Audemars Piguet's Black Panther Watch Reviewed and Revisited

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. At face worth, there’s nothing controversial about one of the lauded luxurious watch designs of all time. However the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Idea Black Panther Flying Tourbillon (26620IO.OO.D077CA.01) turned one of the controversial luxurious watches of all time. With its hyperlink to Marvel’s “Black Panther” franchise, an enormous wrist presence, loads of purple, and an engraved white gold miniature of the T’Challa himself, the Royal Oak Idea waded into controversy from the primary.

As “Black Panther: Wakanda Eternally,” rolls into theaters, it is value analyzing the preliminary fruits of Marvel’s collaboration with Audemars Piguet.

Let’s be clear, a $162,000 luxurious watch is foolish by nature. The literal presence of a comic book ebook character would not make the watch any extra “comical”; that is not doable! No person wants such a factor, so a Black Panther watch is not much less professional a “luxurious” watch than a comparably priced F.P. Journe Resonance Chronometer. Each are articles of luxurious, and “luxurious,” by definition, is surplus to an individual’s fundamental wants.

That stated, any 42mm purple panther watch goes to stir controversy. Luxurious watch collectors are typically a conservative group. Staid Rolex sports activities watches outsell the adventurous flights of fancy from Grand Seiko; F.P. Journe’s classical designs outsell the avant garde of Urwerk, MB&F, and De Bethune. So a big watch with a distinguished superhero on the dial invitations apparent second-guessing.

Technically talking, the AP Black Panther is a cool machine. A flying tourbillon gyrates whereas T’Challa watches in admiration. The Audemars Piguet caliber 2965 is a manual-wind 72 hour energy reserve that comes with a tourbillon regulator bereft of its higher bridge. Ending is haute horlogerie all through, and fascinating “Wakandan” motifs adorn the bridges. On the dial aspect of the watch, AP watchmakers expose the mainspring by skeletonizing the barrel in matching Wakandan motifs.

Dial aspect design is dominated by the determine of the Panther himself. The character is laser-cut and then hand-engraved. Further element arrives courtesy of a painter expert in miniatures. As a result of extraordinary quantity of handbook craftsmanship, no two figures might be an identical. A purple rehaut hammers residence the Panther’s signature colour, and extra Wakandan grids are depicted on the dial base.

Whereas the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Idea Black Panther Flying Tourbillon was priced at $162,000 for retail patrons, all 250 examples of this restricted version have been bought; the sellout was speedy. Used / preowned costs are variable, however no sellers are providing this look ahead to lower than $350,000. Used costs of just about $500,000 have been documented. Regardless of the preliminary controversy over an ultra-luxury Marvel Comics watch, the folks have spoken: Wakanda Eternally.

All of this plus watch collector wrist pictures might be featured on this episode of “Watches Tonight!”

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    27 Replies to “Audemars Piguet's Black Panther Watch Reviewed and Revisited”

    1. Some bike racer… blasphemy

    2. Herb Merced says:

      Catching show super later….I think Alpine Eagle is lovely!

    3. Gary Smith says:

      I’m going to say what nobody here is saying. When the Black Panther AP was released, it was also ridiculed because it themed a black cast Marvel film. I recall Roman Sharf of luxury Bazaar calling it the “BBC”. A bit racist if you ask me.

    4. Amintas Neto says:

      Welcome back Tim! I was missing the show!! So have to see it back. Best, Amintas

    5. Enrico P says:

      Thank you Alp for this serie on the A. Lange story, great job!

    6. Gel Mibson says:

      Woo! Timmieboi is back….

    7. David Datura says:

      I pretty much only watch YouTube on my TV.

    8. I love this show 🇬🇧🇺🇸

    9. AC says:

      Glad you are back and at ‘em, Tim!

      The 5091 Sculpture is a real sleeper. It is very comfortable and incredibly legible. It wears larger that its nominal meansurements suggest and presents way better in person than in photos… plus no one has one. 🙂

    10. 11:41 I was explained by an AP employee that François-Henry Bennahmias had some comics/star wars collectibles in his office. So it would not surprise me that he had that watch done to live his other passion and to approach this hard to reach world from Europe (DC, Marvel, SW, etc.)

    11. Nef says:

      DB "acquired by investors", turned the corner because of someone we all know. Who even paid them attention before that? A similar story as FPJ and Moser. If you build it Tim, they will come.

    12. valebliz says:

      Lol few people ever heard of Rossi outside bike racing? Says alot more about the US than about Rossi.

    13. Those Alpine Eagle dials – wow, I haven’t seen any of those before! Why don’t they have them on their website?

    14. Walter Bond says:

      DB28 Steel Wheels just needed a little Outkast in their original marketing campaign 🙂

    15. Bruno Njezic says:

      So glad to see you back. This was really enjoyable

    16. P.T. says:

      Thanks Tim & team. Kindly. PT.

    17. Caleb Brown says:

      I always watch this on my tv. Haha you’re on tv Tim

    18. Stephen says:

      Watchbox probably buying these ugly watches for pennies and then they hype them up on the channel and sell for a big profit…

    19. Tim: Welcome back. Two points. 1. Your comment at 10:48 "We wouldn't have seen quite the same level of backlash if it was Captain America or Ironman watch." You said so much in so few words. Thank you. 2. As you mentioned, 4 is a bad luck number in Asia because, in some languages (including Chinese and Japanese), it sounds the same as the word for "death". Six is an issue for some Japanese, but not for Chinese. But what really made me laugh was they made 946 watches. Nine is definitely bad luck as it sounds like the word for "pain". So 94 could be interpreted as painful death! Word to the wise: stick with 8s in Asia.

    20. Adam Smith says:

      Glad you’re back tim. The watch Internet just isn’t the same without watches tonight

    21. Such a good answer to the question about whether he likes calatravas. Gotta feel like rock and roll on the wrist. But also don't pull the trigger right away if it does. That feeling can be a mirage sometimes.

    22. M G says:

      To a large extent I think DB owes much of its late success to Tim and Watchbox.

    23. M G says:

      Best watch show on you tube. Thanks Tim

    24. Adrian Burke says:

      Great show tonight, Tim! Cool topic. I agreed with most of those.

    25. Joseph Wilk says:

      If only it was possible to get the Alpine Eagle Maritime Blue…

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