Watch Rick Shiels & Peter Finch play a world unique few holes on the BRAND NEW Al Zorah Golf Course in Ajman! Course opens ninth December 2015



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    46 Replies to “Al Zorah Golf Club WORLD EXCLUSIVE”

    1. Jason Smith says:

      I miss Randy From fried eggs.

    2. Meet Mavani says:

      You crossed 1 mil subs rick

    3. Chief says:

      That's awesome randy has the opening of the video to wish you guys good luck

    4. Bark Artist says:

      GUR In the trap… c’mon

    5. A bump and run?, I’m beginning to think that being a Pro is just a Job, but, having a Vlog channel pays better?😳

    6. Look at these four workers, out there all day for probably a fiver a day, who says life is fair?😳

    7. First Hole, call it Pete n Finches love Hole!?😳😂😎

    8. When your in a Country that could buy a Country nothing is too expensive….!😎

    9. Built with slave Labour, well, they May as well get paid in Peanuts because at least they’d have some good food!😳

    10. Captain Nemo says:

      game-wise nice looking course, environment-wise it looks desolate lol. but great video as always

    11. dementus420 says:

      You appear to be a lucky bastard Rick Shields. Enjoy it.

    12. Hi are u going to go back here

    13. Am I the only one bothered by the course etiquette? I saw him fill it with that soil which is fine, but after that you replace the divot. Why didn't he do that? Please tell me if iI missed something or if you don't agree , why?

    14. Tim Hoffman says:

      It feels like scuffing your new shoes

    15. Stump Jumper says:

      Love the bag. It would compliment my new Cobra golf clubs.😀

    16. Steve brown says:

      Amazing fairways and greens…..only thing missing is trees and scenery! No doubt ridiculous green fees

    17. dknisle1 says:

      A very active nipple. Lol

    18. Alan DLC says:

      hahaha the guy like "sir, you lost your ball, here it is"

    19. James M says:

      like the fairway looks in my dreams

    20. Crossfield is better i think

    21. beautifull golf course!!!!!!

    22. man bearpig says:

      what is gur, you said it when the ground keeper gave you your ball

    23. Is Peter wearing a BMW golf glove?

    24. which Callaway ball were you playing?

    25. Those island tees are sooooo cool!

    26. antonio says:

      Fried eggs??? Sweet tits!!!

    27. Rick – random question but what trousers are you wearing in this video?!

    28. You guys are as blessed as they come, getting to travel and play these courses around the world. And this one is even brand spanning new! Im very envious watching your guys' video's way over here in Kentucky, USA. Keep it up Rick!

    29. Matt Green says:

      Great to hear an Aussies voice on a Vlog again Rick. You'll need to come back down to Australia and do some more videos mate

    30. john uren says:

      I hope rick signed a glove for the green keeper he nearly hit!

    31. 99johnmatrix says:

      Petes banter leaves a lot to be desired

    32. Nibbler says:

      Good video… But Rick….. Looking a bit… Comfy?!

    33. I take it there's no winter rules!

    34. Joe Simmons says:

      Why did Darren have a flag in his cart?

    35. sanityd1 says:

      More golf courses in the desert where barely any of the locals play golf.
      And your Aussie sales and marketing manager fed you a Tourism Australia slogan to describe the UAE.

    36. Robert says:

      thats a course with a difference!! looks amazing , great vid lads 👍

    37. brian kurek says:

      i clikcked like before even watching..i love that in the uk we pick up grass to see which way the winds blowing..there…you just look at the sand. Enjoy guys

    38. Flatlandmike says:

      What shoes are you wearing Rick; or any one else know which under armor shoes are those?

    39. chatterton10 says:

      I genuinely laughed when Darren was sat amongst the bunker workers!!

    40. Amazing course!!! Best on course vid you two have had since sending Buzza and Company packing… 😉

    41. what an amazing beauty

    42. DMF Chavez says:

      every hole is a valley to rick

    43. Thanks guys looks amazing, what would be really cool would be an arial view from a drone.

    44. Adam Ko says:

      wow fly over as well now? great footage guys. 🙂

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