3 Golf Chipping Tips to Cure the Chipping Yips (Golf Chipping Drills)

If you are struggling with golf chipping yips and are looking to improve your chipping golf swing, you may just need a simple grip change to get more consistency. Here are 3 golf chipping drills that give you different options for how to chip with different grip styles.

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    8 Replies to “3 Golf Chipping Tips to Cure the Chipping Yips (Golf Chipping Drills)”

    1. Todd i need some exercises toward loosening up and staying more flexible during a round. What are your best exercises toward increasing flexibility for a 67 year old golfer? Thank you. J.R. Bischoff

    2. Ted Blaga says:

      With golf courses in cost cutting mode I've found many of my chipping opportunities are now from less than ideal lies. Most from thin or hardpan lies. I would love to see a video addressing the best way to perform these shots as I find myself either skulling them across the green or duffing them short of the green.

    3. Mark Poppe says:

      Great tips! I've used the putting swing for chipping with great results. I've lately been using a 6 hybrid, gripped down the shaft with a putting stroke and been really pleased with the results.

    4. I golf with a gentleman tat was New Hampshire am. champion for two years. Every shot inside 100 yards is a one arm, dominant arm shot. He is one of the best short shot makers I have ever seen

    5. Please do a series for women on getting distance. Thank you.

    6. bud lee says:

      Welp yesterday took my ear buds and tablet to the range. Watched your driving older chipping and 2 other videos. Going to a good course in northern Michigan today. Tho today will be my 12th time golfing but seeing major improvement already. Best game had so far is 115 at local courses which mostly par 4s few par 3 and 5s. Today is huge course will update later today. Been practicing for week using your videos. Hope for the best

    7. TONY STOPAR says:

      Do you distinguish between chipping and pitching?

    8. Very curious to try it…

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