A Trip To EVERY Game Mode With Random Build King Arthur

Beginning in Assault to decide on a random God, as we speak I take that God into each SMITE mode with a unique random construct every time to see how I carry out!

0:00 Intro / God Choice
1:04 Assault
7:43 Joust
13:40 Slash
19:44 Enviornment
28:08 Conquest

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► Outro Tune: Allen Lande – The Forgotten Ones


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    23 Replies to “A Trip To EVERY Game Mode With Random Build King Arthur”

    1. I'm the reason Arthur is banned from omnipotent, when it was a thing you could ult again and again I would literally hard lock everyone, you couldn't move even if you beads a 1s Cool down beads didn't last long enough and I could catch up to anyone w just the ultimate

    2. Sevagoth says:

      Honestly. If you teleport in assault it usually means you are preparing to be a gremlin.

    3. Mini Link says:

      King Arthur when the enemy uses their beads on his ult: 🙁

      King Arthur when he ults them again 10 seconds later: B)

    4. Ne Zha's 3 can't crit anymore. Maybe the auto attack after but the ability itself can't crit anymore

    5. Edward M says:

      More of this please!

    6. Richard Kane says:

      That new Arthur bug is so damn annoying

    7. SilverYuffie says:

      Aphro mains should just go touch a lot of grass, I'm worried about their mental health. 😐

    8. This guy seems to be very obsessed with aphrodite and aphro players😭

    9. helrazr44 says:

      Slash is fun, but man, its the purest, most concentrated smite experience, thats why I literally stopped playing it because the amount of stupidity and toxicity in that mode is like chugging pure cyanide, and that match kinda summed it up in a 5 minute segment

    10. Assault is the best game mode

    11. sami alivand says:

      I've been getting that lunge auto bug recently
      Suuuper annoying

    12. HybridHD says:

      Honestly for April Fools they should remove King Arthurs abilities from instacasting. That'd be fucking hilarious!

    13. I went back to watch the Hercules video cause I remember it being funny when I watched it when it came out and damn it’s been that long??? ;w;

    14. Vicious Kell says:

      15:39 the maincraft eating sound took me out

    15. Ali Fae says:

      I tried to do this once in a slash with Discordia, it gave me a Attack Speed build with the HP5 breastplate and the hat that makes minions more tanky.
      Got reported 5 times lol

    16. Luis says:

      I don’t understand why Aphro with many starts are so fucking shit.
      He didn’t know how to play the game at all. Bad build, bad relics, bad linking of soulmates, and he left the match.
      How can you play one character for that much time and be so bad at the game. It boggles my mind.

    17. 6:30 “your ult will be on cooldown”
      skeptical bear noises

    18. unfortunately, that slash aphro is the aphro I get no heals, no ults, while my enemy team gets the aphro that's ulting every kill im about to get and turn killing me healing her whole team with my whole team scared to dive her :/.

    19. Elzonite says:

      I’m now fully convinced ka can go any build and still farm pentas with no effort. Now, it’s time to test itemless arthur

    20. Prohodaction says:

      Salut. yu made gorgeous – farewell~bro! 🙂

    21. Matthew Rowe says:

      I really like playing as Arthur but sometimes I wish I could turn off autocast for his abilities, but I know that's just me

    22. "If you don't get the quadra you don't deserve the penta from me" Sir she already had the quadra

    23. Pablo055055 says:

      The annubis name 🥵

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