Are English Laundry Fragrances Still Worth Buying in 2022? | Best Cheap Fragrances


Fragrances Featured:

English Laundry Cambridge Knight
English Laundry Windsor
English Laundry Oxford Bleu
English Laundry Smug
English Laundry Riviera


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    22 Replies to “Are English Laundry Fragrances Still Worth Buying in 2022? | Best Cheap Fragrances”

    1. Scoob Jones says:

      For 15 to 20 bucks yes these hit

    2. Delano Scott says:

      Thanks for the follow-up video. This has often been one of my favorite houses, with Signature, Arrogant and Riviera being my top choices. Signature always gave me that “fresh out the barbershop” feel.

    3. Vadim Morton says:

      Definitely need to tried them now. Ive always passed on them at the racks stores cause of the extremely low price and cheap looking bottle thinking theyre super synthetic.

    4. Jeff Tenore says:

      Because of your reviews I got two multi packs at the rack stores.
      Really like Riviera and Oxford Blue. Got a large Tahitian Waters that is great for summer here in Florida!

    5. you may outgrow them or find better alternatives but I've enjoyed exploring them from rack stores and am surprised at how much I still use them. Love Riviera and Signature and wear them regularly – Riviera as a short-lived relaxing scent before bed, and Signature on cool days when I want the Le Male DNA without the vanilla and get decent performance. Cambridge Knight is a solid like that enters rotation mostly after evening showers or when I'm looking for a mature light blue scent outside of my normal wears. The rest can get lost in the shuffle or have become redundant but may pull them out occasionally. Tahitian Waters is my SOTD actually…. got it recently and have been playing with it. I generally get 2-3 hours out of them but there's plenty of times when that's long enough and the little sampler bottles easily fit in a pocket.

    6. Oxford Bleu is my favorite of the line….so much that I have 2 100ml bottles and the little 20ml for travel!!!!!!! My wife likes it as well which is saying something.

    7. I see boxed full presentation versions of Riviera at rack stores. Are those long-lasting or are they reformulated too? Would like to upgrade my tester bottle but don't wanna end up with another reformulated one.

    8. Meeklo One says:

      Arrogant by English Laundry is one of my all-time favorites. The smell is so clean and fresh like fresh laundered clothes. I do have a problem with the name though, I think it's one of the seven deadly sins? Hope you're doing good bro. Salutations from Texas

    9. Rod T says:

      I love English Laundry Fragrances. I don't care what anyone says. Riviera, T Waters, Oxford Bleu, Crown, Signature, Noir Castle…all smell great. Cambridge Knight is ridiculously good. If people hate…oh well more for me!

    10. Daze says:

      Crown is the real deal 🔥

    11. adam crosby says:

      I have ,Cambridge Knight,London, and Tahitan Waters I get 8 hours out of TW,5hours out of CK

    12. Jay Lockwood says:

      Idk why but I just really dislike every English laundry I’ve ever smelled. I got a set of minis with 4 or 5 different scents from English laundry and threw them all in the trash. The set had riviera, Oxford blue, and I forget what else. Me and my girlfriend both agreed they were trash.

    13. I know you hate Notting Hill but I like it cuz it reminds me of my Dad's Signature scent of RL Safari but a more peppery citrus than aldehydic.

    14. I got one of the 4 packs of the 20ml bottles and it had Cambridge Knight, Crown, Oxford Bleu, and London. Pretty sweet little collection for around $20 from Marshall’s. I used all of Cambridge Knight but I think my overall favorite is Crown.

    15. Lazarus Rex says:

      With all the frag craze right now, we're a little spoiled these days lol. But I personally wouldn't rule any of these fragrances off due to performance. The smells are still really good.

      Care bags/baskets are a forgotten gift idea for birthdays and holidays. At these prices, just peel off the sticker, toss in a bag and you're good to go.

      ESPECIALLY for a teen or early twenty something just learning the impact of smelling good. These frags are great quality for them and look pretty good lined up on a dresser to boot (the youngins' have their priorities in order lol).

      Worse comes to worse, you can get refillable travel safe atomizers really cheap online. Refill and take with you.

    16. Justin Brown says:

      Interested in selling Riviera lol? I love that stuff, just want one of the stronger bottles.

    17. When I first started watching your channel, you were singing the praises of Cambridge Night, so I decided to buy it from Burlington. It led to me buying 3 more: Tahitian Waters, Signature, and Riviera. I really like them all and got full presentations of each for $15. I use them primarily as day wears.

    18. Nebu Heru says:

      I have Tahitian Waters EDP. This one doesn't show up at the rack stores that often. It's a loose bottle that I purchased around April. This thing is NUCLEAR. 24 hours with 6-8 sprays. Been getting in a lot of samples lately so it has fallen out of rotation. May give it a wear next week. Smells great. BTW……I use Goo Gone to take all the gunk off the bottles after I remove the price tag. It's like the price tag was never there😉

    19. It’s been awhile since your last English Laundry vlog.
      I have the whole English Laundry line. My go to brand since I travel for work overseas.
      My least favorite is Nottinghill. My favorite is a toss up between Tahitian Waters and Riviera.

    20. Great Video! 80% of English laundry fragrance are good scents. Especially on the goo or out the shower. I need to revisit my collection and open back up to them. Thanks for reminding me! 💯👍🏼

    21. Jerome Kirby says:

      Great video. I have several English Laundry fragrances that are good but as my collection has grown I never reach for them because I have others that I would rather wear. Not sure if I have older bottles but performance was decent with London being worst as you said. My favorites were Tahitian Waters followed by Rivera then Cambridge Knight. The one I did not like was Notting Hill. Thanks my man.

    22. I picked up riviera about a week ago at TJ Maxx and I love it.

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