Adidas Tour 360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoes Full Review | Better than Pro SL? Find out NOW!

A full review of the Adidas Tour 360 XT SL Golf Shoes. Find out what they are like to own, wear and whether or not you should purchase these or the Footjoy Pro SL for the summer golf season!

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    15 Replies to “Adidas Tour 360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoes Full Review | Better than Pro SL? Find out NOW!”

    1. Did you ever notice tearing at the sole with your lead-turning foot?

    2. Dermot says:

      I purchased these shoes a few months ago. They have caused me nothing but issues. My heels were cut and blistered from them. I used padded socks, Compeed plasters but it's still very painful even though they are the correct shoe size. If you don't want to be limping around the course I wouldn't get them.

    3. mark hooper says:

      Just bought a pair of black Adidas 360 XT-SL 2 shoes and don`t like them. I`ve always been a size 9 but when I squeeze my feet into these narrow fitting shoes the lace holes are really wide apart and I feel like my feet are bulging out over the sole. I`m returning them so couldn`t wear them on the course but I can`t imagine these being stable as my feet would just roll over due to the lack of sole width. In addition to this, Adidas continue to use the spongy mid-sole material that has proved completely impossible to clean(white version), not sure how the black spongy stuff will look like after a muddy winter round.

    4. Kamrul Hasan says:

      is it good for cricket?

    5. How waterproof are they? Needing waterproof shoes for the Scottish rain.

    6. Peter Brewer says:

      Shoe gave me blisters on the heel. First shoe that has ever done that. So obviously the worst shoe I have ever worn.

    7. omega con4 says:

      They do NOT look really wide if you're an American who is used to shoes with roomy toe boxes. But I agree that they are a departure from the slim-foot usual Adidas offerings.

    8. Brett S says:

      Alright what's the shirt

    9. James Harvey says:

      Any chance you've got your hands on the BOA version?

    10. Any chance of a review of the taylormade X Peter millar clothing

    11. Awesome Effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Making That ££££

    12. BTatHome says:

      BTW. As a Tour360 user in the past I feel therenis more boost in these than previously.

    13. BTatHome says:

      Stunning shoes. Love em!

    14. good review, is there a pair of golf shoes that dont look super wide, looking down on them?

    15. Another great review😂 will be getting a pair of these soon 🏌️

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