Adidas Tour360 XT vs Adidas Tour360 XT SL – Adidas golf shoes comparison

Here’s my Adidas golf shoes comparison video. I’ve compared the very popular Adidas Tour360 XT golf shoes with the equally Adidas Tour 360 XT SL golf shoes – hopefully this helps you answer the great question, should you buy spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

Which one do you think is the best? Let me know down in the comments!

Here’s my Tour360 XT review –
Here’s my Tour 360 XT SL review –

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Buy Tour360 XT online –
Buy Tour 369 XT SL online –




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    12 Replies to “Adidas Tour360 XT vs Adidas Tour360 XT SL – Adidas golf shoes comparison”

    1. You can buy these shoes from adidas here –

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    2. KidWilson33 says:

      at 3:45 you can see your boost has a big rip in it. Has that gotten worse? I have some and noticed a tiny rip as well.. Cheers

    3. Luda_ yanez says:

      Would there be any chance that we could see some new balance striker or fresh foam linkspro shoe reviews??

    4. quantumf666 says:

      I have the older Adidas spiked 360s and bought a new pair of the XT SLs last summer, as I wanted to move to spikeless. First few rounds were great, I appreciated the lightness, not needing to change shoes anymore, no grass getting stuck in spikes. Then the problem came. On the outside of my left foot (as a RH golfer), the boost part of the SL shoe started to seperate from the upper, and after 4 rounds you could start to fit your finger into the gap. I replaced under warranty, as I thought it was a one off. Second pair has exactly the same issue and I had to get my money back. I noticed a few people on instagram were reporting exactly the same issues, and I am guessing it comes from the pressure exerted on the left foot on the downswing. I really liked the shoe a lot, and was sad to have to send it back. It's difficult to give them a third attempt, but your review is making me wonder!

    5. Adam Howells says:

      I bought a pair of puma pwradapt golf shoes a few weeks back with the red spikes underneath for £90 because they looked really comfortable but my feet have been in agony wearing them, could recommend a trainer like golf shoe that are soft on the soles please?

    6. I love adidas shoes but do you find adidas slightly on the small end of sizes ?

    7. Nice comparison review 👍 I have a few pairs of the spiked and one pair of the SL. On one pair of the XT I had some rubbing on the outside of the right heel which took a good few rounds to wear in. Could be a difference in manufacturing tolerances?? Apart from that both shoes are excellent and the XTs are fantastic in winter conditions as you say 🏌️‍♂️

    8. 3putt Pellè says:

      I walked one round with my tour 360 XTs and i wont do that again. I love the feel and traction…but the blisters on my heels were rough..i lost my match because i could barley walk after 8 holes..and ive had them a few months I just usually ride. The leather heels killed me. i love the look of the spikeless and really want a pair but will probably go code chaos instead.

    9. Ive been considering splashing out on a tour 360 shoe for a while…and for me the spikeless version would make more sense as we only really have wet condition for a month or two per year. I’m interested in a claim i saw somewhere this week that the right shoe can add distance off the tee…have you found this to be the case? I’;m thinking about doing a video to compare…barefoot up to maximum boost

    10. SmithyGolfs says:

      Nice video mate, enjoyed the second camera angle too 😁👍🏻

    11. I've been rocking the adidas tour 360 spiked for awhile and they are by far the most comfortable/best value in shoes. One of the reason why this shoe is best overall shoe is because of the leather heal, but your blister issues might make it a no go for me. Thoughts on your favorite spikeless shoe for 2020?

    12. What are the spikes as my home club has banned some Adidas spiked shoes.

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