All-time flop shots but each one goes higher than the last

Check out some of the all-time great flop shots from PGA TOUR players, excluding majors and the Ryder Cup, with each one going higher than the one before it, featuring players like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and John Daly.


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34 Replies to “All-time flop shots but each one goes higher than the last”

  1. PGA proving Phil right…right?
    let's all cancel this page? why? this immature teen called PGA, is just promoting hate towards Phil. just go over, hit the flag, and cite hate, etc…cancel this page like most of you cancel statures and monuments in this nation…failed nation because of a failed people

  2. 4:23 I’ve done that before

  3. Ben Whealler says:

    Uhhhhhhhhh……..where is the flop king Phil? Oh yeah, I know why.

  4. I‘d assume next video would be „best leftie recovery shots“ and there would still be no phil

  5. Husker says:

    Love how everyone sees right through the intentional leaving out of Phil from this video haha. Just when I thought I’d already lost all respect for the PGA they do something like this and I lose a little bit more. The PGA is like a pouting child. Grow up!

  6. You guys are so soft for not including Phil

  7. Can't they show Phil Mickelson because he want to LIV??

  8. 3:41 @BryanBrosGolf you made it!

  9. I am a scratch golfer but man am I terrible at flop shots, these are awesome!

  10. tinyt31391 says:

    I miss watching AK play 🙁

  11. How can you have an all-time flop shot compilation on the PGA tour without Phil Mickelson?

  12. Rennie Ash says:

    8:00 this guy's such a flop ;p

  13. Alternative title name: All time flop shots from people who haven't played in LIV

  14. Everardo says:

    No Phil? This video is a flop then 👎🏼

  15. No Phil? PGA y’all have issues. Get some help.

  16. I noticed they act like LIV golfers don't exist anymore… LOL

  17. jon rahmis misinn no name no any board on competition for him wer is he jon rahm ur name is invisible nw a day in z compet 😢😢😢😮😮😮😮😮🙄🙄🙄

  18. There is nothing like watching a great flop shot.

  19. Not a single clip of Phil? Guess the PGA tour is still mad at him

  20. Jordan's flop shot at the Ryder Cup was the ultimate flop shot of all time. Where he almost ended up in the ocean.

  21. Tiger pulls the club away because he almost double-hit it.

  22. Jacob A says:

    PGA acting as if Phil didn’t make them millions by not including him in this video

  23. Phil Mickelson beats all these but he's the bad guy that put the PGA out of business so they won't show him lol

  24. Ivan E says:

    The disrespect on phil's not here is huge. 😂

  25. Don't tell me the pga does not hate phil. Not one clip from phil and 7 from tiger.

  26. CQuinitio says:

    leaving Phil out is a terrible attempt to change history. chat knows the truth. pga is cringe for this one.

  27. Fatpandaz28 says:

    Bro how are they not gonna show Phil’s flop at deucha bank

  28. How can you say " All-time flop shots" without Phil? I only clicked to see some Phil flops. Didn't know the PGA had " Lucas-ed " their own history. I've supported PGA vs LIV but this is just wrong!!

  29. Sam's Mum says:

    "All-time flop shots but we are going to act like 12 yr olds and blatantly omit the player who has literally given us the most flop shot highlights cause we are the PGA tour…."

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