ACCRA Graphite Iron Golf Shaft Comparison TZ iron shafts.

Accra Golf has released a new set of graphite iron shafts. Before you walk away saying “OH Graphite” really? I will say YES “OH graphite really! these are a players shaft in various weight categories. The Accra shaft is also sporting a silver/ chrome like PVD finish that can fool your golfing buddies.
Check out the performances of the different weight shafts.

Also check out the live stream to talk about this same stuff mondays 730 530 pm eastern


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  1. I received the wedges that you built for me with the Accra 90 Wedge shafts in them. Having chipped with them and swung them a bit, I will say that I really like the feel of them. They almost have the feel of a steel shaft. The ball feels good coming off of the clubface and does what you expect it to do. The weight of the club head on the end of the shaft feels right as well. Most graphite shafts that I've tried just don't feel right or perform as expected. I think this one will be different. I'll let you know more as I actually take them to the range and on the course for play. Thank you for a great build!

  2. Like the view of the numbers – nice and geeky. Curious about taking standard deviation into your consideration though? Seems they are all comparable (though like the swing xonformity of the 115). Has aways seemsed to me that one should have 80 to 100 swings or so (standard warm up and and getting into the back nine for swing count) to be able to appropriately test any type of club.

  3. Scot Sandrin says:

    Good stuff Jim.
    Price per shaft?

  4. Good stuff here, Jim. Thank you for sharing this comparison!

  5. Looks like the TZ95 gave you the best smash factor.

  6. And I forgot to ask…what about trajectory? Heavier=lower? Lighter=higher?

  7. When you weight these shafts while doing a build, how close in tolerance are they to their stated weights? How close are they in tolerance to their stated flex? And now the question that we all really want to know…How do they feel when swinging and hitting balls with them?

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