In this video, Neil Tappin and Jezz Ellwood look at 7 rules of golf that are easily broken. Covering things such as out of bounds, penalty areas and wrong greens, the scenarios in this video are well worth knowing for any golfer wanting to play competition golf. If you can avoid these 7 simple rules mistakes, you’ll avoid unwanted penalty shots as you compete!

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    1. Reid Swick says:

      Rotating the ball in place on the green without marking it. One stroke penalty.

    2. 1:00.. can I not play the ball from the red penalty area with no penalty?

    3. How do you take relief from a wrong green? Where it entered like red stakes or straight line with the hole? And is it a penalty?

    4. Zeke Bones says:

      7 simple rules mistakes, more like here are 7 dumb rules. If I can see my ball and it’s playable I’m hitting it and carrying on like everyone else should be doing

    5. 1981steely says:

      6 minutes in and had to watch 5 adverts. Turned off I'm afraid

    6. Not a bad video but I could do without all of the left wing pop up ads.

    7. Dean Bailey says:

      What about double greens? Must take relief, greens are connected?

    8. Kenny May says:

      back to tee for OB,what if its your second shot.back to where you think you were?

    9. B Joh says:

      If ball has crossed into a red lateral hazard can you play the ball as it lies or do you have to take the penalty?

    10. Neal Sokay says:

      As always love the awesome simple rules from Jezz

    11. The last rule is a silly one. Going back to the tee and replaying only adds to a slower pace for your playing partners and for everyone on the course. The two stroke rule solves this.

    12. TTT 1776 says:

      One you may have missed: when i hit a bad shot and use the “toe kick” to improve the shot and improve the lie, is there a particular part of the toe that must be used, or can any part of the entire foot be used?

    13. John Folland says:

      You stated that the greenkeepers would not like you playing a wedge on the green. I played a course that there was an Oxbow green bit like a kidney shape, my ball bottom left and hole top left and a mound and rough between us. I thought that i could use a wedge to get over it my playing partner said no i have to putt to the right far enough to be able to putt again towards the hole. Please who`s right.

    14. Great information! I have a question, If you are teeing off and your ball hits branches that are literally hanging over the tee box, is there any relief, am I allowed to repeat the shot if I so desire? Thanks

    15. Bob Snooker. says:

      You should have mentioned the procedure if when dropping from 2 club lengths your ball keeps rolling out of the intended area.

    16. Bob Snooker. says:

      What about a double green when you are clearly on the area intended for another hole?

    17. Sam Spratt says:

      The practise thing (6) makes no sense to me. Why is it a penalty stroke and move it back rather than just counting it as a shot and carrying on? The outcome is the same no?

    18. Jezz is such a fountain of knowledge Love the rules videos keep them coming

    19. Christopher says:

      Love these videos

      Is relief from another green free?
      Can you remove yellow and red posts to play your shot?

    20. Lars Menken says:

      Hi, I would like to see something about when addressing a ball can be infringing on improving the lie please. I know not to ground the club in a bunker, but at which point to I bend the grass too much in the rough?

    21. All good stuff. Could you possibly cover relief situations especially relief from flooded bunkers

    22. wolfeson1 says:

      rule 3 relief from the wrong green. Where do you take relief?

    23. wolfeson1 says:

      rule 7 though is also you can play from a red hazard as it is not OB right? If you can hit it you are allowed to hit from the red hazard area if you want to to avoid the penalty.

    24. Andrew Rubin says:

      Regarding the relief from wrong green rule: at the Old Course, there are double greens with NO longer grass between them. I have never heard that one must drop off the "wrong" green. On a double green perhaps the whole territory is treated as one green (for both holes)

    25. Britton says:

      Love the content on this channel but wish the audio mixing was better. Between talking shots and title card transitions the the contrast in volume is jarring. Unfortunately the last video was unwatchable because it didn’t seem like the pro was mic’d up and you could hardly hear him.

    26. Albert s says:

      This was the best rules refresher video so far 😎

    27. Bruno Neto says:

      Players always forget to take the cover of the Driver (if it is the longest club in the bag) to do the measurements for a drop…

    28. In several of your drop scenarios you indicated the drop is along a line of the ball's flight path from the last shot. I thought the new rule was the drop is along a line from the pin through the point where the penalty area was crossed and beyond?

    29. dubnessIII says:

      Some of the rules of golf are just ridiculous and too penalizing

    30. With regards to the wrong green scenario:
      What is the situation if it is clearly a double green? In other words, there is no delineation between one green and the other.

    31. With regards to scenario Number 2:
      a) what is the process to define the drop area?
      b) how many drops that end outside that area are allowed before the ball is placed?
      c) in the case of b) should the spot be marked before the ball is placed?

    32. Dion Walsh says:

      Is dropping from the red zone a 1 shot or a 2 shot stroke and distance penalty? One of my golf buddies claims it's a 2 shot penalty 🥴

    33. Does the rule stating you cannot move white out of bounds posts also apply to out of bounds within the confines of the course, perhaps out of bounds between two opposing holes (not a “boundary” as such)

    34. Golf break80 says:

      Good stuff. Enjoy the rules videos 👍 everyday is a school day

    35. If your ball lands in red zone behind the green!?

    36. Mark Dunn says:

      With the drop from an Unplayable has the rule change where after 2 drops if the ball does not stay in the marked area you can place it where the ball landed.

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