needs way more love from the DGPT.

  3. Enjoying watching Gannon more and more. He's a gunslinger!

  4. Matt Beatty says:

    The Masters Cup has been around since 1986, but went by the "Santa Cruz Open" for the first two years before being renamed to the Masters Cup, as a nod to the Masters golf tournament that historically took place around the same time of year as this event.
    Since the events inception, the event has been through many iterations including layout, staff, and TD's.
    Most notably, the Masters Cup was the longest standing event on the PDGA National Tour being on that specific tour throughout its entire growth, for 16 years. This is the 37th year of the Masters Cup.

  5. Gil Gorham says:

    great course, great commentary and great golf, loved it!!

  6. Lived 30 years in Santa cruz and just moved to Colorado last year. Barely got into disc golf this year. I played golf at dela all the time. Never realized what I had there

  7. Shasta really is an incredible commentator- these rounds of coverage have been excellent

  8. bryan sans says:

    I cannot be more stoked. Central Coast filming, DGA sponsoring the Master's cup, Shasta & Cole on a card and Shasta on commentary? Monday couldn't get any better.

  9. TheUpper90 says:

    Thanks for the great coverage Central Coast. My all-time favorite course to play. Such a beautiful, unique, classic place to play. There's only one DeLa!

  10. MK212074 says:

    awful change on hole 1. first off, don't mess with an iconic course. second, the new hole is objectively a bad hole and much worse than the actual classic hole.

    It's frustrating how much the messed with a truly iconic course just to try to make it more like what we see on tour now by making safari par 4s. dumb.

  11. The legendary Dela played with some interesting slight changes, oh yes

  12. We need Shasta commentary on a regular basis. Great analysis, history, and play by play!

  13. Walka massie says:

    Maybe don’t talk about the 3rd hole to the 4th pin etc… little confusing. We don’t need to know all that. Just whole three is all we need to know

  14. This should attract all the top players, eh? What are they doing instead? And props to Gannon and Barsby et al, but where is Paul and Eagle and the rest of the top guys??

  15. Thank you for covering this. Best coirse ever in the world. Hopefully that don't play that terrible fugly ball golf travesty course and stay at de la

  16. Dazzanw says:

    Vans DGAF about some nerds playing disc golf! Hey Steve, instead of the snow, bmx, skate budget let’s get these disc golfers in the mix, so pick which one you’re gonna cut! Disc golfers still don’t get it! Disc golf is huge just ask em!

  17. A couple of days ago I watched Shasta and Stokely playing in a tournament in Asia and now watching him play with Gannon and Cole and long time friend Tony Tran at DeLa. Shasta is covering a lot of ground and disc golf past, present, and future. Very cool for Shasta and for the rest of us, too.

  18. Lance H says:

    Mach X > Mach 7

  19. Disc Dfs says:

    One of the premier top DG courses in America, and the PDGA is like, nah, we're going with ball golf courses.

  20. Jake Harle says:

    Who's idea was it to change hole 1 like that?

  21. Nathan Heidt says:

    Great work ccdg! I always enjoy your coverage of tournaments. Top rate editing, commentary and filming. Dgn could learn a thing or two from you all. I'm looking forward to the rest of the Master's Cup coverage and, of course, the next champs v chumps. Thanks for all the hard work.

  22. leanin2it says:

    Gotta love DeLa and it’s “par” system. Birdie enthusiasts punching the air from the very start of the round.

  23. I love watching cards like this. You have Gannon, who is a top ten tour player, Redalen, a decent tour player, and then a couple guys on the 40 tour. Interesting to see how the wiley vets play these holes since they don't have the 500 ft power.

  24. Bill Newman says:

    Lots of layups for highly skilled players…..a sign of poor design?

  25. What a terrible hole 1

  26. Darth Schlub says:

    I love DLV. I've only gotten to play there once, and I got rained out before I could finish, but it was terrific. Hopefully I'll get another chance soon!

  27. SamuelB says:

    Glad Central Coast's got my disc golf coverage fix covered again this weekend 😉

  28. One of the Best tournaments out there! Thank you Mr Anderson.

  29. s clinton says:

    not sure if there will ever be more cell service (aka ability to stream)at DeLa, and there will probably never be an easy way to get big crowds packed in, but I’ll be damned if this course shouldn’t be on the pro tour.

  30. s clinton says:

    Loved this. Shasta on the mic was awesome

  31. Owen Forest says:

    Absolutely love seeing coverage of the Master's Cup…It was a pleasure throwing TotW with you and Chandler the other day Nate. Great commentary as usual and I really like hearing some of the history that you and Shasta have with this course and the tournament itself over the years. Someone should really make a mini documentary about the history of DeLa…

  32. Rob Mc says:

    Thanks for the coverage of this event CCDG!

  33. What kind of trees are those at like 30:10 when Cole is putting

  34. Shasta seems like a really good dude.

  35. Original hole one as a par 3 seemed tough enough and always fun to watch idk

  36. Trevor Giant says:

    Thank you for having this. One of the biggest casualties of a growing sport is DeLa.

  37. themyriad05 says:

    Not a single person has birdied hole 1 in either round one or two.

  38. themyriad05 says:

    CCDG back at DeLa…That means a Champs vs. Chumps is coming soon, right?!

  39. John Owen says:

    can we get some hole dividers on the timeline? would be great

  40. Emily Burk says:

    Dang, hole one was hard enough without making ot even longer

  41. Eric Dixon says:

    Dela is definitely on my bucket list. Excellent coverage guys thank you

  42. This is great! I'm really excited as I'll be there Monday for a round with my wife. Not our first time, but good to see how its playing this year!

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