Andrew Fish In The Bag 2022 | Discraft

Welcome to Andrew Fish’s 2022 In The Bag! Andrew has been with Staff Discraft for a few years now and have been refining his bag 12 months over 12 months. Fish shares a few of his new additions in addition to some previous staples which have been in his bag for years.

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    23 Replies to “Andrew Fish In The Bag 2022 | Discraft”

    1. Bohemen says:

      Excellent in the bag!

    2. Tynan Eggler says:

      Hell yeah, Fish rules! Always a joy to watch throw and possibly the best "in the bag" videos out there.

    3. love to watch especially when you know them and their local. Keep up the good work Fish, can't wait to see how you do next season!

    4. Roger Nock says:

      Where’s the Ratatat disc?

    5. sailfast2005 says:

      Your Tour Series Zone is one of my go-to discs. Just bought another one – love them and the Magritte stamp is $$$

    6. c0c0XanMan says:

      "I don't really throw Raptors backhand" two clips later backhand raptor park job

    7. Alex Banning says:

      Love me some Andrew Fish!

    8. Sam Inden says:

      Your Baltimore accent is so crisp. Love that

    9. bryan sans says:

      I was just thinking the other day how i wanted an update on your bag and you made it happen! Your philosophy on disc choice/strategy needs to be heard. I giggle with glee when i am browsing the used online section @ Lucky discs.

    10. Wes says:

      Trackers are the best fairway driver Discraft has ever produced!

    11. So glad to get a 2022 in the bag in November

    12. Ben Powers says:

      Please keep Fish as the commentator for the 2023 season!

    13. O. S. Ramo says:

      Man ive been playing at a high level since 07 and based on the similarities of our bags I could tell he plays like an og frisbee thrower fr

    14. Dustin Inge says:

      I like how Fish places each and every disc gently on the ground, respect

    15. Support Fish and save some money by using “Andrew10” when buying one of our bags. 👍

    16. BigSacCombo says:

      I’m happy to see more of Fish. I wasn’t aware of his commentary game until midway through the tour – but he is a joy to listen to. He’s knowledgeable and almost has conversations with whoever is co-hosting. Picking their brains on shots during coverage. I def enjoy listening to him cover tournaments. Keep killing it man.

    17. toiletfarm says:

      Trackers are amazing. Need these and Z Drones back in the lineup. Roach and Wasp in the bag too LFG Fish!

    18. shaolin_dg says:

      We need a Hanson on the bag too!

    19. Can't wait to see you shred in 2023!!

    20. Coop says:

      Fish the legend!!!!!

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