Aaron Rodgers Talks What Changed From Abysmal Week 1 Loss To Dominate Week 2 Win | Pat McAfee Show


ALWAYS nice to have Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays.

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    42 Replies to “Aaron Rodgers Talks What Changed From Abysmal Week 1 Loss To Dominate Week 2 Win | Pat McAfee Show”

    1. Marty Smith says:

      Fitting that the greatest sports show has the best segment in nfl history. Long format breakdowns with Aaron rodgers is genius. Are you not entertained?

    2. Tommy R says:

      Love to see Ty repping Iowa wrestling, way to go TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. john bowen says:

      Steelers vs ravens how did y’all miss that🤦🏾‍♂️

    4. VerMirror says:

      His shot was true as David’s rock
      And it found its mark for sure
      Knocked him flyin from his horse
      The one they call Lafleur

    5. GrbgGaming says:

      The Bible says the power of life and death is in the tongue. You can change a situation, you can completely change someone's life whether it's for good or bad. You can build someone up or tear them down. So I do think that there's a lot of power in words.

    6. Life Aquatic is the best movie ever

    7. The banter is the best part. I love watching my QB every week with these guys!

    8. Cinco Boy says:

      bro i love LaFleur interacting with the crowd

    9. ItMeRagnarok says:

      why is no one talking about the absolute perfect release @ 1:02:44

    10. ANIRBAN says:

      You know what else come from plants… Cocaine and Heroine. So these are not drugs। Stop your boy Aaron Rodgers to stop bullshitting and manipulating words.

    11. Pat Meyer says:

      Hmmm so because marijuana is a plant it is not a drug?? Cocaine comes from a plant so is that not a drug? Interesting. Everything can be explained…and justified.

    12. Ben Mecha says:

      really funny watching this after the Bucs game where Lazard basically created all the space for Romeo to get his first TD….Aaron is a genius

    13. Anyone else catch the Sex Panther reference? 60% of the time, it works everytime 😂

    14. Allan Unger says:

      AJ says I dont need to pretend I can read all thse. They are fake LOL

    15. The random “hell yeah” throughout the convo 😂😂😂

    16. Marijuana is a drug, it is addicting. You cant go without using it, its an addition

    17. 968lia says:

      what drink is pat drinking from starbs?

    18. Jonathan D says:

      I’d live to see Aaron dress up as Tom Brady

    19. I like the old places better the way it’s decorated. I hate the background but that’s just me. How does anyone else feel?

    20. Dude they were coming for A.J. this week lol

    21. Waiting for Aaron to pull out Geronimo Stilton

    22. “I’m not sending the wrong message” buuuutt…”the celebration is nothing like what’s happens” yeah uh huh ok. 👌😏

    23. Packers have really been terrible through two weeks. A very average Vikes team eviscerated them and the bears ran through their supposedly loaded defense like a hot knife through butter! If that fields td is reviewed correct Packers are probably 0-2. Rodgers can R-E-L-A-X all he wants but they’re not very good.

    24. Pedro Moura says:

      Sometimes I forget Matt LaFleur and Aaron are about the same age. Sounds like they have some things in common and a fun relationship beyond the professional stuff 🙂

    25. Casey Curry says:

      Cause we own em 🤷‍♂️
      Aaron with the Aaron jones jersey is awesome guy loves his teammates idc who you are

    26. so Pat does that qualify marijuana as a plant not a drug? huh?

    27. As a lifelong Packers fan, and I'm a year older than Aaron, that run for the td, the roll out of the hit into that EPIC belt, was a moment in time that I will cherish as a Packers fan for the rest of my life. People talk about doing things that fill your "love cup", that moment filled my "pack fan cup" up to the top and poured over. I never could have thought we would replace Favre with someone better on every level. Thank you Aaron Rodgers.

    28. Man i like Aaron rogers more and more after these interviews! Great job and the plant and a drug

    29. 60 percent of the time it works every time lol well played Mr. Rogers

    30. Stone Cold says:

      What changed???? Playing THE BEARS, LOL. Loved Rodgers from the start, and the excuses for me go in one ear and out the other. He's had multiple times to put up or shut up. As a Packers fan for life, I'm done with the lame excuses.

      Rodgers needs to walk the TALK.

    31. Alex says:

      35:24 Conor drops the best under the radar roast of all time with Colts vs Jags 😂

    32. 4:10 😂😂😂 he funny asl

    33. TR says:

      Week days create weak daze and most look forward to weekends create weak ends. Alcohol is arabic for al Kuhl which means dark eyes and/or body eating spirit. Words certainly are spells. English is made international language of business for a reason, its intentionally dumbing us down so we can't truly speak our mind and our feelings.

    34. Luca says:

      they were playing the bears??

    35. Aaron C says:

      I love Aaron Rodgers but for him to come out and say marijuana is a plant not a drug well he's not correct because marijuana is a drug and a plant cocaine is a drug and a plant heroin is also a plant but doesn't make it good for you. He should stick to playing football and stop talking about things he has no real knowledge about.

    36. I have a renewed respect for A. Rodgers, Theses Jackass' You Tubers are a complete joke.

    37. Lorelei2911 says:

      After a 55 hr, workweek, I watch Rodgers on this show for R&R 😊 Thanks for having him on, for a
      3rd season . Gods Blessings to you All !

    38. iccgaramguru says:

      haha the eyebrows for lefleur lmao

    39. Serious question. Who doesn't love Fraudgers Tuesdays?

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