A PAC 12 TV Deal Shocker From PAC 12 Media Day!

The Monty Show is talking about the PAC 12 TV Deal, and PAC 12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff made a stunning statement about the state of the PAC 12 TV Deal. Does the PAC 12 have a TV deal? Is the PAC 12 TV actually done like PAC 12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff said today?

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22 Replies to “A PAC 12 TV Deal Shocker From PAC 12 Media Day!”

  1. Patrick says:

    GK would look like Brett Yormark if he had inherited the same situation that Yormark did.

  2. Dan says:

    I gotta believe something huge is coming,
    and it involves more than the Pac12

  3. Brad M says:

    I have said since June George Kliavkoff should be FIRED he is single handed destroying the PAC 12

  4. w w says:

    "At least Larry Scott could spit-shine the turd," lol. Okay.

  5. How is Disney able to be in a big deal. They have lost billions.

  6. Bobby Paluga says:

    Some PAC-12 school president: “Hey I got a great idea, let’s hire a casino promoter to run the conference, what could go wrong?”

  7. Teri Leo says:

    Espn talking to pro sports entities is not strength but weakness. Terms will be on leagues terms, not Espn. If happens Espn dilutes ownership from 80 to 55% maybe 50%. Who do you think gets pushed out at that point. NBA, NFL who has content, or Network and platform that is one of 10 out there available….

  8. Does he really have anything to tell anyone?

  9. Gaffords says:

    The lack of preparedness to handle questions addressing the media deal is incredible. It's not like it wasn't expected… But to set yourself up the way he did to cut through 5he BS, is nuts.
    Taking about the presidents, there's a reason they have professional writers prepare their speeches. The PAC would be well served to hire one…,

  10. The purpose of not disclosing is called an NDA (Non disclosure Agreement). Everyone has to sign them before going into negotiations. He should have just said ive signed an NDA I can’t speak to this as we’re in negotiations

  11. Just finished watching an episode of Star Trek and couldn't help but laugh when I heard, "Captains log, Stardate 94837.4, while no anomalies have been detected in the neutral zone I did receive a subspace message from earth advising that the PAC 10/12 still has no media deal. On the bright side we were advised that a deal will be done in the near future. 🖖😅

  12. CycloneSteve says:

    RE: SDSU, when asked he said:
    "When talking to potential expansion candidates we've been very clear that we are going to negotiate our media deal first, then move one to expansion." basicley.
    So he doesn't deny inviting SDSU. He may have invited them but also told them it won't happen until after the deal is done.
    So SDSU didn't lie to the press, he didn't lie to the press, he just lied to SDSU as to when the media deal would be done.

  13. Bob says:

    GK won't be announcing a deal on purpose, tomorrow, next week, or next month.

  14. Matt Clark says:

    If George Kliavkoff was leading a crypto currency company we would all roll our eyes and laugh wondering how long before the feds show up.

  15. James says:

    2:28 🎉🎉😂❤❤

  16. GK: not talking about the deal on purpose, so we can focus on football.

    Reporter: so the deal is done?

    GK: your reading into this. The deal is the deal, but not the deal, which in theory is the deal, but only in our imagination. Had we actually had a deal, we could focus on that but since we do not. Lets focus on football, our united teams, who I am stringing along like mindless zombies.

    REPORTER: So, you do not have a deal?

    GK:you are reading into this. We do not want to distract from football, becase we have no deal to talk about. But if we did, we would have.

    REPORTER: So you are saying you are a fool?

    GK: you are reading into this. I am a genius. Our deal is the 3rd best of all power 5, barely behind the SEC. In theory, but not limited to fabricated truth and outright lies.

    REPORTER: Ok. We got it. It is a scam. Thank your.

  17. John Dry says:

    When soemone says on purpose. That is ill intentions.

  18. John Dry says:

    GK mirrors Bidon.. Lol. Though I always put my foot in my mouth.😂

  19. Brad Thomas says:

    Are they smart?

    Monty, there is a difference between being smart and being educated. I have yet to see anything that indicates that the PAC 10 leadership and presidents are smart.

    Do the schools deserve better? … No. They are reaping the fruits of their stupid decisions and arrogance.

  20. Bobby Paluga says:

    F’up George is in so far over his head, he makes Scott look like the greatest negotiator in history. Scott spent like he had a license to print money BUT he got a good TV deal.

  21. Jay McCuin says:

    The Big Ten already killed off the Pac 12. How does the Pac 12 not already see this. All blame goes to the Big Ten.

  22. Was up UNC fan here you like drake maye?

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