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    31 Replies to “BACKWARDS GOLF WITH GEORGE AKA @theamputeegolfer!”

    1. ClubFaceUk says:

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    2. Can you play left handed

    3. The Phantom says:

      That dude is good! I couldn’t imagine playing golf with only one arm

    4. Dorrath23 says:

      Super impressive by George amazing

    5. Can you play with left handed clubs

    6. Can you play with george again but you have to use one arm, normal clubs

    7. Jellymcmc says:

      Play golf whit one arm

    8. Noah Tharpe says:

      Do a video where he has to use his right arm.

    9. Taylor Linke says:

      Play with a baseball

    10. AW350M3 says:

      Can you hit lefty

    11. zeb says:

      Can you hit the ball with the handle pls

    12. Glue lots of golf balls together and shape them all into a GIANT GOLF BALL!!

    13. Kaden says:

      β€œcan i tie the match”


    14. Zendac says:

      Hit the ball with the other end of the club!

    15. You oughta just play without the theatrics and childish challenge bullshit. You are not a good player…even a worse actor. Cringe to watch some millennial acting for a go pro like he's on some type of tour. Just stop…it's a waste of bandwidth.

    16. Could you use a plastic ball

    17. Loroida says:

      Make the biggest golfbal ever

    18. You should play using the opposite side of the club.

    19. Is it his right lower leg

    20. lolmgfyi says:

      Play a par 5 hole with your dad but you have to use a FOAM golf ball!

    21. Can you play with a ping pong ball

    22. Wow that is amazing he still plays

    23. Fizzle says:

      Day 5 of asking to play with a triangle golf ball

    24. You should try a paintball

    25. thoubias says:

      can you play with clubs held upside down, hitting the ball with the handle part?

    26. Can you please use a squash ball can you please read this and do it

    27. pepperonis says:

      I could hit my 7 iron at 100 yards

    28. Ben Kupsch says:

      What’s the course app you use ?

    29. kool aid says:

      You should make yeezy 450s into golf shoes

    30. Play with glue on the ball

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