Absolute Best Golf Mat/Hitting Strip I've Ever Tested! A Review 6+ Months in the Making!

In this video we review what we feel to be the best golf mat/insert we have ever tested in our 5+ years here at Garage Golf. We liked this mat so much that we demanded 6+ months to review the mat in full and thoroughly test it out so that we could confidently put our stamp of approval on it as THE BEST MAT/INSERT WE HAVE EVER TESTED!! Don’t miss our full review on this golf mat!

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Intro: 00:00
Product Reveal: 01:15
Pricing: 03:07
Features: 05:09
Putting: 05:46
Durability: 06:16
Test Shots: 10:43
Final Thoughts: 13:00

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Sig Pro Softy 4×10 Golf Mat: https://shopindoorgolf.com/products/sigpro-4×10-golf-mat?aff=160

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44 Replies to “Absolute Best Golf Mat/Hitting Strip I've Ever Tested! A Review 6+ Months in the Making!”

  1. Garage Golf says:

    I know there has to be some peeps out there that Rock the Crocs in the golf sim!! Who is brave enough to stand up with me?? 😆

  2. Alex Orgera says:

    Is that a trash can holding clubs in the back left? What kind of lid is on top to keep the clubs organized?

  3. jbrian53 says:

    Nice setup. I think you over thought the bracket system supporting the wood insert. All you really need to do is cut four equal pieces off of the end of a 2×4 of even 2×2 and put them in the corners under the wood insert. You could get the exact height you need too.

  4. C O says:

    I'd cut some lexan to replace the plywood you have underneath. Put the same rubber foam backing underneath the lexan just like you showed on your custom made divot strip. So the Sig Pro Softy on top, set that directly on to the custom lexan / foam insert underneath instead of the plywood. Rubber/foam under the lexan is touching the floor. Lexan is touching the cabinet tabs. Seems like the best of all worlds and super forgiving on the joints!

  5. Dude, love your video. You're the man. Wish I had your skills. Sick. Keep up the great work.

  6. Jason Rainey says:

    What is your opinion on the feel of the Sig Pro vs CCE. I was seriously considering making a cut out and dropping sig pro in. CCE has been wreaking havoc on my elbow recently.

    PS I rock the Crocs or just socks 🧦🧦

  7. What kind of turf do you recommend to fill the room (the non hitting surface)

  8. barefoot or just socks, friends always laugh

  9. IC says:

    Thanks a lot for the review. Also chiming in that a comparison with the EZ Tee Hybrid would be helpful!

  10. Thanks for the review. Wow, $199. The technology seems to make sense as far as forgivness to the body but how does this forgivness compare to the EZ Tee hybrid for only $65? I'm only using for practice with foam balls into a net. No room for a sim or long clubs. So no long rounds or practive range sessions or tee's but may look into the Dewiz for feedback.

  11. Yazen Abusad says:

    Would they be able to custom make one that is 1 3/8 thick instead of 2 2/8 thick?

  12. Jason Greene says:

    Hey Roland, I am looking at the 4×10. My concern is the stance area is to spongy. In some of the reviews I have seen that said. Have you heard if this is true or been able to test out more than the insert ? I currently use a CCE mat. Being a divot taker it is starting to wear on me. I need something else.

  13. MrLee says:

    Those prices are fn stupid

  14. Davis Hood says:

    How does the softy do with flop shots? It’s really difficult to get under the ball with the one I’m currently using and I was thinking about getting the SigPro Softy hoping it’d be better for flop shots.

  15. Jason Boyle says:

    Your turf matches the insert color perfectly. Where did you get your turf at?

  16. Noone says:

    I was about to purchase the Fiberbuilt and was considering the player preferred and the performance series. I hit a lot of balls and am concerned about joint pain. I thought both of those had good reputations for not be as impactful to your joints?

  17. Eugene Lee says:

    Love the review. I’m thinking about this mat for my new developing garage setup. I do love the light weight as I’d be moving the mat around when not in use. But I’m then worried it’ll slide around on the concrete. Should I get one with a base instead like the fiberbuilt? Trying to balance ease of movement vs having it stay in place. Thanks!

  18. Mikluvin says:

    Y’all are outta your mind paying $1000 dollars for a hitting mat. I get there’s some R&D that goes into but dayum. Then I look at a 12×28 in Mat for 200. There are hundreds of ways to make your own hitting mat, especially if your willing to pay 1k.

  19. Brad Tinkel says:

    Have you tried out the ez tee hybrid? Considering this one.

  20. Michael says:

    Always enjoy and learn from your reviews. Regards the footwear: I found there is a difference between my tennis shoes and golf shoes, I'm thinking it's because the golf shoes add the proper amount of support for a faster swing speed. Of course there could be a different reason, but for me I get about a 10 percent increase in my swing speed when wearing my golf shoes. Validated this data on the range as well as with a mat on the back porch setup. As a side note I just upgraded from my SkyTrak (5 years) to a new Foresight GC3 what a difference, actually able to measure my swing speed.

  21. Karl G says:

    Hi , I will be accommodating left and right golfer's likely off center. Will the Sig Softy perform the same if it is turned parallel with the screen?

  22. Joseph Miau says:

    Do you have any experience with the Fiberbuilt player preferred layer? It seems to take away the issue with the fiberbuilt being too fluffy, and provides good feedback

  23. Cathy Bloin says:

    Bonjour , je suis Français et j'ai un golf indoor en France et je voudrais commander le tapis SIGPRO Softy comment faire ? MERCI DE VOTRE REPONSE.

  24. Vinh Nguyen says:

    what launch monitor/software are you using in this video?

  25. lang nolen says:

    The way I see it the home sim guys have to give up something somewhere. I have tried multiple mats and can say without a doubt the only mat that won’t cause injury is fiberbuilt. The knock is that it creates a lilttle more spin but you can still tell if you hit it fat it will increase spin leading to less distance. Your joint won’t get punished though. Divot action just was bad all around, true strike or a gel insert will eventually hurt your wrist if your a digger, other knock on true strike is the hitting base and putting as Roland pointed out. I’ve had monster mat, it will cause joint pain and leave junk everywhere. Haven’t tried sig pro softy but it’s very similar to the holy grail by hung ho golf. They all promised less grabbing but they will all either grab or provide to little vision for impact. It’s all a trade off, but if or should I say when pain starts just go with fiberbuilt. I haven’t been hurt in two plus years since switching and play all the time.

  26. Ryan says:

    Hi, I need some help. I wanna know which golf mat I should purchase. I can't decide between these four golf mats (1) SIGPRO Softy 4 x 7 $799, or (2) FIBERBUILT 4 x 7 Studio $1149, or (3) TRUESTRIKE Single Golf Mat $968, or (4) FIBERBUILT Hourglass grass series $799. Can someone please help me out???? I need something that is portable and realistic. Also, it needs to be able to withstand ALOT of shots because I practice 5 days per week.

  27. Kyle Letheby says:

    Gotta try Carls Places hitting mat and Inserts

  28. Jack Ting says:

    I have a country club elite mat and it’s 1 1/2 inch thick. Do you have any tips as to how I can use this insert, which is 2 3/8 inch thick? Thanks!

  29. Nice review. Thinking of getting this, but just the strip. So, how do you suggest that I build up the height of my stance mat to match this?

  30. nelbel62 says:

    Lol, forgot to say I love the Sig Pro Softy. It’s forgiving but still very true to fat shots with great feed back.
    Thanks again

  31. nelbel62 says:

    Thank you Roland, I’ve tried Monster mat and it injured me bad. Wrist, elbow shoulder and neck. I tried making my own mat which was the same as you but it still didn’t help the injury. After your review I was convinced especially because of your past injuries and that you have used it for 6 months with not much wear. Thank you for reviewing the Sig Pro Softy.

  32. Chris Imes says:

    Think they’ll have any coupon codes at all for the holidays or sooner on this mat?
    Gonna be returning my Monster Mat and getting this I think but struggling with double the price.
    Wish they had a slights discount

  33. Bill Douds says:

    Great review Roland – was searching for something a bit more realistic than my CCE mat and was ready to go the DIY route. Just ordered hitting strip thru your link – hopefully same results you are seeing. On another note – I don’t do crocs (but honestly never tried on a pair) but I’ve been wearing bowling shoes and found they are a bit easier on that left knee. Thanks again and keep up the good work

  34. Mannn you’re trippin seriously. The fact that you talk about having been using your own diy one made with lexan (which I also have been using since my fiberbuilt is tough on the body) and you talked UP this one with some ‘secret’ center is complete bs. I respected your channel before and stood up for you but I’m confused….. You’ve had this for 6 months and you somehow can’t see that it’s EXACTLY THE SAME as the lexan one only they’ve added super thick turf on top… Man I took it out of the box, looked at it for 3 seconds, seen the lexan sheet with the grass on top and the same foam under which I made only this mat is super thick. I wasted $200 which I’m sure you’re getting a kickback from. Thank you

  35. Chris Imes says:

    I like using a mats predrilled hole for driver with the rubber insert tees, how can I use that with this mat and its an insert? Seems you only hit from this one insert section for both irons and woods, so is it you can only use a real tee or little bird cage on this mat section for driver?

  36. Chris Imes says:

    No 5X5 mats huh? Bummer. I’m looking to find something that size to replace the Monster Mat.

  37. I ordered the 4×7 but did not realize at the time, that you get some credit for the referral. I replied to their email that this video is what prompted me to order!

  38. what range software are you using?

  39. Mike Neal says:

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! Just ordered the insert and updated my hitting platform. Two pieces of particle board from home depot, some used range mats for a legit hitting platform for $300 at 46.5"x93".

  40. D. Erickson says:

    Funny, I always wear my crocks in my sim as well. :o)

  41. Mike Southam says:

    would love to get one sent to Australia. I've sent them messages but they never respond to my messages.

  42. Declan Boyle says:

    How do you think the durability compares to the truestrike? Shame that they don't ship outside of Canada..

  43. Hey mate. Love your channel. I’m only 1 month in with my Skytrak setup and I’ve learnt heaps from you. I took your advice and bought a high quality and very expensive mat but I think it may be a knock off based on info from your Chanel. Can I get some advice in private some how? I don’t want to out the supplier in public without being 100% certain.

  44. Peter Choo says:

    Can these mats be used outdoors and will it stand up to those conditions?

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