6 Exercises for Golfers Over 50 – Golf Mobility Pro Ep. 1

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Welcome to Golf Mobility Pro, Season 1!

In this video, we’re taking you through 6 simple exercises geared specifically to golfers over the age of 50. Practice these full-body movements to improve balance, stability, and mobility – ultimately giving you greater power, range of motion, and distance in your game. Plus! We are joined by PGA golf professional Kevin Quinn of Quaker Ridge Golf Club for some additional tips on how to get the most out of your swing.

EXERCISE OVERVIEW (5-8 reps of each):

1. Single Leg Balance

2. Side Step Lateral Lunge

3. Lateral Side Bend

4. Single Leg Balance with Rotation

5. Dynamic Warrior 3

6. Standing Knee Hug


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    5 Replies to “6 Exercises for Golfers Over 50 – Golf Mobility Pro Ep. 1”

    1. I see too many golfers “flair” their feet from the ankles instead of at the hip socket. One makes a tone of difference in the pivot and the other does nothing.

    2. Mike S says:

      Why aren't exercises for people over 50, done by people over 50.

    3. Mike S says:

      I couldn't do this when I was 25, let alone 58

    4. I think the shrooms are kicking in

    5. Vlas Gilbers says:

      Right after studying these golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) and rehearsing the drills as I read, I went out and also shot a 73. Another achievement I have done is reaching 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other 5 holes, I got close to striking 5-10 yards with the green. 73s isn`t a normal thing for me since I have a handicap of 9. It has been actually a very long time since I made an excellent round..

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