2023 New Golf Rules | Natural Forces

The rules of golf changed in 2023. There is a new exception when your ball is moved by natural forces. New golf rules explained.

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⛳️ New Rules 2023 | Scorecard Handicap: https://youtube.com/shorts/bfidjYino_E
⛳️ New Rules 2023 | Back on the Line: https://youtube.com/shorts/1uo7GsHSWS8
⛳️ Temporary Water in a bunker: https://youtube.com/shorts/WWiCg7uIgcs
⛳️ CART PATH RELIEF: https://youtube.com/shorts/wXtvX-1i1vo
⛳️ EMBEDDED Ball on Putting Green: https://youtube.com/shorts/UYqNDaw2QoE


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    2 Replies to “2023 New Golf Rules | Natural Forces”

    1. FortbYTe says:

      So what if I drop my ball on a hill and it immediately rolls off. Would I pick it up and place it back where it initially hit the ground?

    2. So could you explain to me why we get relief from an embedded ball in the rough but we don't get relief an embedded ball in the bunker oh and my ball comes to rest in a divot in the middle of the Fairway

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