BACKWARDS Golf At A Trackman Range! Tiger Woods

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Can I make par on a trackman driving range down at the Grove?!
This is the exact hole that Tiger Woods made back-to-back-to-back eagles (x3) eagles in 3 days.

Here’s a fun fact… Tiger Woods would off made 4 eagles in 4 days but he missed the putt and made birdie. He hit the green on all 4 days from 260+ yards. THAT IS INCREDIBLE.

So i wanted to have some fun… Putter off the tee and driver of the deck. Let’s see what I score. The other golfers at the range enjoyed this video being made.


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    19 Replies to “BACKWARDS Golf At A Trackman Range! Tiger Woods”

    1. Ev shorts says:

      Can you pls use a hockey stick

    2. Brayster says:

      Play with a wheel deciding what club to use.

    3. Brayster says:

      Play in a Disney costume.

    4. Vizz Kumar says:

      i’m a greenkeeper here! gutted i missed u

    5. Mitchal_yt says:


    6. Next you have to play with plastic clubs

    7. You play of the back your dad play off the back tees to

    8. Can you use a prop golf ball

    9. Day 25 asking for you to play left handed with only a sand wedge

    10. RedoubleX says:

      Day like 23 of asking you to play with high heels

    11. Coollifes says:

      Putt with the bunker rake.

    12. JT Golf says:

      Can you play on a sim with a baseball if it tracks

    13. cyrice says:

      Can you do mini golf ⛳ plz

    14. Aaliyah Ford says:

      Play backwards golf on a sim

    15. Vyperz says:

      Did this guy just carry his putter 185

    16. Play with pool shots(hitting one ball into another)

    17. Put a a iron sfeer in a golf ball

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