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    1. Still playing a 2 model old combo set of srixon 785 7-pw 585 4-6

    2. thatguy212 says:

      I play ping g10 hand me downs and absolutely love them I don’t see paying anywhere near these ridiculous prices

    3. JREvora says:

      Appreciate your doing this. Proves that new doesn't always mean better. Cheers.

    4. TM speedblades. Been playing them since 2014
      Been wondering this regarding should I upgrade

    5. Been playing DCI'S for over 20 years.. cracking clubs… but if I can afford it I'm having some p790's soon… solely because they are more forgiving of poor shots and that's the whole point.
      It's not about your best or standard shots with either club it's about getting away more with your poorer efforts..imo

    6. flakeyjay says:

      MP32's in the house! Losing distance as I approach the 50! Clubbing up now…

    7. Keith Finley says:

      Ping i3 Blades… perfect design.

    8. Who U calling O L D Bass??? Lol

    9. Dalton says:

      I just got my first set of clubs ever and was told they are 40 years old

    10. I have some Ben Hogan CFT's from 2003, beautiful and perform great ⛳🍻

    11. Luke Fisher says:

      I've got an old Wilson Blue Ridge Sam Snead 2 iron in the bag and won't be parting with it.. EVER! Ha ha! Punch shots, off the tee, bump and runs. It can do it all. Only thing it can't do is serve me a cocktail after. My set is taylormade rocketblades driver thru sand wedge. We're getting along just fine.

    12. None of the fancy digits for me, just old-fashioned hickory sticks.

    13. Nelson James says:

      Used to have the DCI 962 many moons ago and thoroughly enjoyed them. Better design (looks) in my estimation too.

    14. Papa Shuk says:

      2014 Callaway Xhots and was recently at a top fitter and they said with my swing , face to path, & and speed, new irons would not change my game enough to justify the $2G’s.

    15. I have benross set had them 5 years ish they are functional and I'm to much of Yorkshire man

    16. Thomas Ryan says:

      26 year old Niklaus the Bear irons.

    17. Leon John says:

      How do they let you swing a club. Lock this man away!

    18. Careful Mark, Calloway will send a squad after you 🤗. Currently playing a set of Hogan blades from 1966. Could not be happier with them. I’m a high handicapper, recently switched to blades. Will never go back to game improvement irons. Nice video.

    19. chuckyz2 says:

      ZX7's I have had lots of irons, these kill them all.

    20. I have a set of 1970s Wilson Staff Tour Blades I play regularly and score mid 80s with them the same has my Mizuno MP62. Where I see the best gain is in the new technology in the fairway metals and driver, currently playing Ping G400 also putt with a original 1977 Wilson 8802 35 inch.

    21. Bath Man says:

      I was looking at Ping G400s but my club fitter had a set of lightly used Taylor Made RAC HT in 3 to SW, circa 2008. Great soft feeling, forgiving and long irons that can mix it with today's best game-improvers. They cost me £200 with a full regrip.

    22. Greg Carroll says:

      Another of golf club Industry strategy is Marketing. A high end Walmart cooler ,$ 72.00, was barely beaten by a $400.00 Yeti. Golf Clubs, Apples to Apples, not much different from the technology of 30 years ago.

    23. Jacob Koehn says:

      I live these old vs new comparison. Shows people how much the companies “lie” to them

    24. What about the genuinely new type of clubs; the single length? I’ve heard a lot about how hard they are to adjust to but would you recommend them to someone starting out? Would beginners eventually have to transition to variable length clubs as some channels have suggested?

    25. Got set of maxfli revolution that still come out

    26. tldr2yLeader says:

      Mizuno tzoid comp ez from about 20 years ago. Love em. also prefer the weaker lofts

    27. Short answer: no
      Long answer: no

    28. Mp32s love them, have jpx850 also but love the mp32s

    29. Dave howells says:

      Wilson 1200ge irons from the late 80's. I haven't tried recent irons to compare, but I still hit the old irons pretty well

    30. The Bigleone says:

      I game Srixon Z 745’s. I can’t find anything better to replace them with.

    31. Bassorb says:

      Got them Tommy Armour 845s over sized…they came out in the early to mid 90s

    32. briarmeadow says:

      Old clubs better than new ? Club heads / grooves wear, shafts tire. Are the old designs better than new? Great question. Today, there are more shaft options, clever engineering for game improvement irons. Seems that blades stay blades, but the rest is always up for redesign with latest greatest this or that. I think the ability to fine tune shaft / club head / golf swing combinations is the big change over the past. How are those Ping Eye 2's doing? Would they perform better with different shafts that weren't an option when you first bought them? Could they beat what's currently in your bag?

      I see a lot of golfers 'over club' themselves with eye candy irons when they'd really be better off with something a little less 'player'. I had some MP32's for a year. Lovely clubs to hit, but my strikes weren't / aren't up to the level needed for consistent distance off a bladed iron. After I had my shot at it, I stepped back to what worked best and continued on my goal to breaking 80, a goal reached a couple years later. It was a fun quest and improved my love of the game as i learned more about equipment, my swing and a big dose of course management.

    33. Aaron Petrie says:

      I’m gaming DCI 981’s 3-SW, had them since new. A couple lengthy breaks in between but been back playing more and more the last couple years. Can’t imagine newer stronger lofted clubs, distance not an issue for me and quite happy hitting 8 iron 150

    34. RAC LT, 2006. Going nowhere!

    35. TP11's classy butterknives from Hiroshima and I'm currently hitting them better and further than ever!

    36. mryoun says:

      I play Mizuno Mp-53. Top-notch.

    37. After 2am says:

      I have a Full set of DCI in the garage that where my Grandfathers…Maybe time to regrip and take them for a spin for my granddad!

    38. Paul Shirley says:

      I have Mizuno MP-32 irons (3-PW) bought them new 14 years old and I still use them every time I play. Best irons I have ever used.

    39. Joel Crow says:

      MP4 and MP650…no need to change they still work great 👍🏻

    40. Ping Eye 2s still in the bag

    41. I have a set of i210s and a set of Karsten 1s. The loft of the old clubs is basically a club different. Loft for loft they’re the same for distance, as near as makes no difference, the same for spin, but the new ones are more forgiving and prettier.

    42. Mark DeGreef says:

      Still using my Callaway X-20’s. 10 years old at this point. Keep trying the new clubs this year and I just can’t hit any of them better, so I’m sticking with what works.

    43. john hassall says:

      I've got mizuno tp9s, I've had them 20 years,, and they were old when I bought them 🤣

    44. Ollie Grant says:

      Ping ISI-Ks with Callaway Steelhead Plus woods. Both 98/99. Love those irons

    45. My KZG blades are from '01 and are glorious.

    46. Watched again…..seems the dci ball flight tower over the t100. What’s driving that?

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