3rd Stage M2 Build Completed – Almost £20k spend | 4K

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Outlined Coding – https://definedcoding.co.uk/
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Working Order of this video:
00:00 Intro & recap
03:20 What we’ve achieved.
07:52 Speaking to Outlined Coding
11:48 Testing on monitor
18:18 The Conclusion

Thanks for watching as at all times, see you at on the subsequent video!

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*Some footage from this video could also be edited and or sped up for cinematic impacts.
*Some footage was additionally filmed on personal land.


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    28 Replies to “3rd Stage M2 Build Completed – Almost £20k spend | 4K”

    1. Joe Achilles says:

      Thanks for watching and everyones continued support on my channel ♥

    2. Lyam Shah says:

      Should do a track comparison against a stock m2

    3. MrHCars says:

      Build looks mega!!
      Big shoutout to the Swift Perf boys and cracking vid mate!
      Can instantly see the car is FLAT as hell round those corners. Proper track weapon now

    4. Anyone got any experience with the CS Flash? It’s exactly what I want from my M2C – feel 450bhp is perfect.

    5. Can he tune the 2021 /22 M2C?
      I hear the latest ecus haven’t been unlocked yet.

    6. Tom Cook says:

      Just missing a BGW now.

    7. Rob Thorpe says:

      Are the aftermarket stage 2 remaps with primary cat and opf deletes worth looking into for even more power? (Once your braking stability issue has been storted)

    8. Russ Clark says:

      Who's that good looking guy 13:04 😃 Great catching up bud, awesome weapon!

    9. Joel Ozzy says:

      Another top video, great content and it’s clear to see you love what you do.. A question for you if I may, your Car insurance must be mega money as and mods nowadays seem to really jack up the premium, not to mention detailing every last nut and bolt changed/added etc ? Cheers keep up the work.

    10. Great example here of when a local tuning shop thinks they can do a better job of engineering the suspension setup than BMW can 😂

    11. jtwitchett says:

      The car is looking and sounding so good Joe. Hope I get a ride on track sometime soon!

    12. You’ll probably find those rose joints will fail again very soon, unfortunately they do not last long on UK roads I’ve done a very similar build on my M4 and had it setup by suspension secrets, I also get that unstable rear end under heavy braking, I found putting a very good track compound of pad in the rear brakes helped a bit (I used carbotec XP10) but still a little unstable next mod is the GT4 wing 👌

    13. Tim King says:

      Looks and sounds incredible – great bit of kit

    14. Oli H says:

      Great video as always. What was the issue? PS good to see the TCR made it onto your video 😎

    15. Class car, how does it compare to say a cayman GT4 or an M4 GTS on track?

    16. duffy don says:

      Such great work Joe, i definitely will not be doing this to my M2c but certainly enjoying the content, morso because i wouldnt have the money and also because these are one of the last ones, save for the quirky pics i saw of the upcoming model..

    17. Absolutely awesome build Joe! What a machine 👌🏼

    18. joe g says:

      Quite like its proportions. Only the tailights could do with being a bit sleeker to match the headlights. Nice that they do an option of a car that isnt boat sized and handles well.

    19. Divad says:

      Lovely build , ring trip next year then 🙂

    20. Julian Kent says:

      Absolute class Joe 👌

    21. Neil says:

      It's not very often that I see someone do a mod like this. It's subtle but effective. Awesome man. Nuff respect.

    22. zlok86 says:

      That's a really good build! ❤️ I am just imagine that if you bring to Germany and let Misha Charoudin to drive it! 👀

    23. Tyler Savin says:

      Spoiler will help stabilize the car a lot especially after you gut it

    24. Hector TZ says:

      Wow it's an insane ///Machine!! Mega laps bro. Cheers!

    25. M. J says:

      Love these build vids

    26. Luke Casbon says:

      The last of a dying breed of car this M2! One to be savoured!! Top work Joe!

    27. J M says:

      Thanks for the ride…Great video!

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