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    21 Replies to “2nd Week of test with The Golf Test Dummy”

    1. Hello Marcus. Golf Test Dummy has drawn my attention to your channel!

      Thanks for the great content. I had a lot of fun on the range today and look forward to digging deeper!

    2. Pastor Jason says:

      Got out to the range yesterday and hit some of the best drivers of my life with your technique, or my take on it. My irons were ok but didn't gain any distance there. Gonna keep at it, I hit some drives up hill and up wind that carried over 275 yards, thats not a distance I have seen in a very long time.

    3. Hi Marcus love your collaboration with Chad..

      i do a modified Twirl Waggle that Jack Nicklaus did just before he swung his club. Jack also taught his students the twirling of the club head in a full circle as you just shown in order to feel the weight of their club head moving in time and space during their swing. So perfect!

      On another note. More then a couple of years ago I met Shawn at a driving range who was being laugh at by his fellow hockey players who played golf for sometime now This was Shawn first day so I ask him if he would allow me to show him a thing or two about the golf swing. He was excited to take my free advice

      And so I naturally started with the basic and after 15 minutes I knew he was not getting it. So I said to Shawn “ swing like you are a hockey player” and here is the amazing results that followed

    4. This team up is awesome. Hope this continues.

    5. BloodySoup74 says:

      I used this concept on the range today and it feels like this is what I'm looking for. In the past I placed the ball in the middle or in the back of my stance and caught the ball so much better. For some reason I got out of it and my scoring suffered. Now my question is how do your divots look like? I don't have the normal divots where they are pointed left (I'm right handed). They stay on the same swing path where they are pointed, meaning in to out. I've played it this way for years and changed my swing to get away from it because it's not right according to others. But I sting the ball so much better this way.
      I wish you were in the U.S. I'd take lessons from you.

    6. Mike S says:

      Interested in what exercise do you feel is most important for gaining clubhead speed. Wrist curls ?
      Thanks Marcus

    7. If you read my comment on GTD's video this week, you will see the reason that he doesn't hit the driver as far proportionately as his 6-iron. The body and arms travel on different arcs but they are intimately related and if you change your arm path, you have to change your body path and vice versa or you will have power loss. These things also effect the exact manner of the cocking of the wrists which changes when the other variables change causing them to cock at slightly different angles to the trail forearm and elbow.

      The sign that someone has synched up the variables is that their arm position at the top will "echo" their shoulder orientation which allow them to build momentum easily in the trail arm and hand just like throwing a baseball because the trail arm and hand release in line with the motion of the unwinding shoulders and moving center of chest.

      Chad has an out of synch motion of his trail arm due to a less than optimal hand and arm position at the top. He makes it up with a lot of good technique, by moving his hips signicantly closer to the ball and by slowing down and somewhat stalling his hip turn on the downswing in orderr to be able to release the trail hand well. His adaptations work the best with his 6-8 irons and he gets very adequate power with them. It becomes more challenging with longer shafter clubs and maybe also with very short ones because the attack angle and plane are less suited to his adaptations.

      This is something the he and I have had many discussions about on his channel and he has tried very hard to fix the position but he is likely limited by some pain and inflexibility in his trail wrist due to a previous injury, The more tightly you wind up the shoulders and acutely you cock the wrists, the more force that is put on the trail wrist in the early downswing. Anyone that is watching your swing reasonably carefully can see how much the dynamics of your trail wrist in the early downswing contribute to the power of your strikes. Therefore I suggested to Chad that he might want to try a swing model such as Steve Stricker's which has a wide and shallow trail arm motion and therefore release the trail wrist a little more gradually and with less acute angles in the early downswing. Such a swing might help him to get more power out of his driver and certain other clubs without as much danger of further hurting his wrist. Cheers.

    8. Thanks for the video Marcus. Have seen the GTD video and he really is trying to emulate your swing and will definitely improve in the next few videos. I would really like to see a video from you regarding the 1/2 and 3/4 swing since apart from the chipping video therfe has not been much regards to the shorter shots. I know you are a long drive and full shot expert but would appreciate some advice regarding the shorter shots. . Thank You.

    9. Damian Oehme says:

      Thanks Marcus for the clarification. I had my doubts on his idea of leaving the weight on the back foot.

    10. George Mohr says:

      Hopefully you and Chad have established a workable dialogue and he’s working with you on a personal student level. Chad is a very enthusiastic student as well as a good coach. He’ll improve quickly with your help.
      This is a great collaboration between two good teachers. Thank you both.

    11. hoopchi says:

      So happy I found your channel just randomly about three weeks ago. I used to play 3 times a week, 4.5 handicap but life intervened. Now I have a bit more time but fighting slice. As we all know slice is not nice. Adopted your style, no slice and added 30 to 40 yards. I want to go hit balls everyday just to watsh that beautiful draw go way out there. Now, looking for some help with short game as I'm closer than I've ever been. Thanks again Marcus!

    12. Mr Kipling says:

      This cross over, complimentary correspondence is both entertaining and extremely helpful. Kudos to both of you!

    13. Kym Stock says:

      Thanks for your collaborative approach with Chad, Marcus. In my view there is possibly a golf swing that will suit every golfer; they just have to find it. Chad's channel is a fast track to the search process. As I have aged and previous injuries have caught up with me, simple and non- physically taxing methods are in keeping me on the golf course.

    14. Matt Petitt says:

      I'm enjoying the video relationship you are building with Chad. I enjoy watching you hit balls on the range and off the tee. Before the weather changes can you show some content from you playing a round? I'd enjoy seeing your shot shaping on the course.

    15. Awesome Marcus! Thanks for the tips. I knew there would be some details to work on. I'll accept the challenge to get to a 210 carry with 6 iron, and I'll focus on hand speed and effortless speed to get there. I'm sure I'll need some more assistance with driver distance, because even though I feel as though I'm doing everything to maximize it, driver never really seems proportionate to my irons. Your driver is like Thor's hammer, and mine at this point is a plastic toy.

    16. Mike S says:

      I absolutely loved the advice you offered in regards to moving the ball back and opening the stance. It made it easy to consistently come from the inside and repeatability make solid contact. Thanks for the clarification of weight distribution. I setup 50/50 and the inertia and weight from the swing is all the shift I need. You have a very good lower body pivot and after studying your swing in slow motion your lower body definitely starts the downswing. I know you must hit alot of golfballs but you are no stranger to the gym. Right ? Just like the GTD. isn't a stranger to women's golfbags.
      Thanks Marcus

    17. The Don E says:

      Marcus it’s great to watch you and Chad interact it like Chad is us and he’s asking all the questions that we have. And when you respond to him is like you understand that we all encounter the same little styles of hitting the ball we’ve been taught.But I have changed for the better why would I ever go back It is such a great feeling to hit a bucket at the range now and not leave disgusted .

    18. Paul Tauro says:

      Love hitting draws and your instructions are so natural and logical.

    19. You're like a big Swedish Yoda to a Texan Skywalker, love it. Cheers for posting Marcus 👊👊

    20. Thank you for your follow up video on week two of GTD. I had got confused when Chad said to put your weight on rear leg. I thought he meant keep the weight on rear leg and i was hitting fat shots. But after your video i understand weight shift now

    21. Pastor Jason says:

      This is much of my struggle, I take a piece from too many places and try to marry it all up. I end up with inconsistency and a lack of power. Gotta committ to something!

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