ANOTHER YOUTUBE GOLF CHANNEL?? // SM8 Wedges at the Par 3 (Back 9)

“Why am I watching this mustachioed man talk to a camera?” Well… time to peel those layers back. Like a ripened onion.

We are continuing on the back nine of the par 3 course with the new Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges to see if the Mevo+, E6 Connect, and the garage simulator practice is paying off. Along the way we learn about the origin story of our passion for golf and the rekindling of those flames that has unleashed whatever “this” is upon the world.

Hope you enjoy!


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    9 Replies to “ANOTHER YOUTUBE GOLF CHANNEL?? // SM8 Wedges at the Par 3 (Back 9)”

    1. BBB Golf says:

      Thanks for watching! What’s been your relationship with the mistress of golf?

    2. Recently stumbled upon your channel, loving the content! I’m a new golfer and recognize this par 3, I play it a good amount as well! Keep it up

    3. Thank you for your service, enjoying the content.

    4. DUDE! This is the most RE-LATE-ABLE content. you sucked me in bruh. Also, i get comments but I leave my glove on.

    5. Glad I’m not the only person who played hockey then started up a golf YouTube channel hahaha.

    6. Radom25 says:

      Same, played in HS and into my late 20's. Career and kids distracted me for most of my 30's. Just getting back into it after watching every golf channel on YouTube during covid. Did a bag refresh Callaway/Cleveland setup. Club tech has come a long way! Thanks for your service. Semper Fi.

    7. My 2 Cents says:

      Saw you comment on Mr. SG and decided to see what you were up to.
      Been trying to get better myself after moving from semi-retired to more semi-retired.
      Decided to try to keep it simple. Bought a set of Cobra One-Length on EBay. They came with Winn Dri-Tac grips. Went from wearing 2 gloves to no gloves. One of the YouTube golf guru for seniors convinced me to hold the grip very lightly for more clubhead speed. It works and I’ve never had a club slip, so why even bother with gloves?

    8. frostt1010 says:

      Great job on the channel. I’m kinda in the Same boat and it’s nice to see people in my same place. Looking forward to see what’s up next.

    9. pcmoose says:

      Only been playing since the fall of 2019. My mistress disappears in the winter month’s here in NC though. However, this year she is gonna stick around. I just finished my sim after watching yours and some other videos here on YouTube. I’m loving my Mevo plus right now. Can’t wait to keep my game improving over the winter. Keep the vids coming.

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