Asking golfers what their handicap is part 22 #shorts #golf


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1v1 bracket golf challenge on course is insane CRAZY challenge playing golf, goes to California. Golf Course challenge elimination march madness added more golfers. Also an 18 hole scramble Good Good.

Not Golf, 7 Man Knockout or Golf, golf knockout Celebrity Guest, number one course, three club challenge, blindfold, or any other video.
This is a knockout challenge / Kansas City Golf / Crazy Knockout Golf / Golf Challenge / Pursell Farms with friends and the greatest golf channel ever!!

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17 Replies to “Asking golfers what their handicap is part 22 #shorts #golf”

  1. My word those shots are pure

  2. Rounder says:

    Why are the goofiest looking dudes the PUREST golfers 🤣 kid is PURINA 👊🏼💯

  3. Chaz Betman says:

    I actually believe this dudes a 3

  4. Why would you ask someone to bring 1 club to play their favorite bucket list course? Why not just ask what course would you love to play, period

  5. JHaM says:

    Finally someone who actually knows their handicap instead of saying they're a 2 because they got a birdie once.

  6. Best swing so far on these videos

  7. D Lenny says:

    Looks like a scr

  8. Brian Carter says:

    Buick open
    Warwick hills CC
    Cobra oversized irons
    3 wood metal

  9. Yeah like I'm sure if you got to play Augusta National you'd only take one Club. Who comes up with these questions?

  10. pulsar_ says:

    I thought he meant pick one out of wedges, irons, or woods 😂

  11. Fred Couples style 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  12. Brian Carter says:

    Greensboro open.
    Ping, irons Callaway woods, TaylorMade wedges ft joy shoes

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