300 Day Dry Aged Steak in Dirt

42 Replies to “300 Day Dry Aged Steak in Dirt”

  1. Jack Mancuso says:

    Appreciate all y’all! This was absolutely rancid, and I recommend nobody tries dry aging this long 🤣 Get my all natural seasonings here (Code: JACK10) : https://cusocuts.com/collections/packs-10-6-4

  2. T-Jenga says:

    Seared easy because it’s bone dry

  3. Espie Abiera says:

    It has to b in a controlled environment… that is so exposed to a lot of environmental & chemical hazards….🤪😩🙈🙈🙈

  4. In my country it's called biltong

  5. Ind3xx says:

    rock roast from totk

  6. ItsSgt says:

    famous last words "we'll find out"

  7. wftf says:

    You should be good, in the meat department in your local super market they let left over meat from cuts sit in the freezer until it smells rotten and it's green all over and use it on sausage

  8. Cutting it off does fxk all lol

  9. jvc says:

    Why tf would you cook it. You're meant to eat it as is

  10. Looks like it came from a pyramid

  11. Just looking at it you can see it’s rotten

  12. Kirbo says:

    Atleast he cookes it brown the whole way through 😂

  13. Like gnawing on the leg of a dead camel

  14. arkle says:

    Did you drop it in dirt or something?

  15. Xuawe says:

    Did u drop it in dirt?

  16. Razm Mal says:

    Well if you wanna dry it correctly and eatable find an Afghan family and ask for advice, they are the master of it

  17. asher ansell says:

    I thought this was a slice of wood

  18. "I don't think 300 days was long enough"💀

  19. When are we gonna stop calling it aging and start calling it rotting 💀

  20. LOL Ya says:

    that thing ain't no steak thats a whole wood

  21. Jade says:

    It looked like hash-browns for a good couple of seconds there

  22. I thought that was part of a tree.

  23. TekkaSage says:

    Dry aging is such a waste of meat.

  24. I was screaming man. Don't eat it it's gonna kill ya. ITS ALL PELLICLE

  25. Becky Molina says:

    death any% speedrun

  26. Shawn Dinora says:

    Good idea
    Let's cook some rotten meat😂

  27. VeganZombies says:

    Love the fight milk shirt.

  28. Sir King says:

    Nobody ages steak dawg 😂 wtf

  29. Mark Murrell says:

    The blue should have been a warning to you

  30. 𓆏 says:

    you know how black garlic is made? try that with steak lol

  31. VoxFelis says:

    How was the bowel obstruction?

  32. киткат says:

    That shit looks an ancient relic.

  33. Xerox says:

    This is gonna come back and bite ya in the ass

    Nevermind it did bite him in the ass

  34. Arimaker mhm says:

    Pls we still do for a year here in Africa but it needs some special skill and it covered in salt and stays on an overhead apkata in the traditional kitchen

  35. A G says:

    Is he dumb 😂

  36. your like a worst MaxTheMeatGuy

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