5 Shocking Revelations from Tiger Woods’ Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Famed golfer Tiger Woods is facing an accusation of sexual harassment by his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman. The plaintiff alleges Woods forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement or she would be fired from her job at his restaurant, “The Woods Jupiter.” The Law&Crime Network’s Angenette Levy and sports attorney Dan Lust break down five shocking revelations from the lawsuit.

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34 Replies to “5 Shocking Revelations from Tiger Woods’ Sexual Harassment Lawsuit”

  1. KE says:

    Gold digger !

  2. Even Flow says:

    Herman is a loser and Tiger Woods should date wonen who have coin themselves not these scrubs who are feverishly looking to be taken care of for the rest of their life living off the success of their respective partner. Get lost lady

  3. jluv says:

    Tiger woods needs to be with a woman who has a lot to lose just as much as he does.

  4. Riley Scott says:

    An NDA is not really a red flag if you're dealing with celebs or with people who are in prominent positions. You always need to do your due diligence.

  5. Looking for money that's it.

  6. gary lee says:

    I think its funny the level of entitlements that celebrities feel they have. Tiger woods is a nerd and take money and golf away from him. He's a desperate horny goofball

  7. Rocky Road says:

    You know we're in a more than screwed up society when everyone is so eager to talk about their "relationship" to millions of strangers.

  8. RHYME704 says:

    She's a gf. She gets nothing. Wtf is going on?

  9. Coop says:

    I hope she not only loses, but has to pay his attorneys fees. These women need to learn this is a 2-way street, not just a shakedown opportunity.

  10. I’ve met Tiger. He’s mellow. He’s super chill.
    I don’t believe this woman for 2 seconds.

  11. Kim Brown says:

    I’m certainly no Tiger fan, but since there was a NDA signed I don’t think she has a case. Plus she should have known better. You always have to cover all bases just to protect yourself!!!!!

  12. Jack Jones says:

    Yeah she’s a woman scorned. She just can’t handle the fact she gets nothing from the split.

  13. Mr Twiztid says:

    Maybe the combding of the two, is so if the relationship ends, or she breaks the NDA she loses her job to or relationship.

  14. River says:

    Tiger has a ton of issues.

  15. Hi Fam says:

    The most common reactions we see to these lawsuits, are jealousy. "Wish I could sue my ex for millions…" people need to look at the claims on their merits

  16. Snap Malloy says:

    Its amazing how many are believing her.

  17. I am sure his next relationship will be messy too. He's sloppy.

  18. Narong Road says:

    The lady went from a middle class lifestyle to the highest of high class living

    I would assume she is doing whatever she can not to go back

  19. B. says:

    I mean, we all know what he did to the mother of his children. You are not the girl with the golden pusay so only pure delusion would make any other woman think she was going to be treated any different.

  20. Women will do ANYTHING for money

  21. Linda Ajide says:

    I hope he sues her

  22. if she's single now can someone please let her know on my behalf that I'm also a golfer that's mostly a caddy that's also mostly a bathroom attendant… point being: I have a steady job inside a bathroom that involves me handing out breathmints.

  23. T Mac says:

    Can Tiger sue her for breech of contract????

  24. This woman deserves nothing. Why Tiger was even with her IDK.

  25. Over It says:

    The joke Biden! But Tara Reade has been ignored.

  26. She’s hurt behind the break up and wants to retaliate. Prayers 💕✌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  27. sbelle says:

    Gold digger and jilted, scorned lover. I'm not buying it. What a downgrade she was from his ex. She signed a contract, she was an adult, and she needs to abide by it. The only thing she is a victim of is her own stupidity.

  28. Summerbreeze says:

    No other YouTube channel wants money to subscribe

  29. elkbow says:

    Anything for money

  30. Michael B says:

    So if she gives him the spread he suppose to…

  31. She was just a girlfriend, she should have some self respect and move on. Her dad should feel like he failed her.

  32. C. Smith says:

    She is not entitled to one cent of his money.

  33. Cats pyjamas says:

    She's probably hoping that he'll settle..there's probably stuff that'll come out of he doesn't and she's banking on that

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