399.3 Yard Golf Drive

Prepping for the European Long Drive season at Exminster driving range. Thanks to Ben Isaac golf for helping with the Trackman numbers.

Insta + Twitter – jamesmwiltshire

Music: www.bensound.com


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    48 Replies to “399.3 Yard Golf Drive”

    1. Dan says:

      What song is this, James?

    2. David says:

      Now that is impressive.. what club are you using?

    3. Josh Lynch says:

      Hard to believe this is almost 4 years old… Time flies.

    4. U have been blessed with some elite skills!!! Awesome

    5. MrAtomblue says:

      Just stumbled upon this,what a swing 🏌️‍♂️👍

    6. Bluejune Lee says:

      Amazing long drive shot!!!.. It's my pleasure to enjoy watching your shots nowadays~~~..

    7. the consistency in your strike is a beautiful thing to watch, thanks for the videos, I wish one day to hit the ball like you man.

    8. Amazing, I’d love that swing. Do you do coaching?

    9. W.C. Phiri says:

      Is it even legal to fire golf balls out of the atmosphere? Carry on like that brother and you'll knock the moon out of orbit.
      That's some smooth power 💪🏼

    10. Lauren Reeve says:

      Your timing and ball striking is awesome, keep it going my mate , you’ve got a good channel going here mate . I am a new subscriber it’s definitely one which I will binge watch when I have the time.

    11. When are you going pro?

    12. MartyTbear says:

      dat flamingo stance finish, elegant, powerful, serene

    13. chubeviewer says:

      those cheap high compresson balls go for miles

    14. SilentGaming says:

      Looks like a missile launch

    15. Hes definitely a cricketer

    16. Love the music. It’s just good grinding music. Keep training hard!

    17. Muhammad Ali says:

      whole different game on the course. driving range isn’t good for your swing

    18. lodwar says:

      Respect to you. You have a solid technic though

    19. jassonsw says:

      Suddenly Bryson doesn't look that impressive anymore.

    20. very nice. driving a golf ball real far is an art. not easy.

    21. And he wears a shirt to the Range that says "Crusher"

    22. Peter Breen says:

      drive for show and putt for doe ..

    23. I once did a few balls at my local range ( first time ) and the guy came out and said Oi no professionals m8…..and watch out because there was an incoming flight from Majorca about to land, so they had to divert all flights for the afternoon because I wouldn't calm down. Best golfer they'd seen in 40 years apparently.

    24. what does one pay per bucket, small, medium and big?

    25. You have lots of potential.
      Do you want it deep down?
      Toughest question in golf.

    26. What's the driver and shaft?

    27. Nelson Liew says:

      What's the song title of the background music?

    28. Mechanically not good, lose out on 50 yards

    29. the fact you are hitting it this far with range balls in amazing great job!

    30. Pretty sad that the golf community is so toxic that i guy cant release a dope video of him driving 400 YARDS without certain people berating him and saying his handicap is probably shit. Some people can drive further than you even though youve been playing 25 years, get over it.

    31. kmclfc says:

      Is that accurate thou I really doubt it cold of night in darkness 🥴

    32. Any tips for me James on how I can improve ball speed after a torn biceps surgery? 8 months out just gone back into the game but still tender. Been hitting between 152-158mph ball speed with the driver.

      This week though I could only get 146?

      Dunno maybe my nervous system was fried or overworking the forearm flexors but any help for me would be much appreciated.


    33. Smoking Joe says:

      thats a ridiculous swing mate 👌🏻💯

    34. Too much curve in ur spine mate…

    35. Benoit says:

      What would be your 3 best reps with body weight only to increase swing speed ?

    36. the stats is fake………

    37. Keith Lee says:

      There is tour player driver swing and there is long drive swing. Your swing is a beauty to watch. If you add some movement, you can easily gain 50 yards, that is long drive swing, but you lose consistency. You only need put one ball on the track in 8 shots in long drive competition, that's why long drive competition swings are ugly. You should seriously consider to play tour. With this long distance and consistency, you will do very well. If short game is a problem, spend some time on it, and you will do very well.

    38. Luke3224 says:

      It’s such a normal swing compared to all the other long drivers

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