AWESOME New Golf Shoes! – Amazon Prime – Golf Test Dummy

Best Golf Shoes for the Money! – Amazon Prime – Golf Test Dummy

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A special review for the first day of the new year! I do a lot of research and vetting before I buy anything from, and this time, I’ve found some great golf shoes at an excellent price.

The big golf brands make awesome products that we all love, but prices have gotten out of control, so I find myself looking at lesser known brands for deals. When you are going to shell out your hard earned cash for an unknown brand’s product, you have to be careful before you click buy.

Amazon is a great resource for all kinds of golf gear, as well as clothing in general, but you have to do your homework! I check size charts, customer reviews, cross reference on Google, price shop on other websites, and if I find a winner, I order it and take a shot! Rarely am I disappointed.

Here is the link to these shoes:

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    11 Replies to “AWESOME New Golf Shoes! – Amazon Prime – Golf Test Dummy”

    1. Hot off the press for New Year's Day! A great shoe at a great price. No need to spend tons of your hard earned money on golf gear. Save your money for ACTUALLY PLAYING GOLF! Leave me some comments and don't forget to share this video around and help your fellow golfers!

    2. And to think there only $20 on ebay….

    3. Poida says:

      How are the shoes now? After a few weeks.

    4. IR Cunning says:

      Thanks GTD. Would be helpful to provide a follow up review after you play a few rounds and get them wet to see how they stand up.

    5. That shoe at 3:13 looks like the TRUElinks a bit. But more like the Costco version of it

    6. Allen Corder says:

      Amazon is good but also subscribe to Rock Bottom golf and Budget Golf. I’ve found really good deals on shoes and apparel from these 2 sources. I will not pay full price at the golf stores, I will not enter names, we all know who they are. I’m not bad mouthing them just know I can find the same stuff cheaper. Callaway opti dry pants $34.99 every day at Steinmart.

    7. Solid review man. I look forward to future reviews. Finding budget friendly gear is always difficult as a golfer

    8. Bayou Golf says:

      I play in sketchers tennis shoes with memory foam with a gripping bottom but like you …size 13 … the selection is thin

      When the bottoms don’t grip no mo they turn into my yard shoes

    9. I prefer Adidas and or Foot Joy and only buy on sale!!

    10. Paul Rutson says:

      Thanks for the info, I am glad to hear that someone else has the same size shoes I do, it's tricky getting a deal on this size.

    11. Happy new year! Keep on staying still. I appreciate all the content

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