Appeasement | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast Episode 221

Life is filled with selections. And a elementary alternative is what you do for a dwelling and who you’re employed for. So it was disappointing to see Shawn Layden — a champion of PlayStation’s first get together video games for a run of excellent years — selecting to signal with Tencent as a Particular Advisor. As an ex-Fortune 500 government, Layden is already set for all times, and with a fame and monitor document like his, he can work anyplace and do something. He is chosen for use to assist normalize and strengthen Tencent’s western operation, and in our humble opinion, he has some explaining to do. Plus: We additional assess the catastrophic Grand Theft Auto VI leak (in addition to Rockstar’s response to it), EA’s new Iron Man sport (and its potential to be the subsequent Spider-Man), rumors circulating a few new PS5 mannequin (with a removable disc drive), and far more. Then: Listener inquiries. What is the financial technique behind Sq. Enix’s coming avalanche of releases? Is there a agency line in sport emulation that merely should not be crossed? In an trade so mired in unfavourable information, what’s a evident constructive we have recognized? The place the hell has Chris gone off to?

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0:00:00 – Intro
0:14:15 – How do we discover the appropriate stability for the present?
0:19:51 – What’s the standards for information that isn’t within the information part?
0:24:54 – Shawn Layden has joined Tencent
0:37:09 – Shuhei Yoshida talks about subscription providers
0:43:20 – A new PSVR2 trailer is out
1:03:08 – TheRealInsider has been uncovered
1:08:24 – No new Persona bulletins for Dustin
1:10:16 – Syphon Filter 2 could have a number of Hz choices
1:11:33 – Babylon’s Fall is being given away without spending a dime
1:13:45 – WrestleQuest is wanting cool
1:14:47 – Sackboy’s Massive Journey appears to be coming to PC
1:16:04 – What occurred with Ashfall?
1:23:37 – What have we been enjoying?
1:36:33 – Grand Theft Auto VI has leaked
1:59:26 – A new PS5 SKU might be within the works
2:12:44 – An Iron Man sport is on the way in which
2:19:13 – Konami is bringing Suikoden again
2:30:10 – Builders open up about Battlefield
2:37:14 – Embracer is hoping to not have one other flop
2:44:06 – NPD numbers for August have been launched
2:46:50 – Hole Knight: Silksong is coming to PlayStation
2:48:29 – Is it unsuitable to evaluation video games after which work for the developer?
2:54:25 – What’s up with Sq. Enix’s launch technique?
3:05:43 – What will get us excited for the way forward for video video games?
3:11:43 – Why don’t builders hearken to their followers?
3:18:13 – Can we play video games the place we don’t care in regards to the story?
3:2419 – Is it morally okay to pirate video games from shadily funded builders?


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    35 Replies to “Appeasement | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast Episode 221”

    1. Games are too expensive in the country I come from. These subscription services do make games more accessible for people like me. I don't mind waiting even 2 years to play a game and I'd also like to state that I'm not someone who believes in day 1 subscription release games being good for the industry in the long run. I think Sony is doing a good job by treating their service as a life cycle management service.

    2. Guy the Goth says:

      Colin: "I had a very nostalgic tugging for that game."

      Me: "Nostalgic tugging… story of my life…"

    3. People still buy games on the used games market and use disc drives. A lot of us do.

    4. Are the people taking tencent money any better then lebron James? Nike athletes making millions off Chinese slavery labor

    5. I'm using the disc drive.

      A new game is 800 Swedish kr or 80 dollars, but a physical one is 500kr/50 dollars. So i got Resident Evil: village on realease for 50 dollars. It's so much cheaper for new games with the disc version.

    6. JackFlash85 says:

      No we’re not OWED any info about GTA6. BUT.. R* deserved this. Why? Because they have had EVERYTHING their way since 2002 and have never had to answer for any of the bullshit they’ve pulled over recent years. They normalised micro transactions and no body really holds their feet to to the fire for it and no one knows why. Seeing them caught with their pants down for ONCE is just pure uncut karma.

    7. isturbo1984 says:

      "Ethics in gaming. I don't know what that means." I'll tell you what that means, Colin. I means when you are banging a journalist to give you coverage of your indie game and not only do you not disclose your personal relationship, but you lie about it and accuse everyone else of people misogynists… that would an example of BAD ethics in gaming.–Both on the journalist side and the developer side. Either you are feigning ignorance so not to piss off the pink hairs or you are ignorant. Which ever way, you sound like a fool.

    8. TheHOOfan1 says:

      To comment on Dustin's complaints about concert goers. The same thing happens at sporting events. I go to a lot of college football games, and often there are people standing on the stairway just socializing. So they are both blocking the view of people in their seats and blocking the stairway. Why did you even come to the game if you aren't going to watch it? If you want to stand there and talk and not watch the game, go up to the top of the steps where there is plenty of room to stand and not block anyones' view or block the stairs.

    9. Joseph Soda says:

      36:00 wow a multi millionaire is going to work and getting paid a huge amount of money at another multibillion company who would’ve ever thought. 

    10. Jonny S says:

      "Microsoft holding Call of Duty hostage" oh come the fuck on. Colin I love you but where the fuck was this talk when Sony made Spiderman exclusive, both the game and the character in Avengers. This is getting incredibly annoying with all this bias.

    11. You and druckmann are bff's though and you hype up last of us 2, completely disregard any valid criticism of it 🤣

    12. SABE MARU says:

      All emulation is completely morally correct. emulate last of us part 1 if you can, don’t worry about corps they’ll be just fine.

    13. Mecha Robots says:

      100% agree about valkyrie elysium about feeling like a great ps2 game and tbh it feels refreshing from alot of games I've played recently. Plus ive noticed it has multiple endings when searching through the trophies. If you want to help with the platinum play the game on hard

    14. Mickbelfast says:

      Oh no…. Rockstar got hacked. This is the company who stopped supporting red dead redemption 2 solely because people weren’t buying gold bar microtrasactions. The company who rushed out a remastered trilogy to new gen consoles that were mobile versions. The company that’s charged you for the same game over 3 generations. The company with gaming biggest gender pay gap. The company who shuts down mods. Ohh no god help them

    15. LouTronZ says:

      Shawn Layden has gone full Tom Tuttle!

    16. In regards to the ign/naughty dog story, I also find it weird that people who professionally review games also do hosting for their events and conferences. Why would I trust the opinion of a reviewer who was just paid to sell their games a few weeks or months prior. It's just weird.

    17. MichaelKenos says:

      Dice, stopped listening to their fans after Bf4.

    18. asimb0mb says:

      Wow you guys are way more optimistic about PSVR2's price than me. I think it's going to be $500 minimum. The inflation crisis from Sony's perspective would make them quite hesitant to price it too low and then have to raise the price afterwards just like with the PS5. Whether or not it will be $400 at launch, I don't think it really matters because it will not be able to stay that way. 100% it's going to be $500 at launch or down the line. The inflation crisis has only just begun.

    19. Maxi Lopez says:

      Alanah pearce at Santa Monice
      Goldfarb at Sucker Punch
      and Dornbush at Naughty Dog.

      You're right Colin, this is slowly starting to become a trend and it's certainly weird.

    20. Shawn layden joined tencent bc they are buying Playstation and Shawn will help mesh Playstation into tencent

    21. Jack Rudrum says:

      Shaun Laydon is a sell out then. Tercent literally started with money put forwards by the CCP's intelligence services. So it's not even like it's just the money. They are literally part of a genuine threat to our entire way of life. They were setup to acquire IP and technology from foreign countries and use it to further the aims of the CCP and its offshoots.

    22. Falsi Corgi says:

      If they're truly tracking your fovea, that really only accounts for a 2 degree solid angle on your visual system so you could get pretty granular if they're accurate

    23. ChrisSavage says:

      I gotta agree with Colin. Dornbush giving TLOU2 a 10/10, then getting a cozy job at naughty dog 2 yrs later, is weird as f**k. I like Dornbush to, talented individual, but when I saw this, I was like what.

    24. Rob says:

      America has done much worse than China and they are okay with hiring Americans. I'm surprised China would trust an American after all the CIA ops we've done to China and everyone else around the world. I'm excited about this because Sean definitely has skill and I'm excited to see what he can do with the freedom of speech and non-woke culture in China. America is far more totalitarian than China. America will end your whole life if you say something racist, sexist, anti-gay, or anti-vaccine. Meanwhile America funds terrorist groups like ISIS to attack syraa and Iran, Ukraine to attack Russia and Taiwan to attack China while we arrest our own citizens for protesting an election.

    25. Jack Call says:

      I mean this is the same thing as LIV golf. They don’t care about the blood money and they are certainly enjoying it. I think this idea is majorly over-exaggerated. I wrote this before I heard Colin reference LIV haha but he’s totally right, it’s the same thing

    26. Zach Wagoner says:

      Colin, if you like slay the spire and played magic back in the day, you should check out Marvel Champions. It's got some Magic, Spire and other deckbuilder similarities, but it is very similar to Spire in that you play against the game. I'm totally addicted to it and is so fun to play solo.

    27. 1:58:45 where colin talks about the two things people want from employers – Respect and money. Spot on. Just left a job after being utterly shit on for 5 years. Will be making more money and the owners actually give a fuck. Crazy right

    28. LouTronZ says:

      Dustin lookin like Hermey the Misfit Elf with that hair tho!

    29. Sony just wants that $70 from the get go.

    30. Matt Skora says:

      The Ashfall shit is hilarious. Can’t believe they never trademarked their name. It does seem amateur

    31. Tyler Barse says:

      The way you guys think about Game Pass is flawed. You draw too much of a 1 to 1 comparison to netflix/Disney+. The major problem with that is game pass is combined with digital distribution. Microsoft doesn't pay 100 Million for a game, and only get that money back on subscribers. At 30% of a 60$ game, microsoft earns roughly 20$ per sale on xbox. You only need 5 million sales to recoup that initial 100 Million investment.

    32. Ekim says:

      Chinese corps aren't the only ones with dirty hands, western corps do as well. So I don't think you can act like it's "blood money" because the USD$ has some bloody ties to it as well.

    33. An American being critical of the Chinese government. What a meme. Sure glad American doesn’t do genocide or economic inequality.

      Anyhow, get some people of color on here.

    34. I think the Nvidia leak is the biggest leak in gaming history…more so than the GTA6 leak

    35. Belphegore says:

      This is why I only go to extreme metal gigs where the girls there are moshed out of the front within 2 songs or tough bitches who get what's happening 😅

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