Arthritis Doesn't Have to Be The End of Your Golf LIfe


In 2010, Phil Mickleson’s future was in query when he was identified with Psoriatic Arthritis. On this episode of Golf Smarter, which has by no means been made public earlier than, Scott Burg and Jeff Ciolek of the Cleveland Clinic focus on Mickleson’s profitable battle, and that golfers affected by arthritis are usually not solely inspired to hold taking part in, however that this prognosis doesn’t have to be the top of taking part in golf.


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    1. Robert Court says:

      I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and i can confirm it's bloody awful! Here in the UK the cheapest medications for it have horrendous side effects for the majority of people. Took me 6 or 7 years after diagnosis to be out on an effective medication with manageable side effects. I had to stop playing golf for those years. Thankfully I'm able to play again, it's just hard being a 40 year old in a 60 year old body!

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