airgun gun gear review range finder AOFAR 700HX unboxing first look and thoughts

#rangefinder #airgungear #airgunhunting #aofar700 #huntingrangefinder.
I simply purchased myself a brand new range finder the AOFAR 700HX as I bought my hawke lrf400
After watching some YouTube movies this was the one for me so on this videoit’s the first look at it and in just a few weeks I gives you my trustworthy opinion and suggestions of this


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    29 Replies to “airgun gun gear review range finder AOFAR 700HX unboxing first look and thoughts”

    1. Antony Evans says:

      Cracking! The Mrs got me one of these for the old rabbit hunting, looking forward to taking it out for a spin!

    2. Alan Clifton says:

      Can this be changed between yards and metres

    3. How did you get on with it?

    4. Kevin Race says:

      Just arrived off amazon didn't come with battery like it said so can't test it until tomorrow

    5. So after a few months of using what are your thoughts now please

    6. Thx for the introduction video, but where is the using, testing and review we are all waiting for? Stay healty!

    7. SparkyMTB says:

      Hey mate, it’s been 2 months.. have you done an updated review on this product yet…? I’ve been looking on Amazon & was thinking of getting this one so I’ve been trying to find reviews on the AOFAR HX-700n

    8. Hi. Enjoying going through your channel. Love your enthusiasm! This rangefider, are you still using it? Would you recommend it?

    9. Did I miss the part where you actually tested the thing?

    10. Nice vid mate just got one myself lkn forward to ur next vid so ave subbed u so I don't miss it

    11. Greo 76 says:

      I've got one of them bud. You won't be disappointed 😉👍

    12. You must be psychic, I was only on your channel last night looking to see if you had reviewed one of these and here you are hours later lol , thanks and will look forward to you using it

    13. Hiya bud another good video what was the reason for getting rid of the hawk one and how much is the one in this video I'm looking at getting a range finder at the moment

    14. What didn't you like about the hawk range finder??

    15. Looks like a nice little rangefinder, looking forward to see how it compares to the Hawke

    16. teas926 says:

      Cracking chanel mate, seen this yesterday and checking out your previous videos. I'm missing getting out at the minute, covid, weather is shite and just had knee surgery so the odds are stacked against me haha. Subbed.

    17. shovelhead8 says:

      Nice little rangefinder. Thank you for showing it to us, Andrew. Stay safe and stay warm

    18. Cannot remember what make mine is but it's very easy to use only complaint is batteries don't last so I've switched to rechargeable.

    19. Lottie says:

      Great review, handsome smile xx

    20. Very good mate, I've seen these myself on Amazon. Be great to see how you get on with it. 👍👍

    21. You completely missed the most important part of the review. How does the microfiber cloth perform. Please start again or do a separate review about the best bit.

    22. All Good says:

      They are good but if you no your craft judging distance gets easy in my opinion 👍

    23. darren m says:

      thanks buddy i think i need to use instagram more so i don't miss out on any more goodies in the future .can't wait for the next video on the hw95 happy hunting

    24. darren m says:

      glad i've just watched your video i was looking at range finders and couldn't make my mind up,after looking at yours i'm now decided !why did you sell the hawke rangefinder

    25. Brother I found a Halo 450 on eBay for 55$ USD, New in the box, that not only is spot on accurate but also does angles. Honestly for an air gunner or even the moderate powder burner shooter…man it is hard to beat. The range finder you showed us IS the BOMB and very nice but to be fair for the money isn’t the best value for our fellow shooters. I am looking forward to your future reviews on this unit. I am always looking for this next best thing like you. Thank you for your time and hard work getting this info out to us God bless my friend.

    26. L D says:

      Great ! I Need one , launch a give away ! , good review, as usual !

    27. Simon Tanner says:

      Looks good look forward to the honest opinion on this product 👍

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