Awesome Golf Simulator UPDATE! NOW Garmin R10 Compatible! (First Look & Review)

Awesome Golf Simulator Software program is now suitable with the Garmin R10 Strategy Golf Launch Monitor! Be careful first look evaluate utilizing the superior golf simulator software program paired with Garmin R10 as we show photographs, present knowledge outcomes, and even play digital golf.

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About Awesome Golf Simulator Software program


Serving to golf simulator house owners and driving ranges attain a brand new degree of enjoyable and delight by making it simple to play and compete along with pals, household and youngsters.

Play Outside, Invite Your Buddies Spherical & Hit Some Golf Balls
Powered by FlightScope’s 3D Doppler radar expertise this dependable, correct knowledge seize offers you unimaginable perception into your sport.

Invite your mates spherical for golf, take them on in aggressive video games, play together with your children or enhance your sport.

The Garmin Strategy R10 transportable golf launch monitor makes use of radar to investigate a number of metrics like your membership path, launch angle, ball pace, and estimated distances and path. It doesn’t use GPS, however based mostly on its placement to the bottom, will probably be in a position to present shot knowledge with out GPS knowledge or elevation data. The accuracy for the radar metrics are outlined beneath.

Garmin R10 Radar Accuracy

Measured by radar

Membership head pace accuracy: +/- 3 mph
Ball pace accuracy: +/- 1 mph
Launch angle accuracy: +/- 1 diploma
Launch path accuracy: +/- 1 diploma

Calculated by algorithm

Membership face angle accuracy: +/- 2 levels
Apex peak accuracy: +/- 5 toes
Carry distance accuracy: +/- 5 yards

The accuracy will depend on correct placement of the Strategy R10.

Wonderful-tune your sport

With the Garmin Strategy R10’s new Coaching Mode characteristic, golfers can monitor stats for every membership and simply break down a slick shot dispersion chart based mostly on estimated ball flight.1 As soon as coaching is out of the way in which, customers can take their sport worldwide with the Residence Tee Hero simulator and luxuriate in pleasant weekly tournaments with all of the scores posted to a leaderboard on the Garmin Golf app.2 What’s extra, routinely recorded video clips displaying actual stats overlaid on every shot could be saved within the cloud so golfers can see and analyze their very own swing.

And with the introduction of the Garmin Golf app premium membership, Garmin Strategy R10 house owners can reap the benefits of a free 30-day trial to just about check out programs earlier than a visit or programs near dwelling with the Residence Tee Hero golf simulator. As well as, premium members obtain entry to weekly tournaments that supply a brand new random course each week. The Garmin R10 additionally supplies direct compatibility with the E6 CONNECT library3 of content material with photorealistic programs that may be performed at any time to reinforce the general {golfing} expertise.

The Garmin R10 features a versatile telephone mount that golfers can simply connect to a golf bag or place on the bottom as a kickstand to enhance viewing throughout play and accessibility with the Garmin Golf app. And with as much as 10 hours of battery life, golfers can play longer with the Strategy R10. Out there now, the Strategy R10 transportable golf launch monitor has a prompt retail worth of $599.99.

PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS 3.5″ x 2.8″ x 1″ (88.5 x 70.25 x 25 mm) with out tripod
With out tripod: 5.22 oz (148 g)
With tripod: 7.79 oz (220.8 g)

BATTERY TYPE inner rechargeable lithium-ion
as much as 10 hours


Work to enhance your shot consistency by monitoring metrics reminiscent of membership head pace, ball pace, spin, launch angle, launch path, smash issue and extra.

See and analyze your individual swing with video clips that characteristic your actual stats overlaid on every shot.

You and as much as three different golfers can possible play your individual dwelling course or perhaps a course you’re going to play in your subsequent journey with digital rounds2 for greater than 42,000 worldwide programs.

The E6 Join library of content material (not included) is suitable with Strategy R10. With E6 Join, simply play photorealistic programs everytime you need.

00:00 Awesome Golf + Garmin R10 Intro
02:28 Awesome Golf Vary Overview
04:17 Awesome Golf Teaching Mode
06:39 Awesome Golf Shootouts Mode
08:52 Awesome Golf Strategy Pictures Mode with Garmin R10
10:53 Awesome Golf Digital Golf Demonstration
13:22 Garmin R10 + Awesome Golf Recap


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    36 Replies to “Awesome Golf Simulator UPDATE! NOW Garmin R10 Compatible! (First Look & Review)”

    1. Paul Brown says:

      I'd love a R10 but I could only really use it at the range, do you think it's still worth it just for the range ? Thanks Paul

    2. I just ordered my garmin Approach R10 2 days ago and got to know about the Awesome golf today.

      1. With Awesome golf, can i access the 42,000+ courses available from garmin??

      2. What is the subscription rate?

    3. Are there more golf courses available?

    4. Hey Jay, With the awesome golf on the garminr10 free version I have a few questions.
      1, Can you play the 4 free courses at home and add friends or a foursome?
      2, when playing a round of golf, Do you add your club selection or dose it pick it up automatically?
      3, how do you find out what updates you have? Thanks for great content.

    5. timneumann86 says:

      Any suggestions for chipping? Seems like the R10/awesome golf combo only picks up the chips inside 20 yards about 1/2 the time.

    6. Dave Hofmann says:

      What screen and projector are you using?

    7. jun jun says:

      Can't use swing video?

    8. I’m on the trial of awesome golf and like them layouts and stuff better than the Garmin driving range, only thing is and it may be just me but I can’t look at stats without having the r10 connected? Seems kinda silly

    9. Adam Smith says:

      Hey, Does the mobile version cast full screen? or can you only mirror your phone and not cast from the app?

    10. kurt h says:

      Do you know if the PC app is coming to the UK?

    11. KingB 84 says:

      Is the R10 compatible with macbook?


      Little Lefty Awesome Golf Closest-to-the-hole using Garmin R10

    13. NRY 91 says:

      How much cost this Simulator Software ?

    14. Andy Webb says:

      I really like his videos BUT he says the word UNDERSTAND about every 10 words…… kills me

    15. mark stone says:

      For a better golfer wanting to improve he's game, do you think the R10 is at the same level as Sky Track and Mevo+ with the accuracy of the Data you get. R10 value for $s is amazing but thinking Mevo might be a better investment for more consistency and accuracy, with out taking a 2nd mortgage for a big boy launch monitor.
      Some are saying with R10 latest updates its as accurate, would really appreciate your opinion on this.
      Regards Mark

    16. Artavox says:

      How were you running video to your projector? HDMI from the PC?

    17. Bobby Farmer says:

      Do you know any sites or locations that might currently have this item in stock? Everywhere seems to be a minimum or 4-6 weeks backordered which would lead me to believe it’s prob 2-3 months at best

    18. Afed24 says:

      Would you recommend awesome golf or E6 for the R10 for someone to just get the information to improve their game a little bit?

    19. Question on presenting on a big screen. I have the R10 on my iphone and one of the biggest weakness was if I display my iphone on a TV it shows only a small vertical strip (true for Garmin range and the garmin simulator). Do you know with the Awesome golf app will show a widescreen view of the data if connected via a iphone to a TV?

    20. Please send link to Awasome golf

    21. My R10 has never worked right , I am hoping that this new software will correct this situation

    22. hammockmonk says:

      Now these are out of stock and $100 more expensive. 😢

    23. Do you find the yardage accurate on the courses ? I felt like it was very generous compared to the home town hero ?
      Thank you looking forward to hearing your input !

    24. Hey Jay! I am considering the Garmin R10 for an outdoor net setup. Looks like the latest software update has made a big difference in ball direction, club path, etc accuracy. Have you had any issues with accurate ball flight?

      For the set up, do you recommend the Awesome Golf Simulator or Home Tee Hero? And how could I project the image to a smart tv from either an iPhone or iPad?

    25. Brad Giles says:

      Hi how do
      You access the information afterwards I had a session on range but I can’t access information as it asks to connect to my R10 again

    26. This looks great. How much is the subscription after the trial?

    27. Hey there great vid. I got the R 10 also and have just been using the nets at my club to dial in swing using free driving range software. The way I see it is I nearly paid for the r 10 unit already just by hitting approx 2k balls that I didnt have to spend cash at the range + i get more feedback in terms of shot data. Have plans to build an outdoor projector sim setup closest to my least fav neighbors and think this looks like an affordable option compared to e6. I just want to know how many courses there are access to using the Awesome golf software?

    28. Jack Merrony says:

      Mannnn. I'm an android phone user with an ipad. Having a real hard time connecting the ipad up as the ipad just isn't picking up the r10? Slightly confused by it all 😫

    29. David mullis says:

      Hi Jay, have you ever played the course Carinthia Club it's visually stunning every hole is a gem to play .It would make a terrific video to showcase simulator golf.Give it a try you won't be disappointed.

    30. Remmie Vail says:

      FYI – be aware of you get one it may not work at all. got 1 for Christmas. they have a software bug that doesnt detect a swing. no fix at this point

    31. I'm building a Golf sim in my garage and was looking at the R10. If I run Awesome Golf and this through an IPAD, what I do I need to do to run the output to a projector?

    32. Mr. Javier says:

      Can you set it up with a 16×9 with this app?

    33. I’ve got an R10 and had to pay a little extra to get mine. It’s turned out perfectly for my small yet decent garage sim. I work at a private club in the Midwest where we have a Trackman and we compared the Garmin r10 with it and was nearly spot on with all the numbers! So, I really hope they’re becoming easier to get and STRONGLY advise you get one if you want one! I’ve got the basic Garmin E6 package of 5 courses, haven’t tried Awesome golf yet but looks like I could be using Awesome golf in its place by tomorrow. The only use I’ve gotten out of the Garmin app simulator in portrait mode is numerous rounds of Augusta National par 3.

    34. Guss Ximenez says:

      i played my first game on awesome golf Jay, the only thing i cant chose the club i want to play, or i dont know how

    35. Ant says:

      No really related to this but I’d thought I’d ask, if you use e6 on the skytrak do you get the free courses and practice range like you do with the mevo?

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