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    13 Replies to “8 Iron Distance – How Far Does an 8 Iron Go?”

    1. Lol I was thinking 165-170 for your 8I, 172 was pretty damn accurate

    2. J Z says:

      i never thought about it, but you sir, are swing speed striking freak.

    3. AlienRenders says:

      Am I mistaken when I say Bo's club head speed is the same from pw to 8i? Isn't that a problem? It'll start to matter at 7i because with lower loft and longer clubs, the head speed should increase otherwise you can get less yardage than higher lofted clubs. I think she was hitting 9i at 68. Here 8i at 66.

      Edit: yeah, Bo has same club head speed even for 7i. That's a problem. Matt went from 86 to 92. Pw to 7i. I go go from 68 to 75. Bo stayed at 66. The longer clubs are meant to increase club head speed with the same swing. She really needs to look into that. It means she's physically swinging less hard on the longer irons and isn't actually consistent. She has a different swing on every club, intensity wise.

    4. jpcoll2011 says:

      Absolute insane yardage. My 8 iron is also 120

    5. Daniel Owen says:

      Whatta tempo from Bo.. I could watch that all day..

    6. So far Iโ€™m tracking Pro Boโ€™s distances

    7. Yo-Yo Zamolo says:

      1:53 Bo doesnโ€™t miss the middle of her clubs

    8. 170-180 on my end. Sometimes I accidentally step on one and get 185

    9. Darthdater says:

      This series has been super helpful both for comparison and the realization that I swing WAY too hard. I need to nerf it and trade up uncontrollable speed for center on the club face contact. Thnx Matt and Bo

    10. Chris Earle says:

      I guess I swing like a girl

    11. 172? BDE from The Baus.

    12. Josh plante says:

      Iโ€™m right in the middle ๐Ÿ˜€

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