► Neil Tappin and Jezz Ellwood talk through the 8 biggest rules mistakes including what you do when you drop and where to tee off from!

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    39 Replies to “8 BIGGEST RULES MISTAKES!! Golf Monthly”

    1. I understand that there has been clarification of the provisional ball rule, you don't have to say provisional it is sufficient to say I'll hit another just in case or I'll hit another as I'm not sure

    2. Rob Moon says:

      It’s not ‘cheating’ if you don’t know the rule. I think this is clearly about treating others with respect and very careful use of language. It’s an error, an oversight born of ignorance and something to be remedied with less incendiary remarks?

    3. My club has declared all gardens are to be treated as GUR, hence a free relief drop. My question is; if having taken my nearest point of relief drop, the overhanging branches of a tree which is within that garden interferes with my swing am I entitled to further free relief? Your rules videos are great.

    4. Did not understand hitting another ball off the tee and not saying provisional ?

    5. Is a lost or OB provisional a penalty stroke each time you hit it?

    6. Golfer named Neil Tap-in 🙂

    7. M Doc says:

      Do you play the provisional ball after the others have played their balls or do you play it right after the first one was hit? Also if the provisional ball is the same number with the same mark and the provisional ball goes close to the first one and both are found close together and the players are unable to tell which was the first and second ball? Are you hitting 5 if you were hitting from the tee?

    8. b ogilvie says:

      Should of also talked a bout the cart path relief is different if you are a left handed or right handed , in your example looks like a left handed golfers closest point of relief may of been to the right on the short grass.

    9. Brad Patti says:

      Sometimes etiquette regarding the rules is the best rule. Especially if it is accidental or the person is new to golf. (eg tell them before if you see they are in front of the tee markers

    10. M M says:

      if a score is going to be recorded, then its no question that these rules have to be followed. If one is out for a casual round and just wants to play the game for fun then there is leeway on improving lies, how one treats penalty areas, etc but again, no score should be recorded in this situation.
      Lost ball is a pet peeve in certain situations where a ball would be easily found but it may have plugged or leaves on the ground are hiding it. even in open areas of rough a ball can be lost that wasnt hit wildly out of play. but we amateurs dont have the luxury of fans and tournament officials tracking down errant shots in short order.

    11. 2010LeeG says:

      Confused by the 'don't say provisional' if you don't want to find a ball. What would be the deal then?

    12. Daniel says:

      If someone forced me to put my relief shot in the bushes that would be the last time I play with them

    13. they should mark the place at the path- bepore removing.
      bc you wil run around quit a bit before u finally decide where the right place is

    14. I watched 3 different videos with Jess explaining the rules.
      He showed us about making a drop.
      But , I show him drop the ball from 3 different heights ( locations ).
      One was from the height of the shoulder .
      Two was about waist height ( belt ).
      Three was about knee height , with him bending over.

      So , which one is correct ?
      Also , does one of the people playing in his group have to watch him do this to make sure it is done correctly and that the rules are followed !!
      Amateur couch golfer.
      Cheers Guy.
      Toronto , Ontario , Canada.

    15. good stuff… Have you done a video on GOLF ETIQUETTE? i.e distractions on teebox or standing 8 feet behind you as you tee-off 🙂 and same on the greens to help read the line. That way i can share with with a few of my bonehead golf buddies. 🙂

    16. David D says:

      Pertaining to the penalty for teeing out of the marked area, if your opponent says nothing to you until the end of the match, it becomes his word against yours. What then, if he has no other witness?

    17. Peter McGill says:

      Teeing up at the wrong box is more likely than teeing up over the line. My marker hit off from the ‘tiger’ tee instead of the regular tee on the 17th. He called it himself. Even though he was 10 metres further back, still took his 2 strokes like the champ he is.

    18. RAEN74 says:

      jesus so many subtle rules

    19. Hello gents, in your last example regarding the inability to simply declare a ball "lost" without looking for it – in such an instance am I correct in assuming that a player would not have the right at all to pick it up – ie the first ball must wholly be abandoned if one hits their second shot without specifically declaring it to be their provisional?

    20. RiverRuns NC says:

      Played yesterday..lots of brown autumn leave. A players ball gors out in penalty area, and the ball is covered in leaves.

      We found the ball, he proceeded to clear the leaves behind the ball, in his swing path.

      Was that legal?

    21. Bill Badger says:

      Great video: very informative and should be viewed by all golfers. I must mention one inaccuracy, though. It is highly advisable, but not absolutely compulsory, to use the words ‘provisional ball’ when playing a provisional ball, Rules interpretation 18.3b/2 refers.

    22. Loved the video. One thing on nearest point of relief that should have been mentioned is that it can be totally different if you're right or left handed. I the case given, a left handed person would have been on the green side of the cart path.

    23. YOu missed the lateral relief option. You also have the option to go to the lateral side equal to hole and take 2 club lengths from there too.

    24. steven vogel says:

      Hopefully everyone knows the difference between knowing the rules and enforcing them. If someone wants to say they scored an 85, when you see them making multiple infractions a game, don't call them out on it, let them have their day in the sun, and they'll probably buy a round of drinks because of their good mood.

      Let a judge from a competition worry about enforcing the rules and turning your 15 handicap buddy back to the 25 they should be.

    25. thats not exactly correct the nearist point of relief looking from our view is the green side of the path , where you dropped the ball looked further away.

    26. What's the rule if in the process of looking for your ball you step on it pushing it into the ground where it becomes an unplayable lie?

    27. Jonsse says:

      Nearest Point of Relief: I always try to bring a worthwhile perspective to others about this rule, you have to take relief if you pick up your ball. Since the nearest point might not be a particularly good lie, could be in a ditch, tall grass etc. It's always worth it to figure out your point of relief before you pick up your ball, because you can't just put it back down, that would be a penalty. If the nearest point is a terrible place to drop it, sometimes it's better to just hit it from the road instead, which you can't do if the first thing you do is pick up the ball.

    28. Steven Olan says:

      So I am still a little confused on a provisional ball…you still have to mark the stroke penalties for the lost ball correct? it is not like the friendly mulligan rules

    29. sabre22b says:

      First drop?! Shoulder height surely?

    30. Pmwgolf says:

      EXCELLENT Review
      How about rules for water hazard, unplayable lie and casual water. A good video would be weird events in golf like ball stuck in flag, playing the wrong ball, hitting another ball by mistake, hitting equipment, and any other unusual stuff that could occur on the course.
      Again, excellent video

    31. KeithGadget says:

      I’ve played with people that every fairway stroke they pick their ball up to identify it. Even if making it the ball first it never seems to be replaced as deep in the grass after being picked-up and replaced as where it originally laid when found. Constantly improving their lay, but apparently within the rules.

    32. Sean M says:

      The pros improve their lie, not by using their foot, but by using a golf club. They will often place a fairway wood behind the ball, essentially matting down the grass, and then switch out the fairway wood for the club they had intended to play all along.

    33. ubb4me says:

      Why is the nearest point of relief on the far side of the cart path? Isn't the nearest point of relief where the ball would be dropped or where your feet have taken relief from the cart path no nearer the hole? It seems to me that would have been on the green side of the cart path to the right since the ball was closer to that side when it was on the cart path.

    34. Stroker Ace says:

      I work at a golf course, I have witnessed players walk into the woods, get their ball and drop it in the fairway! Should I notify the Marshal to have the players removed or shot them myself?

    35. Whatever…the 30 handicapper I’m behind on Saturday morning should read all the rules and CAREFULLY consider ALL POSSIBLE OPTIONS! No hurry…we will wait…chunk…repeat…drop…chunk…repeat! It’s great fun to watch as my back muscles stiffen over the 45 minutes between shots!

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