Ace Runs In The Disc Golf MECCA – Bradford Park.

My last day in Charlotte I got in a casual round out at Bradford park. Absolute beauty of a course, and even had a few ace runs… can’t wait to get back out to the MECCA and throw some more frisbee (handshake emoji) hope y’all enjoy.

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38 Replies to “Ace Runs In The Disc Golf MECCA – Bradford Park.”

  1. Bryce Hagen says:

    Everyone stfu brod just posted

  2. Jack Dunning says:

    I thought oak grove was Mecca

  3. Shuebert says:

    Just ordered a Buzzz SS and a TSA Mana to replace my Uplink that has gotten to touchy for me. Well see just how right you are 🤝

  4. I throw a 3 year old champ Roc3 in that slot. One of the first discs I was given and that thing is money. Took a couple of years to get there though. I’d probably replace it with my Lizottle if I lost the Roc3. It’s less stable than my Neutron Hex.

  5. I’m forehand dominant. I agree with Jerm’s forehand flip-up being up there. I’ll take AB’s forehand distance/accuracy combo all day. Love watching Marwede because it looks so effortless, but that single index finger grip he uses is just bananas.

  6. streamline echo is the best

  7. Ranger Ryley says:

    I like the Kyle Klein forehand!! Big Jerm has the most buttery flick tho 🤠

  8. LSD BB6 in bravo plastic is my favorite

  9. Zack K. says:

    Gotta try the wombat3. Nutty disc

  10. suhzaful says:

    im sorry, my beat in Origin is staying in the bag. Buzzz SS is a no from me. i feel like a traitior, but its for my own good.

  11. Huntro says:

    Buzz SS and Glow Pathfinder have been my go to mids. Both are top shelf Frisbees.

  12. Beat in buzzz is the goat, only problem is it takes actual years to get that money flip. I also bag an origin for standstills, finesse hyzerflips, and turnovers. Small diameter mids are underrated IMO.

  13. South Toe says:

    Buzzz SS is great but not enough glide for my taste

  14. South Toe says:

    Charlotte disc golf is so great.
    The Mecca for sure.

  15. McKong says:

    I agree consistently rock a Buzzz SS, challenger though not that i had enough time with it would possibly be a M4 "400-500 plastic" after you smooth out any flashing if you get some which i do for any disc, been playing with one and its just a dead straight thrower with a skooch of fade , otherwise a Clash Berry has been very solid though different flight in comparison closer to a Reg Buzzz in flight for me.

  16. Stutzie says:

    I respect your opinion but mako 3 all day sir

  17. Richmond says:

    The lack of Nate Sexton forehand hype in here is disturbing.

  18. Zach Hicks says:

    Jerm 100% but also love watchhing Gossage crank on a force or zone.

  19. Are you putting left handed now?

  20. Roc 3 vs your Buzz ss

  21. Caleb Bell says:

    M4 in 400g plastic thank me later

  22. Sam Pomar says:

    My beatup buzzz ss equivalent is a opto x fuse with a Griffin on it and a more stable buzzz ss equivalent is a new md1

  23. Buzzz SS Vs Aura Pathfinder🤝

  24. Ace runs, brodude. Ace runs. Apostrophes don't make plurals.

    Love you.

  25. Tre’Sean says:

    God damn does this course look like fun. I think you've done enough convincing for me to get a Buzzz SS now.

  26. Ryan Dowling says:

    I would like to send a west side warship because i think it could rival the buzz ss

  27. My first Buzzz ss will be a Frisbee club stamp 😈

  28. Eagle’s forehand is fyre

  29. HoovAir says:

    Man. What’s the outro song?

  30. Avertaze says:

    Axiom Hex > Buzzz SS

  31. Fuck mids tho. Putters to da drivers

  32. Neutron hex is my go too do anything mid right now oh n yea proxy’s n envy’s are soooo good I bag both 😎

  33. okgo44 says:

    People’s buzz. Comet. Or the people’s comet. Bounty.

  34. Mason Hadley says:

    Nah nah nah when you gonna drop the Bailey road park ace speedrunning vid

  35. Cliff Field says:

    Love your delivery style. Really enjoying the content. Cheers! (I note that there is a trend appearing in your thumbnails – possibly bringing increased traffic). I came for the thigh tattoos and stayed for the dude getting his kit off in the middle of the course. Nothing to see here….normal day…carry on…

  36. kRAUZber says:

    Hex is just a non-disgusting Buzz SS.

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