6 Rules Most Golfers Don't Know

In this video, Neil Tappin is joined by Golf Monthly’s Rules Guru Jezz Ellwood to discuss the 6 Rules Most Golfers Don’t Know. Even though the rules of golf were revised back in 2019 and most golfers were aware of the revisions that were made, it is still easy to miss some of the changes made, and therefore you could be proceeding under the wrong versions of the rules if you’re not careful!

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    40 Replies to “6 Rules Most Golfers Don't Know”

    1. Peter McGill says:

      Am I mistaken that if you’re able to mark and lift a ball, you’re entitled to change the ball (not including the putting green)?

    2. D T says:

      If you have 15 clubsDid you get called for it take your four-stroke penalty do you get to keep the club or what happens Do you have to give the club up or do you get to keep it for the rest of the round I would guess you have to give it up but I'm not sure

    3. Anthony A says:

      On #5 before the putt he created a penalty because he removed something on the green ahead of his ball.

    4. Ra1der5 says:

      2:04 – Replacing a Ball:

      I think it’s worth clarifying, a player may replace a ball ANY TIME they are taking relief for lost ball, penalty, abnormal course conditions, etc.

      Rule 14.3, Dropping Ball in Relief Area says “You may use any ball each time you drop or place a ball under this Rule.”

    5. Mike Jones says:

      We had a query come up when playing yesterday. My ball landed on the green and left a pitchmark before rolling onto the fringe grass. My playing partners said that I could not repair the pitchmark before I played my shot from off the green even though it was not on my line but that they could as their ball was on the green and they were putting. Under rule 13.1c I was under the impression any pitchmarks ON the green could be repaired but not if they were OFF the green. I also thought you could remove sand and loose impediments that were ON the green. Was I correct because it seems silly that they could repair it but I couldn't? They thought it had come up on a recent televised professional event where someone was penalised.

    6. Sa Ne says:

      If it is true that golfers do not know these rules then this must be why so many bandits still win competitions… 🤠

    7. I have two questions on the rule raised,
      Firstly when practicing at the next teeing box, what is considered near?
      Secondly is there a penalty if the ball you hit, either in a bunker, or in the trees is deflected back towards you and strikes your equipment.
      great series on the rules, thanks.

    8. I thought the first rule does not apply in stroke play. That's why you never see the pros re-taking a putt in stroke play comps

    9. Rope Freeze says:

      Put 50 clubs in the bag and have yardages for everything and take your 4 shot penalty, new strategy

    10. The rule that has flummoxed a number of people I have played with is the question of whether a ball on the (out of bounds ) line is out or in. Unlike soccer, rugby etc its in.

    11. My club has started using maximum score for holes during a stroke round. If you reach max on a hole where a penalty occurred you potentially have no penalty

    12. Mark NC says:

      He He. You hit a ball off into the woods. You return from the woods holding two balls that you found, neither one was the one you hit in. In most cases you take the best ball that you found, drop it in and play away. Sometimes you get an upgrade. Sometimes you are crying about that quality ball you lost.

    13. Mike S says:

      I accidentally used a practice ball i found in the woods during a tournament and found out it was illegal. My first thought, why would anyone ever use a practice ball lol?? Why do practice balls even exist? Id want to practice with the ball im gaming, not so,e bullshit practice ball

    14. steven vogel says:

      What do you write down on the score card when you say "Fuck this hole" and walk off?

    15. david owens says:

      As if this wretched, wretched, game needs any more fucking obscure, ridiculous, rules. Seriously. So…just in case you thought you might be 'getting away' with something in your already piss poor weekend round, permit us to introduce you to several more chicken shit, picayune, obscure little rules to make your 18 holes even less pleasant than they already are.. Cheers!

    16. Of course,rule 43 C applies in this situation: if on holidays in Spain avoid the tattoo covered beer swilling English expert acting like a house trained Orangutan ,he will bore the arse of you !! He will probably be a five day member in some pay as you play dirt track,and will know Everything about Everything

    17. I am often told that I am breaking the rules when I chip while waiting to tee off. It is always people who have been golfing a long time and I think that they were stopped by parents when they were kids. When I get the rule book out they lose interest, or tell me I'm wrong!

    18. DARREL KOPSA says:

      This is something that was just brought back to me while watching a tournament on TV. When The Golf Channel first started they interviewed Arnold Palmer several times. On one program he discussed etiquette in the bunker. As he put it, this involved being courteous to both players and greenskeepers. When you wind up in a bunker, enter from the back side if possible, disturb as little sand as possible, and never leave the bunker up the front slope! This immediately disturbs the surface all the way to the green, and in essence changes the possible lie for "all" players behind you! Considering all the "silly" rules in golf that bunker courtesy should be added in some way.

    19. Ray Carmack says:

      Check me if i'm wrong but you should show your playing opponent your damaged ball.

    20. Gee purrs says:

      HAHAHA, I always switch to my "water ball" when I have to hit over LMAO

    21. what golfer in the world has been playing only pro v1 thinking he is not allowed to switch during a round? This list was desperate

    22. Rob Ward says:

      Sorry guys, but as a 75 year old golfer playing once a week, my friends and I play our own rules especially geared towards our current abilities and not hold up play and that do not excatly follow usga rules of golf. If pros had to play the public courses we play and not have the pristene tees, fairways and greens they play every day, their scores would certainly be higher. The goal is to have fun, score as low as possible and follow the rules of golf as we interprup them, not the usga.

    23. Ian Plummer says:

      So you find on hole 4 you have 15 clubs, what do you do with the extra club? just carry on but don't use it. All your playing partners have 14 so you can't give it to them.

    24. Jeff Becker says:

      Only 14 clubs? Heck, I usually have at least twenty in there – Like to experiment with different ones. Loved hearing the rule about practicing. Perfect!!

    25. Rules question: At the request of one of my playing partners who was making a putt I moved my ball mark one putter length. When I was my turn to putt I forgot to move my ball mark back and made my putt and holed out. I did not remember I had moved my ball mark until I was on the next green. What is the penalty for this error?

    26. Bill Jordan says:

      Regarding the rule about placing the ball when it won't stay put on the green, do you have to keep it in line with the original spot, or can you put it anywhere it will stay (no closer to the hole), potentially changing the putting angle significantly?

    27. Bill Jordan says:

      Watched a vid not long ago by a youtuber who puts up a lot of golf instructional vids, and in one, she was telling people to keep loose by just swinging wildly around the ball in the fairway. I commented that could be dangerous because you could accidentally hit the ball. She commented that there was no penalty for accidentally hitting the ball, and insisted this to be the case after I noted I thought she was mistaken. Apparently, it's not just the weekend hacker that doesn't know the rules.

    28. Randsurfer says:

      Curious why (Scenario 1) the gent in red shirt said that the other gent would not have honor on next tee just because he made a bogey.

    29. Geoff Drew says:

      Quick question, I was putting from just off the green, one of my playing partners was not paying attention and accidently walked into the path of my ball and was hit on the foot. What is the rule in this case?

    30. ¿`_ says:

      Stopped the video at the 00 minute mark because the one rule everybody gets wrong, Is the drop – it shall be dropped at about knee height and this was adopted to pick up the speed of play and to make the drop more like an actual positioning of the ball and the PGA Tour had completely screwed up when everybody was holding it next to their knee and then dropping it. At about knee shall be accomplished by holding it out in front of you about knee and then dropping it, but nobody has addressed this fact ¿`_

    31. What about using the foot wedge?

    32. John L says:

      I commonly have more than 14 clubs, given these days pw is so strong, you need like 5 wedges in total to feel enough. Damn, I hope they change the rules to 15 clubs.

    33. Jd Wond says:

      What if you touch the ball with the club before the shot either lining it up, or with the putter from the fringe during a practice swing, but the ball does not move from the spot?

    34. 5:35 "There's water behind there." 🙂

    35. When taking a practice putt on the green do you have to declare it a practice shot first and if it goes in can you declare it your actual putt

    36. Sam Spratt says:

      I don't understand why it's a pen shot when you hit it on the fairway accidentally. You've hit the ball, why is there not a choice to either take a penalty and replace, or, carry on counting the stroke?

    37. Love this stuff. Do many old schoolers pulling their hair out lol

    38. Er Di says:

      #3 just was not explained clearly enough. When do you get a penalty for accidently touching the ball?

    39. Omnis says:

      Neil Tappin sounds like the most prolific putting name ever

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